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The Metal Podcast Episode #55 - 70000 Tons of Podcast

70000 Tons of Metal, the world’s largest and first metal cruise sailed to Grand Turk this year and for the first time in many years Godless had to stay home, but I still was able to sail the seas to bring you 70000 Tons of Podcast! We talk about the adventure a little bit more, but our featured interviews were pretty awesome too! With 61 band on board and people from 75 different countries represented this year, it was one of the best I have experienced. Many bands weren’t doing the...


The Metal Podcast Episode #54 - Good Tiger

Elliot Coleman guests this week on the heels of the release of Good Tiger’s latest record We Will All Be Gone. We attempt to distract him from the basketball game he is watching during our interview to talk about the new record, how the band came together, the scene of which the project was born and the people that share it with them, how he is not even close to a metal guy and didn’t want to even be in a band, his admiration of the Chuck beard, his recent marriage, his in-laws and plenty...


The Metal Podcast Episode #53

Godless couldn’t wait for the 70000 Tons of Podcast to ask me about the cruise this year, out of sheer envy, the need to live vicariously through my experience or maybe just to help remember stuff that happened after too much drinking. Either way, we talk about the trip to Grand Turk and the 60+ bands that played, the experience and much more. We also talk retirement, that of Ozzy and Slayer and decide what other bands could possibly be on the brink of calling it a day. Actually we tell a...


The Metal Podcast Episode #52 - Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy guests this week to talk about his new project Sons of Apollo featuring bassist Billy Sheehan, keyboardist Derek Sherinian, vocalist Jeff Scott Soto, and guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. We talk about the idea stemming from talking about old Dream Theater, we discuss how the recording process took place, and how you should be making music, his need to be a band leader not a follower, how he works with differing personalities in so many groups, what kind of person he is off...


The Metal Podcast Episode #51

This week we discuss the impending end of Slayer, and the subsequent call for the reunion tour. Let it be known that bets are already being taken on how long this transition will take for them to reunite and tour again. We discuss what it means for the band, metal, and so on as one of the anchors of the genre decides to call it quits. You get a little taste of our interview with Mike Portnoy coming out next week, his new project Sons of Apollo has their debut album out and not only is it...


The Metal Podcast Episode #50 - John 5

John 5 guests this week on the podcast, we talk about all things “It’s Alive” his new live record, how it was recorded on a fluke, his opportunities within the hard rock world, playing with some of the biggest names of the last two decades, how writing for his solo music differs from writing from writing for other peoples projects, how he views his fans, friends, which artists changed him as a kid by not signing an autograph, how much of a dork he is on stage, whether he plans out the...


The Metal Podcast Episode #49

We talk about the upcoming tour this Summer that looks to have Slayer, Behemoth, Lamb of God, Testament and Anthrax making the rounds in pretty decent size venues, no full tour dates yet, but we can only speculate about what this means, whether the package is the right choice, would we buy tickets? We discuss King 810 being the new champion for free speech that metal really needs right now, or are they? Has Youtube effectively created a controversial band by taking down their content?...


The Metal Podcast Episode #48 - Of Mice & Men

Aaron Pauley, bassist and now lead singer of Of Mice & Men guests this week on the podcast, and in our interview we talk about the current band situation, the departure of the founding member and lead singer Austin Carlisle, how his injury took a toll on the band and their operation. We talk about the difficulties in changing such an important part of their band, the writing process without a key member, the new album and how its attitude is different than the others, their fans reaction...


The Metal Podcast Episode #47

It is the dawn of a new day for The Metal Podcast, we are changing the way we deliver things to you for the foreseeable future, or at least as long as we can keep up this schedule and see how it works. We will still be bringing you the great interviews we are known for, but pulling apart the other pieces to make the length a little more digestible. So the late in the week podcast will contain our topics and discussion with a little preview of the interviews that will be posted in their...


The Metal Podcast Episode #46 - Best Metal of 2017

This week we explore our top albums of the year, that’s right the Best Metal of 2017 episode this week, we give you insight into our thinking with our top 10 lists, compare and contrast our differing decisions about records and give you snips of each song so you can get a taste of what we are talking about. Be sure to check out our lists on Spotify, @GodlessSpeaks and @NOCONTROLRadio follow us and check out full songs there! We saw a great many things happen in 2017; it has been quite the...


The Metal Podcast Episode #45 - Entheos

Chaney Crabb lead singer of the tech-death outfit Entheos guests this week on the podcast, and we talk about the band’s new album Dark Future, how the making of and release signify a step forward from being a ‘supergroup’ to finally being and sounding like the band the envisioned, the process of recording, the moments she will remember the most about the inception of the band, from conception to present day, how her relationship within the metal scene has grown and what those relationships...


The Metal Podcast Episode #44 - Morbid Angel

Steve Tucker, growler and bassist for Morbid Angel, guests this week on the podcast, and we talk about his family background, how he has been able to overcome his history and take his place in the death metal lexicon. He has come and gone from Morbid Angel once before, but this time seems to be the way forward for the band, he addresses the naysayers about the rightful lead singer of the band, talk about the cult of Morbid, his journey to get to this point, living in rural America versus...


The Metal Podcast Episode #43 - Asking Alexandria

Ben Bruce, guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter for Asking Alexandria guests this week, he is the proud father of a brand new baby, has a new record in the works, is starring in the new ‘metal’ movie American Satan and takes his time out to partake in an interesting conversation with us about everything! We talk about his youth, growing up in Dubai, his family life as a kid, getting arrested, rebelling, his parents strange relationship, how fooling around in Iowa almost landed him in...


The Metal Podcast Episode #42 - Spencer Sotelo

Spencer Sotelo, lead singer of Periphery, recently launched a solo project called Endur and let’s just say it strays from the path the band had gone before in many ways, but in others you can hear where the creative force he brings to the group spread out for you to examine on American Parasite. When faced with the opportunity to we couldn’t resist getting to the root of the direction he is going, its relationship to Periphery, whether the new sound will shape things to come with the band,...


The Metal Podcast Episode #41 - Through the Eyes of the Dead

Justin Longshore, founding member and guitarist for Through the Eyes of the Dead guests this week, and we talk about the bands history with so many ex-members, the non-hiatus that was sort of a hiatus and needing a break from the industry after being such a tour driven band. We discuss his life changing year so far, recently married, he has a child due in December, an new record with the band, a touring schedule coming up in the new year, it all makes for one hell of a 2017. We also ask...


The Metal Podcast Episode #40 - Butcher Babies

Heidi Shepherd, one half of the vocal spot for the Butcher Babies, guests this week and we hit the ground running in this interview. We had spoken to them years ago at a stop here in Texas and we picked up with a tid bit she dropped after the microphones were turned off. She delve into her history with the Mormon church, she was raised Mormon and even married once for less than a year before moving to Los Angeles to become a morning host on Playboy radio, her struggle with leaving is quite...


The Metal Podcast Episode #39 - Barney Greenway

Mark “Barney” Greenway of the mighty Napalm Death checks in with us this week, we have talked to him for an extended interview at our old home, but with Barney we can always have a great conversation. He had recently won an award from Metal Hammer Germany, being named a Legend, he explains why that isn’t the case, we get the status of the band and all its members including Mitch Harris, who has been absent from recent tours and find out his current status, where they are with recording new...


The Metal Podcast Episode #38 - Zao

Scott Mellinger of the metalcore band Zao guests this week with us, and to our surprise, we have taken the “Christian” moniker off their name when speaking of the band. We discuss what that means now, as well as when they were beginning, changing their fanbase over the years, how it may or may not shape their future and what it’s like being the odd band out when lumped in with other religious acts of their era. We explore the wild history of the band, coming to terms with shaping their...


The Metal Podcast Episode #37 - Paul Mazurkiewicz

Paul Mazurkiewicz, drummer for Cannibal Corpse guests this week on the heels of the release of their first new single in three years. The announcement of Red Before Black the new record coming in November marks the 14th full album from the legendary death metal stalwarts and we had the chance to pick Paul’s brain about a variety of topics, his opinion on that legendary status, where he sees Cannibal Corpse in the history of metal, writing songs in the style of the band, what the movement...


The Metal Podcast Episode #36 - August Burns Red

Jake Luhrs, lead singer of metalcore outfit August Burns Red, guests this week on the podcast and we get into a great conversation about his choices when writing lyrics for song, how he doesn’t want to just bring the heavy topics to his fans, balancing the dark and light, using his life experiences in those lyrics, going through a divorce, what that meant to him and his music, how he has dealt with the loss and realized where he needed to change and adjust, we find out he is a dog person...


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