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The Truth About Clean Eating (Season 6, Ep 10)

Are you doing 'Dry January'? Experimenting with gluten-free snacks? Or stocking up on 'superfoods'? If so, Anthony Warner warns, you are, in fact, building up a damaging relationship with food, and should probably stop it, now... In this insightful interview with Olly, he takes on the bad science of the 'clean eating' movement, explains the reality of 'anti-oxidant' blueberries, and will make you think twice before you ever cook in coconut oil again. Elsewhere in our season finale,...


Dads At Christmas (Season 6, Ep 9)

Merry Christmas! Stuart Goldsmith and Tom Price return for a fourth time to discuss what it's like being a modern dad during the festive season. Plus, Ollie Peart previews Black Mirror and - in another xmas tradition - returns to the Foxhole to suck on a candy cane. The Foxhole is, as ever, sponsored by our friends at Be sure to visit their Stocking Fillers section right now if you feel like being a ho ho ho this holiday season - and use Alix's delicious discount code,...


The Trouble With Tall Buildings (Season 6, Ep 8)

Wind speeds, planning restrictions, financial crisis... a lot can go wrong when designing a super-tall building. Yet, each year, more skyscrapers are springing up around us. Architect Fred Pilbrow, of Pilbrow and Partners, has designed a number of them, including London's third-tallest building, the Heron Tower. In this insightful interview with Olly, he explains how technology is solving problems of vertical transportation (that's 'lifts' to you and me), how Winter gardens offer an...


The Confidence Trick (Season 6, Ep 7)

Best mates with Eminem, signed by Sony, and on the verge of international superstardom, Californian rap group Silibil 'n' Brains were the music industry's Next Big Thing. There was just one problem: they'd never been to California. They were from Dundee. In this extraordinary interview with Olly, Gavin Bain - who, as Brains Mcloud, was one half of the hip hop duo - recalls how a heady mix of humiliation, desperation and sheer chutzpah lead him to fool the entire music industry - and...


Suits You Sir (Season 6, Ep 6)

Andrew Ramroop OBE made his first pair of trousers whilst he was still in school shorts. At 17, he headed away from his home nation of Trinidad, gravitating towards London’s world-famous Savile Row. In this interview with Olly, he recalls how the racism he faced as a young tailor fuelled his career progression, and how he went on to create suits for Tony Curtis, Samuel L Jackson and Princess Diana. He also explains how, from a possible choice of 12,000 different fabric combinations, he...


Into The Deep (Season 6, Ep5)

Diving up to 700ft with no oxygen tank may seem like an extreme sport, but instructor Emma Farrell says freediving is more like a meditative state. Coaching Olly to hold his breath like an underwater explorer, she explains why she's never more relaxed than when she's 'one breath away from potential death'. Meanwhile, Ollie Peart - fresh from testing out 'Carrotea' on an unsuspecting culinary professional - considers the benefits of crowdfunded wearable air conditioning in this week's...


There's Something About Gavin (Season 6, Ep 4)

Gavin Hay was a high-flying TV exec with a string of hits under his belt when he and his partner sold their production company for millions of pounds. Still only 42, he could have taken up golf, or skydiving. Instead, Gavin tried his hand at becoming a porn star... In this exclusive interview with Olly, he explains how he became 'Trojan Rock', the 'Daddy' who starred in such titles as Roid Rage, Hot And Sweaty: Men At Work, and Hairy Boyz 13. Elsewhere, in this week's Zeitgeist, Ollie...


Do Focus Groups Work? (Season 6, Ep 3)

The pollsters failed to predict Brexit, Trump and Theresa May's lost majority. But, in political circles, faith remains in one particular research technique: the focus group... Edelman's James Morris was an advisor at the Number 10 strategy unit under Tony Blair, and has advised international businesses including Virgin Media and Starbucks on reputation management. In this insightful interview with Olly, he reveals how U-shaped rooms, open questions and gender dynamics all affect 'what...


Cabin Crew Confessions (Season 6, Ep 2)

Tricky customers, fixed smiles and terrible turbulence: it's all in a day's work for a flight attendant. But how to keep your cool at 30,000 feet? How to cope with unpredictable emergencies? And how to let off steam afterwards? Daisy White is a woman who knows. Now a YA author, she spent 12 years working for airlines including Monarch and Caledonian. In this interview with Olly, she lifts the lid on drunken passengers, mile high club wannabes - and 'overweight' trolley dollies... You can...


Lost At Sea (Season 6, Ep 1)

Tumbling overboard following a fit of food poisoning, Brett Archibald survived 28 hours alone in the Indian Ocean. In this extraordinary interview with Olly, he re-lives his onslaught of hallucinations, his encounter with a shark, and how he contemplated certain death... You can read more about Brett's amazing story at, and in his book, Alone, which is out now. Elsewhere in our season premiere, Ollie Peart returns with The Zeitgeist, and ponders the trend for...


Let's Live Adventurously (Season 5, Ep 10)

From the desert to the jungle, Belinda Kirk has lead expeditions through some of the world’s most inhospitable places. She’s been kidnapped, suffered extremes of heat and cold, and nearly drowned - yet believes such adventures help keep her sane in a modern world that can seem increasingly sedentary and predictable. In this inspiring interview with Olly, Belinda explains the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ stress; defines ‘type 1’ versus ‘type 2’ fun; and recommends some...


Life In Westminster (Season 5, Ep 9)

Would you be an MP, at a time when public trust in politicians has fallen to the lowest level in living memory? Could you dedicate yourself to your constituents, yet also make time for your family, fighting fires on social media and keeping the media on-side? Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North since 2015, entered the fray in time to experience the Brexit vote, the murder of his colleague Jo Cox, and the Palace of Westminster coming under terrorist attack. In this candid interview...


How Are We For Time? (Season 5, Ep 7)

Being a TV warm-up man is one of the hardest jobs in showbiz. How can you capture the interest and affection of an audience who don’t know who you are, have spent hours sitting around, and may simply want to go home? Andy Collins is a man who knows. Often cited as the best in the business, he’s honed his skills over decades, warming-up audiences for shows as diverse as Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother, Celebrity Juice and The Alan Titchmarsh Show. In this candid and riotously funny...


The Accidental Pimp (Season 5, Ep 6)

Being a landlord means trusting strangers to live in your house. Try as you might, you can't know everything about them. Sometimes, you just have to rely on an instinct that your tenants are good people. Until, that is, you get a knock on the door from the Police... That's what happened to listener Ian from Dublin. In this interview with Olly, he re-lives the moment he became involved in an armed Police sting - and began to regret renting out his property. Also this week, Ollie and Olly...


Subliminal Criminal (Season 5, Ep 5)

Does the mind of a murderer look any different to yours? Can brain-scanning technology help explain criminal activity? And if could - should that evidence be admitted into court? Dr Lisa Claydon, Senior Lecturer in Law at the Open University, has spent decades considering these questions. In this fascinating interview with Olly, recorded at Cheltenham Science Festival, she explains the issues around neuroscience in the courtroom, from the problems of malingering and false memory syndrome...



From Glastonbury to The End Of The Road, Summer festivals continue to colonise the countryside. But how do people pull together such enormous events year after year? In our 2017 Summer Festivals Special, Olly meets Pete Lawrence, co-founder of The Big Chill, which went from being a low-key ‘festival in a club’ for 150 people in Islington to an massive outdoor happening, taking over huge venues across Britain, with acts including Lily Allen, The Proclaimers, Basement Jaxx, and Leonard...


I See Dead People (Season 5, Ep 3)

Pathology technician Carla Valentine always knew she wanted to work with corpses. In childhood, she conducted funerals for roadkill. These days, she is curator of the St Bart’s Museum of Pathology, and a passionate advocate for more discussion about what happens when the mortuary doors swing shut. In this interview with Olly, she reveals how to prepare for an autopsy, how to get a sense of how a person lived from examining their remains, and how to create that ‘look of gentle repose’ so...


Micronesia's Got Talent (Season 5, Ep 2)

Paul Watson realised he would never play football for England - so attempted, instead, to be recruited by the worst international team in the world. His quest lead him to Pohnpei, Micronesia; and, although he never realised his dream of becoming an international soccer star, he ended up coaching them instead... What's it like training a team 9000 miles away from home, in a country with no football culture? What is the beautiful game's secret at bringing communities together? And how can...


Serving the Super-Rich (Season 5, Ep 1)

There are more billionaires than ever. Rockstars. Oil tycoons. Internet entrepreneurs. And all of them - all of them - employ private staff. The age of Jeeves and Wooster may be over, but the demand for a dependable butler remains. Lawrence McKenna has been serving the super-rich for three decades, including stints in private suites in London's poshest hotels and the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. In this interview with Olly, he reveals how to remain invisible yet available; poised to deliver...


Yours Sincerely (Season 4, Ep 10)

Is there still a place for the pen-and-paper posted letter? Alison Hitchcock thinks so: when she discovered her friend Brian Greenley had cancer, she decided to write him regular letters throughout his treatment - initially as an attempt to cheer him up, then as companionship through some of his darkest hours. In this interview with Olly, she recalls how writing over a hundred letters to Brian helped get them both through a difficult chapter, and deepened their friendship immeasurably....


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