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Melbourne, Australia


The Misandry Hour is a monthly feminist podcast hosted by Clementine Ford. Each episode will address a different theme with different women appearing to share their views and expertise. Everyone involved in the production and presentation of The Misandry Hour is paid for their time. Warning: these episodes contain strong language, challenging ideas and women who don't care what men think of them.




The Misandry Hour: Rape Culture, Society and The Law

The paltry sentencing of Brock Turner, aka 'the Stanford rapist', caused fury all over the world. On this episode of The Misandry Hour, host Clementine Ford discusses rape culture, social response and the limits of the law with feminist writers Anne Theriault, Kate Harding and Lou Taylor. Find out more about our guests here: Anne Thériault Twitter: @anne_theriault Facebook: Website: Kate Harding Twitter: @KateHarding Website:...

Duration: 00:58:31

Funny Talk: Arming Up For The Feminist Battleground

On April 6, Clementine Ford hosted TINATalks 3, an initiative of the YWCA Victoria. Joined by guests Kate McLennan, Jordan Raskopoulos and Rebecca Shaw, Clementine led a discussion about comedy, feminism and representation. "Funny Talk: Arming Up For The Feminist Battleground" is that panel! Guests: REBECCA SHAW- Rebecca is a Sydney based writer and co-host of one of our favourite podcasts, Bring a Plate. She's a fantastically acerbic and witty cultural commentator with work appearing on...

Duration: 00:58:27