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Mia Tidwell is a dating coach and matchmaker based in San Diego, CA. She delivers real, no BS, dating and love advice - all with a Mia’s special twist of humor and fun. The Mia Tidwell show is about romance, sex, drama, and ultimately, empowerment. It’s about helping you find and keep true love. Mia started her journey on VH1's Rock of Love before becoming a Hollywood Casting Agent for many of the nation's largest, most successful reality TV dating shows. She's interviewed, casted, and helped thousands of people on their quest to find love - and now she's bringing her years of experience to you!




Episode 20 - Dating More Than One Person at a Time - An Interview On Real Talk Radio

Are you dating more than one person right now? In my interview on ESPN radio, I cover the pros and cons of dating multiple people at one time. I also talk all about why being proactive in your own dating life can really pay off!

Duration: 00:39:54

Episode 12 - What Do Men Really Want?

Ladies, have you ever asked yourself, "What do men REALLY want in a mate"? In this episode, Mia gives you the inside scoop on what men are really looking for.

Duration: 00:18:00

Episode 11 - Ten Ways To Make Women Want You

Mia shares with you her Top 10 Way to Make Women Want You. Dating Tips For Guys.

Duration: 00:13:15

Episode 7 - It's The Little Things

While we seem to be enamoured by the grandiose dipslays of affection, it's the little things, done over and over, that eventually win our hearts. In this episode, Mia shares with you 10 'little things' that add up to a lot more love.

Duration: 00:13:28

Episode 5 - Mia Tidwell - Questions Answered. How not to be the crazy girl.

More - Mia answers your questions about what men mean when they say they’re “too busy”, the real secret about how to keep your guy, how not to be the crazy,clingy girl, getting your inside right, why love wins, controlling your inside when you can’t control the outside, and men’s “Peter Pan Syndrome”.

Duration: 00:12:00

Episode 4 - Mia Answers Your Dating Questions

More - Mia answers your questions about how to avoid the awkward first date, great places for a date, and what to do if you want him to commit.

Duration: 00:09:34

#3: Mia Tidwell - How To Date The Next Bachelor

More - Mia advises a client on the top 3 secrets to remember when applying to be on The Bachelor. The information also applies to anyone putting their best self forward on a first date. Be sure to subscribe to Mia's YouTube Channel. Just search "Mia Tidwell" on YouTube.

Duration: 00:14:59

#2: Mia Tidwell Interview on ESPN Radio (Part 2)

Mia Interviewed on ESPN Radio. Learn how she got started as a matchmaker and some of her latest tips to help you find the love of your life.