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137 - How Writing a Book Can Help Your Membership with Chris Ducker

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Perhaps you already have? Being a published author can be a huge feather in the cap for anyone running a membership site - particularly one which is based around a personal brand, where you're the expert or thought leader. Chris Ducker knows just how powerful writing a book can be for membership owners. His first best-selling book Virtual Freedom played a huge part in laying the foundations for what has now become his Youpreneur community. And...


136 - How to Generate New Ideas for Membership Content

Your membership content comprises a large part of the ongoing value your site offers. But how do you keep momentum going once the ideas and inspiration for what content to create start to run dry? In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I discuss a few effective ways to generate a continuous stream of awesome ideas for fresh membership content. Episode Summary:


135 - Why Membership Owners Need to Niche Down

The most successful memberships are those that cater to a specific niche. Having a niche makes your offering more targeted, which increases the likelihood of someone identifying with the problem your membership solves. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can’t just blend in with the crowd. You need to have a specialty. But how do you figure out your niche? And what happens once you’ve become successful in a specific area? Should you stay put, or expand your reach? I answer...


134 - 7 Ways to Make More Money with your Membership

If you're trying to make more money from your membership business there are two ways you can go. One is to try to increase revenue from your existing membership site - and the other is to look at opportunities for offering additional products and services to your customers. In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I explore the 7 main options worth exploring - along with the 3 avenues you absolutely should NOT go down... Episode Summary:


133 - 4 Simple Ways to Deliver Massive Value to Your Members

Far too often, creating content gets confused with delivering value. Membership owners find themselves on a treadmill of grinding out epic course after epic course because they're convinced it's the only way to keep their members happy and - ultimately - keep them subscribed. It's not as simple as that. Memberships aren't a competition to see who can give members the most "stuff" - it goes deeper than that, and often you can deliver a lot of member value for a relatively small amount of...


132 - Are You Undercharging For Your Membership Site? Probably Not...

Membership pricing is an inexact science. It's natural to wonder whether you've found the sweet spot in terms of what you should be charging your members. However we've seen an increasing amount of people taking completely the wrong approach due to not really being able to wrap their head around the membership model, and as a result making some poor decisions when it comes to setting their membership pricing. In this episode, I help you to figure out whether you're actually...


131 - You Need To Prioritize These 8 Things in Order to Grow Your Membership

In those early stages of running a membership, your priorities are pretty clear. Most of the time you're mainly going to be focused on getting enough new members to pay the bills, and making sure you're doing enough keep them happy. But what happens once you find yourself on solid footing with the basics? What comes next? Once you're over that initial hump, it's not all plain sailing! Truly scaling your membership comes with it's own set of challenges. In today's episode of The...


130 - 6 Reasons to Start a Membership Website in 2018

Anyone who has followed us for a while will probably know that we tend to put more effort into talking people out of starting a membership than we do to trying to convince people they should start one. Simple reason is that there are countless snake oil salesman out there portraying memberships as something they're not. We try to save people from that. In fact we kicked off last year with a show all about the reasons NOT to start a membership! However, today's episode of The Membership...


129 - Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2017

And just like that, another year is almost over! How was your 2017? In what's becoming a bit of a tradition, I'm wrapping the year up by taking a look back at some of the fantastic episodes of The Membership Guys Podcast, counting down the top 10 most downloaded episodes of 2017. Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support of the show - here's to even more membership awesomeness in 2018! Episode Links (not in order - don't want to ruin the suspense!): Chris Ducker...


128 - Implementing a Consistent Strategy for Marketing Your Membership

When it comes to marketing your membership, not everything is about finding that killer sales funnel or running huge promotions. More often than not, membership success comes from maintaining a consistent baseline of day to day activity – it’s about doing the “little and often” things that keep you top of mind for your audience. This episode of The Membership Guys Podcast digs into the strategy we use for keeping up this consistent strategy, and explores the sort of tactics you should be...


127 - Overcoming 5 Common Objections to Joining Your Membership

Your membership won't be right for everyone, and there are countless random reasons why someone may decide not to join. However in our experience of working with hundreds of memberships, we often see the same 5 objections coming up time after time. In this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast, I reveal the 5 most common objections people have to joining memberships - and more importantly what you can do to overcome them. In this episode:


126 - 7 Ways to Get New Members Once Your Membership Launch is Done

In many ways your membership launch is some of the easiest marketing you’ll ever do. Bringing something fresh to market almost automatically attracts curiosity and attention, and the timely nature of your launch coupled with the urgency from deadlines given to typical launch offers and promotions helps to generate a lot of buzz. However what happens once your launch is over and the hype dies down. How do you make sure you continue to attract new members? In this episode of The...


125 - 3 Membership Tactics We're Currently Experimenting With

Much of what we do as membership site owners involves experimentation. Regardless of what some people may try to tell you, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy or magic formula for membership success; you have to test and figure out what works for you. We recently pulled back the curtain inside Member Site Academy to share our own experiments and tests with our members as part of the new 'Membership Lab' - and feedback has been incredible. In this episode, I give an overview of 3 of...


124 - Are You Making These 7 Fatal Membership Mistakes?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... Everyone - even us - makes mistakes with their membership website. In fact it's often from those mistakes that we learn the most important lessons about what works and what doesn't for our own particular product. Most "membership mistakes" are harmless and go by unnoticed; but there are some whoppers that can do real damage to the potential success of your membership website - so let us save you from the biggest boo-boo's a membership site...


123 - The State of Social Media Marketing with Mike Stelzner

Social media marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. From the rise of live video, to the huge drop-off in organic reach for Facebook pages. New platforms launching and disappearing seemingly overnight. It can be hard for the busy membership owner to keep up. Mike Stelzner is a man with his finger on the pulse of social media marketing. As founder of Social Media Examiner and the man behind the largest conference in the industry - Social Media Marketing World - he's...


122 - 5 Types Of Content That Will Help Build Member Engagement

When charging a monthly payment for access to your membership site, member engagement is key. It’s not enough to have static content that never changes, as once that’s been consumed by your members they’ll have very little reason to stick around. Many membership site owners set out with the intention of continuously adding new courses and premium content to their site; however this typically proves easier said than done, and often the logistics of doing so can be too great an...


121 - Do You REALLY Need to Add a Community to Your Membership?

We often talk about how crucial community is to long term membership success. In many memberships, even though members join for the content it's actually the community that they stick around for. However that's not always the case, and in this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast I dig into ways in which adding a community to your membership may not be all it's cracked up to be. In this episode you'll learn:


120 - 5 Things You Need to Know Before Shopping For a WordPress Membership Plugin

Trying to pick the right WordPress membership plugin can be a painstaking process. It's harder still if your expectations and understanding of what a membership plugin will and won't do are unrealistic. Too many people expect their membership plugin to check off every single requirement they have, without understanding that they're simply one piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a membership site. In this episode I go through the 5 things you need to understand before you even...


119 - How to Attract New Members Without Feeling Like a Sleazy Marketer

Sales and marketing are crucial parts of your role as a membership site owner. Even the best membership website in the world will fade away into obscurity if you’re not doing anything to attract new members. However when selling your membership offering, there are certain tropes and cliches that you want to avoid to ensure you’re not lumped in with the sleazier elements of online businesses. Here are our top tips for attracting new members without feeling like a scumbag…


118 - Simple Ways to Create Member Content From Things You're Already Doing

Producing membership content can be taxing. Especially if your members expect something fresh on an ongoing basis. And if you’re also creating free content as part of your marketing strategy you can quickly find yourself buried in writing articles and recording videos day in, day out. They key is working smarter with your content strategy. In this podcast, I dive into 9 simple tactics for leveraging the things you’re already doing in your business as a way to more effectively create...


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