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Common Sense Radio Michael Dukes is a 3rd generation Alaskan and an underpaid radio talk host. He tackles the news of the day with dry wit and humor. As a Libertarian he eschews the same old US vs THEM and LEFT vs RIGHT dichotomy. He also covers things happening in the world of entertainment, sports, pop culture, technology and pretty much anything else shiny that happens to stray across his path. He can be heard daily on the internet at






Wednesday // 9 - 20 - 17 // ""There's Not A Cop On Every Corner"

Special Guests: Ted Leonard, Ethan Berkowitz, Justin Doll, Liz Raines. Ted Leonard opens the program to tell us why hes running for the Mat-Su Assembly then in hour two we have Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and APD Chief Justin Doll discussing crime throughout the second hour, Liz Raines is back from Hong Kong and hitting us with local headlines in the third hour.

Duration: 02:08:12

Tuesday // 9 - 19 - 17 // "You Can't Just Ignore It"

Special Guest: Brad Keithley. Its pretty much PFD all day!

Duration: 02:05:56

Monday // 9 - 18 - 17 "Enough Is Enough"

Special Guests: Mark Fish, Keith Baxter. We get our weekly Libertarian update from Mark Fish and then former Soldotna City Councilman Keith Baxter gets up to do date on the push back with the marijuana industry on the peninsula. In the third hour we take your phone calls about crime in Anchorage.

Duration: 02:06:40

Firearms Friday // 9 - 15 - 17 // "Ryan blocks concealed carry bill"

Firearms Friday: David Codrea from; Jenn Jacques from Daily Caller(56:04); Willie Waffle reviews weekend movies (1:41:28) and 2A Gun Q&A.

Duration: 02:11:15

Thursday // 9 - 14 - 17 // "Only Time Will Tell"

Special Guests: Josh Walton, Nat Herz, Tammie Wilson, Mayor Bert Cottle. Josh Walton brings us our GOP update, Nat Herz discusses some local ADN stories, Tammie Wilson comes on to tell us what REALLY happened with her "reprimand" by the senate and Mayor Bert Cottle updates us on whats coming up out in the Mat-Su

Duration: 02:08:35

Wednesday // 9 - 13 - 17 // "What The Hell Is Happening To Anchorage?"

Special Guests: Matt Nye, Ron Holmstrom. Matt Nye joins us on the program to discuss price gouging during a hurricane, Ron Holmstrom gives us our Anchorage Entertainment update and we take your phone calls.

Duration: 02:06:52

Tuesday // 9 - 12 - 17 // "Oil And Gas Discussion"

Special Guest: Chris Story, Brad Keithley. Weekly dose of positive vibes from the Homer Hippy, Chris Then Brad Keithley talks oil, gas and the budget and of course your phone calls.

Duration: 02:07:12

Monday // 9 - 11 - 17 // "Addiction Is A Spiritual Curse"

Special Guests: Mark Fish We talk to Mark fish to get our weekly Libertarian update, then we discuss the problem with addiction and homelessness in Anchorage and receive some very inspirational calls and conversation, great show!

Duration: 02:15:58

Friday // 9 - 8 - 17 // "Always Use A Holster"

Special Guests: Top Shot Chris Cheng, Willie Waffle. Its Firearms Friday and we sit down with Chris Cheng to discuss limited rifle purchases in California and then Willie Waffle brings us the long awaited review of IT!

Duration: 02:06:00

Thursday // 9 - 7 - 17 // "You Can't Unpickle A Pickle"

Special Guests: Josh Walton, Michelle Owens, Rep, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, Rep Delana Johnson.

Duration: 02:06:42

Wednesday // 9 - 6 - 17 // "Humpday"

Special Guests: Rod Pyle, Ronald Bailey and Liz Raines w/ KTVA. Rod Pyle joins us in the second hour to talk about space and the lingering effects of staring at the eclipse, then Ronald Bailey from comes on to talk about global warming and the recent hurricanes followed by Liz Raines who hits us with an update about the Legislature.

Duration: 02:08:40

Tuesday // 9 - 5 - 17 // "Oil, Gas & The Budget"

Special Guests: Chris Story, Brad Keithley.

Duration: 01:58:52

Friday // 9 - 1 - 17 // "Firearms Friday!"

Special Guests: Sheriff Jim Wilson, David Codrea, Willie Waffle.

Duration: 02:07:00

Thursday // 8 - 31 - 17 // "Thirsty Thursday"

Special Guests: Josh Walton, Nat Herz.

Duration: 02:06:32

Wednesday // 8 - 30 - 17 // "Does The Government Know Whats Best For You?"

Special Guests: Ray Blanco. C.J. Ciaramella. Liz Raines w/ KTVA. Ray Blanco is on in the first hour to discuss the marijuana industry and where its going from here, C.J. Ciaramella from comes on to discuss Trump's decision to militarize the police and Liz Raines with KTVA hits us with some local headlines.

Duration: 02:09:09

Tuesday // 8 - 29 - 17 // "Oil, Gas and...North Korea?"

Special Guests: Chris Story, Brad Keitheley, Sen. Dan Sullivan. We get our weekly dose of positivety from Mr. Chris Story down in Homer, Brad Keithley comes on in the second hour to discuss oil, gas and the budget and Sen. Dan Sullivan joins us in the last hour to discuss the threat of North Korea and healthcare.

Duration: 02:06:56

Monday // 8 - 28 - 17 // "Monday Morning Blues"

Special Guests : Mark Fish, Chas St. George, Sen. Mike Dunleavey, Shelley Hughes. The boys hit some Monday morning snags in the first hour but once it's ironed out they've got some great guests and great discussions.

Duration: 02:07:33

Fireday // 8 - 25 - 17 //

Fireday // 8 - 25 - 17 // by Tune In This Weekend

Duration: 02:06:22

Thursday // 8- 24 - 17 // "Ask A Cop Day"

Special Guests: Josh Walton, Nat Herz, Capt. Justin Doll. We get our weekly GOP update from Josh Walton, Nat Herz returns back to the program to talk about some local headlines and in the last hour APD Chief Capt. Justin Doll joins us for two segments to discuss the recent uptick in crime around town and what he plans to do to rectify it.

Duration: 02:08:44

Wednesday // 8 - 23 - 17 // "Squatter's Rights!?"

Special Guests: Rich Wessenberg, Chris Story, Liz Raines. Author Rich Wessenberg joins us to talk about "resetting life's privacy settings", how to stay secure on the interwebs. Chris Story is on to talk about realty and other stuff, who cares and the always lovely Liz Raines from KTVA hits us with some local headlines.

Duration: 02:06:03

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