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TMLE: Is It Still A Man's World? Feat Actor Keith Burke

James Brown made an iconic hit "This Is A Man's World" adding to the created culture that men rule everything around us. But in 2018 is that message still meant and meaningful today? There are so many women empowerment movements that are fighting and over acheiving in the struggle of sexual orientation equality. Tonight Miss Lee, Tee and JT will be breaking down the elements of the world toay and discussing whether or not it is really a mans world.

Duration: 02:02:21

TMLE: It's The New Year, I'm Still Fat, Broke & Lonely-What Now feat Andre Nero

Happy New Year from The Miss Lee Experience! Tonight we are going to help motivate you to make some changes as we step into 2018. So what you are not in good health.. So what you are not in a relationship.. So what you are living paycheck to paycheck. SO WHAT!!!! What matters is we can change that mediocre or unhappy life all the way around!!! It's the first of 2018 and we are welcoming back motivational speaker Andre Nero! Miss Lee Tee and JT are back with a whole new experience for 2018

Duration: 01:54:08

The Miss Lee Experience: The Best Holiday Movie of All Time Feat Mokenstef

What is your favorite christmas movie of all time?? There are so many christmas classics that air every year. Which one do you like to watch every year? What type of feeling does it give you when you watch it? We will welcome R&B group Mokenstef!! Yes they have new music. We can't wait to catch up with them. Miss Lee, Tee and JT will be live discussing our favorites. Get ready for the experience. It's the last show of the year!!

Duration: 02:00:27

The Miss Lee Experience: The Best Christmas Song of All Time is... Feat Firstake

Christmas time is approaching and you know all we hear on the radio are christmas songs, and carols! So let's have you vote on the best christmas song of all time! Let's get in the holiday spirit. We wll also welcome special guest Firstake to the show- A new RnB group who's voices will blow your mind! Get ready for the experience with Miss Lee JT and Tee!!!! It's going down for the holidays!! Are you ready?

Duration: 01:52:00

The Miss Lee Experience: Sexual Harassment feat April Swappy

Sexual harrasment is blowing up in the news! We are having a full blown convo about it Tonight we talk about it in detail. We also welcome the founder of "The Beautiful Struggle" April Swampshire. She is going to share her impact on the beauty industry as she motivates and inspires positive self worth. We have topics music and sports with JT Miss Lee and Tee!

Duration: 01:45:14

The Miss Lee Experience: Body Enhancement & The Beauty Within feat Yashica

Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we will discuss various types of weight loss surgeries and the ups and downs that go along with a major transformation of mind body and spirit. How does your family, friends and significant others support you if you decide to make a change to your physical appearance. We will welcome special guest Yashica Russell the owner of Kabi- a clothing line special to the full figured woman. Her journey has been full of God's love and she is ready to share her...

Duration: 01:34:37

The Miss Lee Experience: Father - Child Rights

One would think that a father would have equal rights to their child like the mother. But at times the judicial system, or the child's mother may have other things in mind. What are your thoughts on mother's keeping their child away from their fathers? Tyrese has been recieving backlash about his video posted on social media in regards to his daughter being kept from him. Tonight on The show we will discuss parental rights and the difference between mother and father's rights.

Duration: 01:22:00

The Miss Lee Experience - Sexual Reciprocity

Credit: Madame Noir n the Morning and talked about the importance of reciprocity in a sexual relationship, which she discusses in her book. She says that instead of women being “the vessel for someone else’s pleasure, this should be a symbiotic relationship.” Basically, if you’re offering fellatio, you should be able to ask for your partner (and even expect for them) to go down on you and do other things — including participating in anal foreplay. In this conversation, tossing of the...

Duration: 01:46:13

The Miss Lee Experience: Supporting Black Owned Businesses feat Ayisha Wilkins

Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we will be discussing the ups and downs of supporting black owned businesses. What have your experiences been like? Is it different supporting black owned businesses with women owners or men who are owners? Miss Lee will break out some statistics as well as give you some good music laughter and words to think about. JT will be bringing some of the latest sports news as well as convo. Don't miss the experience with Miss Lee Tee and JT. We welcome special...

Duration: 01:46:13

The Miss Lee Experience: Cuffing Season is Approaching feat Robyn Ross

Spring Love, Summer Romance brings winter beginnings. For some of you may be thinking of moving in with your significant others. We will talk about the pro's and cons of living with someone prior to marriage and we have Attorney Robyn Ross giving us some advice on how to protect yourself in case the relationship doesn't work out! Get ready for the experience with Miss Lee JT and Tee!! We have conversation, music, and more and lets not forget Sports with JT.

Duration: 02:01:17

The Miss Lee Experience - My Testimony Your Blessing feat Andre Nero

Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we will talk about how life struggles are not only meant to learn from you but to inspire others. LIfe is full of ups and downs. It is also full of surprises. How do you overcome the difficult times. There are so many difficult times going on in america right now. How do you move forward? Tonight we welcome special guest Andre Nero to the show as he shares how he impacts others by his story. JT has more sports news and of course Tee and Miss Lee is...

Duration: 01:53:58

The Miss Lee Experience: Does Credit Really Matter feat Cory Brim

Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience we have our first conversation on credit. We will get down to the nitty gritty on the importance of scores, how to improve your credit score and why it is so important to have a credit score. We will welcome very special guest Cory Brim - the business man, and credit counselor. JT has more sports news and Miss Lee and Tee is bringing the conversation. Get ready for music, talk and more!

Duration: 02:04:34

The Miss Lee Experience: Guess Who's Back

Tonight it is time to catch up with The Miss Lee Experience. Due to an unexpected break Miss Lee Tee and JT are back every Friday Night at 8pm est. Tonight on the show we will talk about what was missed in the media, news, sports world, music industry and what ever topic comes to mind. Sit back relax and enjoy a show full of music, talk sports and more. The Experience is back and we missed ya!!!!! Get your snack, wine and comfy shoes on cause it's going to be a good time.

Duration: 02:20:00

The Miss Lee Experience: Let's Talk About SEX feat Mike McCary

Mature Audiences only! Miss Lee, Tee and JT have a open and honest conversation about sex. Not only will we discuss safe sex statistics, but we will also help you get that spark in your relationship Get your ears ready. We have talk on deck, sexy music on deck, and much more. JT has more sports talk for you and Tee will give us an update on the Raekwon concert. We will also welcome special guest Mike McCary from Boys II Men The experience is real! LEt's bring sexy back.

Duration: 01:57:10

The Miss Lee Experience: Self Appointed Leaders and False Prophets

In 2017 there are a few individuals stepping up to a plate that they created to lead people into a new era and prophecising a belief system, opinion and/or a point of view to individuals who may not be as strong minded as they are. Tonight on the Miss Lee Experience, the conversation will be had on these make-shift leaders and false prophets. JT has more sports news as well as commentary on the topic. Tune in to a new episode of the Miss Lee Experience!

Duration: 01:48:24

The Miss Lee Experience: Raising Awareness on Domestic Violence w/ Sathya Nelson

Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. It includes physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, and emotional abuse. The frequency and severity of domestic violence can vary dramatically; however, the one constant component of domestic violence is one partner’s consistent efforts to maintain...

Duration: 01:54:21

The Miss Lee Experience - Mothers Day Vs Fathers Day feat jDS Group

When Mother's Day comes around, there is always a lot of love, surprises and presents - but when Father's Day arrives, there isn't as much love, attention and at times men get their day stolen from women. Tonight we discuss the difference in celebration between mom's and dads on their holidays. JT has some sports news and we welcome JDS group to the show! They are young men out of Atlanta taking the dance world by storm. Get ready for the experience with Miss Lee, JT and Tee.

Duration: 01:54:09

The Miss Lee Experience: The Best Advice I Ever Had feat JDS Group

Tonight on The Miss Lee Experience, Miss Lee will be discussing the best advice you ever recieved. What was some of those words of wisdom that was given to you by a mentor, elder, your parents, or grandparents. How did that advice mold you into the person that you are today? Tonight JT wraps up the NBA finals and will get you ready for NFL Season. It's all about talk, music, advice, topics, sports and much more. We also will welcome to the show JDS Group a dance group out of Atlanta. They...

Duration: 01:40:55

The Miss Lee Experience- The One Who Got Away with Keeyen Martin

Tonight we discuss a interesting topic. We talk about the one who got away. Was there a specific love or ex or crush that you had an opportunity with but let it get away.Let's talk about it and take a moment to go down memory lane. Not only will be take a walk down memory lane but we will also welcome special guest Keeyan Martin to the show. JT has some new sports updates for you this week too! The experience is here! Get ready for it

Duration: 02:31:05

The Miss Lee Experience - Cheating and Deceit feat Code Blaque- The Listed App

Tonight on the Miss Lee Experience, we discuss cheating - why people do it and if there is a difference between someone being deceptive in their relationship and someone lying? What do you consider cheating behavior? We welcome back to the show the owners of Code Blaque. The will tell everyone about their new app "The Listed" which is currently available in all app stores. Their new app will tell you if your significant other is talking to other people. JT has sports news and Miss Lee will...

Duration: 01:59:52

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