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Durham, NC






Ep 81: (Special Conference Edition): My First Year as a Professional Speaker w/ Darryl Bellamy Jr.

In this episode we kick off the road to the Minority Trailblazer Conference series with Darryl Bellamy Jr. He returns to the podcast to talk the speaking business, his first year as an entrepreneur and so much more. This is an actionable podcast episode fill with takeaways, stories, and real moments that will get you excited about 2018! Find Darryl Here: Web: Facebook: Instagram:...

Duration: 01:08:18

Ep 80: How One Senior Turned Rejection into 11 Job Offers & $40,000 Hackathon Prize w/ Brandon Long

On this episode I share the story of North Carolina A&T Senior Brandon L. Long. Who has worked for NASA, Apple, Sams, Oracle and now Microsoft. We share the good, bad, and the ugly of one of Americas future leaders in Technology. Find Brandon Here: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin:

Duration: 01:36:06

Ep 79:Skill over Talent: From $9.90 & No Tech Background to a 6 Figure Web Business w/Daniel Griggs

This podcast shares the story of a man that lost a six-figure NFL contract and turned that failure into multiple 6 figure businesses. This is an encouraging, motivating, and actionable show which stands out amongst season 4 of the #MinoritTrailblazer Podcast. Find Daniel Griggs Here: Twitter: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Find ATX Web...

Duration: 01:35:00

Ep 78: Defining Your Own Success w/ Mandy Bowman of The Official Black Wall Street

This podcast shares the journey of how one woman's idea turned into a movement. Mandy Bowman shares how she grew her platform to over 200,000 followers online and launched a successful Kickstarter. As well as how she plans to change how people of color shop. This is a phenomenal interview well under the typical 90 minutes Greg usually records ;). Find Mandy Here: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Find...

Duration: 01:14:35

Ep 77:Accept Your Reality: Advocating for Relationships,Careers & Yourself w/Victoria Jenn Rodriguez

In this episode, we talk relationships, networking, and rebounding from getting laid off. Our guest is Victoria Jenn Rodriguez an expert in branding, positioning, and landing on her feet. This a no holds barred episode that will have you amen-ing in your car and taking notes. Find Victoria Here: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Conference:

Duration: 01:25:40

Ep 76:(Special CLT Live Edition): Building Healthy Business, Fitness & Life Habits w/Desmond Scott

Another exclusive live podcast edition from our first tour stop in Charlotte, North Carolina. This interview with Desmond Scott, CEO of Prime Fitness is one of the best I have ever recorded. We talk life, health, responsibility, ownership, and growth. Classic Episode! Find Desmond Here: Web: Instagram: Business Instagram:

Duration: 01:42:32

Ep 75:(Special Live New York Edition): Get What You Deserve w/Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez

This is an exclusive Monday edition of the Minority Trailblazer Podcast featuring Abu Fofanah & Ariel Lopez. This is the first ever live podcast and we hold nothing back. No fluff just value about starting a brand, getting funding, staying agile, and growing consistently. I guarantee this is a classic episode. Find Abu Here: Web: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: Find Ariel Here: Web:...

Duration: 01:36:56

Ep 74: Value over Visibility:The Unapologetic Truth about Brand Building w/Andrew Nyugen

Hold on tight because this is one of the most powerful podcasts that I have ever recorded. Had the privilege to bring my brother Drew on the show and have him share his story. Andrew is the founder of the O Agency and the Build Your Own Brand company. This summer went on a national tour hitting over 12 cities helping entrepreneurs build and cultivate their brand. When I tell you this podcast is for all the authentic hustlers, I am not playing. Enjoy! Find Andrew Here: Web:...

Duration: 01:43:05

Ep 73: From West Point to Wall Street: Building Financial Wellness the Right Way w/Benjamin Pitts

Ben shares his journey from West Point to Wall Street to building his own company from scratch. This interview we discuss practical and proven principles on building busienss, relationships and finances through a lense of someone who has worked with a wide range of clients. This podcast is relavant, detailed, and one of the best shows of 2017. Find Ben Here: LinkedIn: Twitter: Company: Free Rapid Review:...

Duration: 01:43:42

Ep 72: Funding Startups, Breaking Stereotypes & Reclaiming Your Seat at the Table w/Anastacia Gordon

In 2014 Anastacia took a risk and left her job in consulting to become the first employee of a now venture-funded startup called Jopwell. She withdrew her admission to Columbia Business School in 2015 when Jopwell went through Y Combinator, the most renowned startup accelerator program in Silicon Valley. By the end of that summer, her work helped the company raise a $3.25M seed round of funding from Magic Johnson Enterprises and prestigious venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz,...

Duration: 01:30:48

Ep 70: One Connection Away: The Road from Compton to Wall Street to C-Suite w/Darryn Lee

Darryn’s journey from Compton California to Blackrock to Dartmouth has been filled with obstacles, breakthroughs, and determination. This podcast will leave you in laughter, tears, and joy following the narrative of a true Minority Trailblazer. Cheers to Season 4! Find Darryn Lee Here: Linkedin: Instagram:

Duration: 01:51:28

Ep 69:Own Your Difference:From 15k First Month As Voice Actor to Bouncer to Freedom w/Kareem Taylor

Kareem's first month as a voice over actor he made $15,000. Then there was no work for almost 4 years. He worked as a bouncer and never gave up his dream. Now he works as a speaker, author, entreprenuer and one of today's leading voices talents.This episode is hands down one of the best episodes I have ever done. Find Kareem Here: Web: Twitter: Linkedin: Retreat:...

Duration: 01:48:23

Ep 68:Average is Dangerous:Breaking into Speaking, Podcasting & Books w/Greg E. Hill (Season Finale)

In the final episode of Season 3, I share my thoughts on speaking, podcasting, writing a book as well as relevant updates on the Minority Trailblazer Podcast. Very Honest & Direct Episode with practical tips for aspiring speakers, podcasters, and authors. Order Podcast Live Tour Tickets: Order Podcast Merchandise: Order Remember You're a Genius Book: Sign Up for Conference Updates:

Duration: 00:35:52

Ep 67: From Rural City to Duke to NASA to BBQ Pitmaster w/Rocket Scientist, Dr.Howard Conyers

Exclusive Interview with Rocket Scientist/Pitmaster Dr.Howard Conyers, sharing his rural upbringing from South Carolina all the way to North Carolina A&T. He also shares his experience getting his Ph.D. at Duke and eventually NASA as a Rocket Scientist. Most importantly he is a pitmaster who will be making his Natural Television debut Tuesday 20th on the Cooking Channel at 9pm. Find Dr.Conyer's Here: Web: Facebook: Twitter:...

Duration: 01:16:00

Ep 66: Your Dreams Are Urgent: Creating an Authentic Brand that Motivates w/Shinjini Das

Shinjini Das shares her story, passion, wit, and energy as she describes her journey to becoming her own boss at 24 and creating the Go Getter Girl. This is one of the most forceful (if thats a interviewrs of 2017. Find Shinjini Here: Web: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin:

Duration: 01:13:01

Ep 65:The Power of Purpose mixed with Passion & a Princeton Degree w/ Rana Campbell

Rana is a breath of fresh air. Princeton Grad (Check) Podcaster (Check) Expert Conversationalist (Check) Brilliant Storyteller (Check) This was one of my funniest interviews of Season 3 Find Rana Here: Web: Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Duration: 01:44:29

Ep 64: Elevated Politics: Owning Your Responsibility to Greatness w/Lauren Bealore

Lauren Bealore, shares her unique journey to becoming one of the only black environment lobbyist in the world. We talk politics, entrepreneurship, self-care, and Migos. This is an organic, dynamic conversation curated for you. Find Lauren Here: Web: Facebook: Instagram:

Duration: 01:34:34

Ep 62: (Special Edition) Black America, Where to Now? w/ Marcus Bass, Part 1

This is a special episode featuring Marcus Bass, organizer, activist, servant leader. We talk education, politics, and a plethora of conversations we don't have as a culture. This is one of the most direct conversations about race that we have had on this podcast. Find Marcus Here: Twitter: Linkedin:

Duration: 01:02:48

Ep 61: Conversations We Never Have? Creating Events That Matter w/Gabrielle Jones of Rielle Events

Gabrielle Jones, founder of Rielle events opens up about woman's right, education, and proper event planning. In this interview we touch on failure, resilience, and what happens when you do everything you supposed to do and still come up short. We also dive DEEP into the world of event planning and all thew does and donts. This is one of my most thought provoking podcast to date. Find Gabrielle Here: Web: Facebook: Twitter:...

Duration: 01:25:29

Ep 60:Healthy Looks Different on Everybody: Building Brands, Health & Confidence w/Chelsea Williams

Chelsea Williams, Wellness blogger, health communicator, and all thing natural shares her journey from suffering with hypothyroidism to a plant based diet. We talk natural hair, popping skin, getting exposure for your brand, and all things in between. This is one of the most complete shows of season 3 with the right amount of humor, information, and real talk. Find Chelsea Here Web: Pinterest: Facebook:

Duration: 01:50:04

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