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The Mixing Board podcast is focused on dialogue with fellow musicians, musical product vendors and a wide array of artists with an end goal of connecting the mindset of musicians and going behind the artistry that has made them who they are today.




TMB #28 - Cedric Crout

From Kendrick Lamar, Rhianna and Mary J Blige, Cedric Crout has been on the worlds biggest stages, teching for some of the very best. Hear how Cedric got his start in the industry, and how he followed his passion thanks to a wood shop class in high school! Cedric also shares some of his secrets he is only sharing with us on the show, as well as some stories from the road.

Duration: 01:03:54

TMB #27 - Q&A with Brynner Agassi

Brynner sits down and answers some emails and messages he's been getting in. Nothing is off limits! From music, drumming, networking, bodybuilding and even MMA!

Duration: 01:05:14

TMB #26 - Dieter Bruning

Photographer Dieter Bruning sits with Brynner to speak about his journey into the world of photography. Dieter highlights growing up in Seattle and living through the 90’s grunge scene, his thoughts on the shaping of social media as we see it today and overcoming any obstacles living with Spina-Bifida and how Lars Ulrich’s father, Torben, gave Dieter some lifelong wisdom he still uses today.

Duration: 02:45:23

TMB #25 - Brian Schmidt

Renowned composer, sound engineer and founder of GameSoundCon Brian Schmidt, discusses his journey into the world of gaming music. A pioneer in the industry, Brian discusses his thoughts as to where the gaming industry is headed, how he started GameSoundCon and much more!

Duration: 01:38:29

TMB #24 - Karl-Heinz Menzel, Gary Ingraffia, Joe West (Sonor Drums)

We’re talking Sonor drums with a special all-star roundtable that includes, managing director of Sonor Germany Karl-Heinz Menzel, Sonor U.S. product manager Gary Ingraffia, and welcoming back Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer and engineer Joe West. No topic is left behind, as this is a show is filled with information that reflects on Sonors legendary history, innovation, and craftsmanship.

Duration: 01:34:31

TMB #23 - Mark Brunner & Soren Pederson (Shure)

Listen as Vice President of Corporate and Government Relations Mark Brunner and Product Specialist Soren Pederson of Shure join The Mixing Board and speak as to why Shure is indeed the most trusted audio brand worldwide. From history, to the legacy and the emerging changes in music, Mark and Soren provide experiences and different applications of some of their favorite microphones.

Duration: 01:08:55

TMB #22 - Joe West

Guess who’s back, this time with a Grammy Award win for his work on the Joey + Rory, “Hymns That Are Important to Us” album, Joe West! Joe is bringing stories from his experience at the Grammy's this year, along with news about a new apprenticeship program and school he has developed. You won’t want to miss this episode with one of the industries very best and passionate producer, songwriter and engineer, Joe West.

Duration: 01:17:50

TMB #21 - Mark Arthur Miller

Singer, songwriter and actor Mark Arthur Miller joins the show to discuss his new album, Soul Searching. Listen as Mark discusses his childhood in Chicago, growing up as son of legendary songwriter Ron Miller, the journey he has been on while writing his new album, and would you believe he is a professional Tennis instructor? Music, acting, industry thoughts and more as we welcome Mark Arthur Miller to the show!

Duration: 01:02:12

TMB #20 - Mike Winslow (Drumfigurator)

Creator and founder of the Drumfigurator app Mike Winslow joins the show to speak about his new app. The Drumfigurator gives drummers the ability to setup and configure their drums and cymbals virtually on their mobile devices. Listen as Mike also speaks about growing up and playing drums, which led to his passion for the design of this app. Also, Brynner and Mike have a surprise for the listeners!

Duration: 01:05:35

TMB #19 - On The Road With Brynner

In this special episode of The Mixing Board, go behind the scenes as Brynner takes a road trip to a show close to his hometown of Modesto California for a special show, and listen as he records clips from his drive, sound check, pre/post show thoughts and of course the wrap up, answering some of your questions.

Duration: 01:11:36

TMB #18 - Warren Huart

Recording engineer, composer and multi-platinum producer Warren Huart highlights his career by discussing his start, working with the likes of Aerosmith, The Fray, Korn, Ace Frehley and more. Listen as Warren gives us detailed memories of when he first landed in the U.S., the changes in the recording and music industry, as well as Warren and Brynner discuss Produce like a Pro!

Duration: 02:06:05

TMB #17 - Dom Famularo

Legendary drummer, educator, author and motivational speaker Dom Famularo joins the show to discuss his passion for life and how it has helped him be one of the most sought out drummers in the industry. Hear stories of Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones and many more as Dom takes us on a journey through his life and shares with us his recipe for success.

Duration: 01:00:15

TMB #16 - Thomas Lang

The incomparable Thomas Lang joins The Mixing Board podcast to discuss his high level musicianship which has set a new level of drumming since he emerged onto the scene. His upbringing in Vienna, attending the Vienna Conservatory of Music, have all played a vital role in Thomas’s musical approach. Go inside the mind of one of the very best, to hear how he still sets goals for himself, life on the road, his music, drumming, the music industry today and much more.

Duration: 01:17:28

TMB #15 - Dave Atkinson (Drumeo)

Dave Atkinson from Drumeo joins the show to talk about how he and Drumeo partner Jared Falk met and began a grassroots project up to what is now taking the world of drum education to another level. Hear Dave talk about his start in music, approach to drum education, and his thoughts on the drumming community today. A podcast full of great insight, by one of the leading instructors today.

Duration: 01:17:00

TMB #14 - Mark Schulman

World class drummer, producer, author Mark Schulman joins the show to speak about his life in music and his new book, "Conquering Life's Stage Fright". Listen as Mark takes you through his musical journey and how he became one of the worlds top drummers touring with Pink, Velvet Revolver, Foreigner and more. Also get ready to be MOTIVATED when we talk about Marks new book and he become a keynote speaker, writing his new book and why he has so much passion to motivate others reach their...

Duration: 01:18:53

TMB #13 - Silas Hite

Emmy Award winning film, television and video game composer Silas Hite joins the show to talk about his career in music. Silas takes us into his world of music making as he speaks to us how he got his start from being a drummer and self taught multi-instrumentalist and cross over to working on music for some of the worlds largest and most popular companies.

Duration: 01:12:08

TMB #12 - NAMM 2017 Review

If you weren't able to make it to NAMM, not a problem! The Mixing Board was there to bring you some highlights. After 96 hours of NAMM, 10 cups of coffee and only 2 hours of sleep, Brynner is talking about his take away's and highlights of the show, as well as answering some fan questions.

Duration: 01:35:16

TMB #11 - Stan Bicknell

Drumming sensation Stan Bicknell joins the podcast to discuss his career. Stan discusses his famous foot work by explaining his techniques, early beginnings, influences, touring with pop star Kimbra, family, his coffee business and what being a musician really means to him. A podcast not only about having passion for drumming, but music, life and more.

Duration: 01:54:44

TMB #10 - Anne Fennell

Music educator and Ted Talks speaker, Anne Fennell joins the show to speak about her role in music education, being the chair of the creative arts department at Mission Vista High and her high intensity passion for music creation overall. Listen as she shares stories from 30+ years of teaching, what she considers success and failure, her appearance at Ted Talks, and her insight to the connection between educational development and music.

Duration: 01:44:52

TMB #9 - Kylie Olsson

Sony award winning presenter and music journalist Kylie Olsson joins the show to take us behind the scenes of some of the biggest names in music history. From stories of KISS, to Led Zeppelin, take a listen to some of Kylie’s most memorable interviews and experiences. Kylie also gives a look inside her book The Art of Metal, and a biography she created on iconic drummer John Bonham. Enjoy as Brynner and Kylie reflect on social media, reality television, today’s music and much more! Oh, did...

Duration: 01:04:37

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