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Episode 33: Voices of Doubt

Let's give those voices of doubt we all carry about our writing a mental slap in the face. Jennie works to help writers turn up the volume on those voices that say, "YES I CAN!" Today she encourages Melanie to express what it felt like as she wrote this week, because her work kicked butt. In this episode:


Episode 32: Writerly Confidence

In this episode: The Girl Who Drank the Moon By Kelly Barnhill


Episode 31: Thunderclap of Awkward

Writing is a messy process, and it shows in this episode, where I have to face the fact that sometimes you throw away words that you love. I also seek to embrace my inner-middle-schooler by remembering my own experience and forcing my friends and family to remember theirs! After all, writers often steal from real life! In this episode: reallyactual


Episode 30: Harness Your Emotion

When we recorded this episode, Melanie and I were in the throes of Back to School. Writing and mom'ing and just keeping up with life! How do you juggle all. the. things? In this episode: in the moment


Episode 29: Give It All Away

Today's episode is super long but super good. Some conversations are hard to for me to press the pause button on, and this was one of them. Melanie and Jennie go over Mel's first and last scenes of her novel, which then sparks a conversation on how writers hate to tell people their ideas for fear that someone will steal them. In This Episode: KILLER FIRST LINE! world-building!WHY.“”Recommended Reading and Watching: The Year of Magical Thinking By Joan Didion Your First 1000 Copies: The...


Episode 28: New Year, New You

Let's face it. Resolutions suck. But with a new year (and both of our birthdays smacking us in the face), sometimes you can't help but think about the things you want to change. If there's one thing I've needed to change for years, it's this: WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! If my children touched it, I've saved it. If it's broken but I think it's fixable, I've saved it. If I can remember who gave it to me or how much I paid for it, I've saved it. I mean, why fill the landfills when I can fill my...


Episode 27: Bookend Scenes, Writing the Beginning and the End

In this episode: Melanie and I have finally, finally, graduated to writing the first and last scenes of our novels. Jennie goes over my scenes with me and in the process shares a lot of gems about the writing process. She talks about: why today?Love Actually: really


Episode 26: Finding a Process That Works

Happy New Year, everybody! In This Episode: Jennie talks about how by making decisions in the Blueprint exercises, you actually buy freedom in the writing process. She also talks about the importance of finding a process that works for you. If your writing process is working, don't mess with it! But if it's not working, find someone you trust and try their process. There are a lot of ways to write a book, so you have to find a process that fits your style. Jennie's is based on her...


Episode 25: Writing Breakthrough

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays from Mom Writes. We hope it was awesome. In this episode: Jennie digs deep into the reasons we write in the first place, pinpointing the very essence of story and the emotion that transcends plot and connects readers. Why, when you're feeling overwhelmed, and the world feels overwhelming, would you take time to write? Would you write on your day off? On vacation? Are you writing on Christmas, why or why not? What if you're way into the planning process...


Episode 24: It's Fixable!

In today's episode, we continue a conversation we started about being stuck when you are writing. Melanie and I are working on our 2-tier outlines of our stories, and we are still swimming in choices. Even though Melanie has a 60,000 word draft of her story finished, she is still faced with making decisions that will clarify and propel her narrative. I, too, am drowning in choices to make in my writing-- the beginning is so hard! There are so many places a story can go and so many things a...


Episode 23: Being Stuck, Making Decisions, & Forgiving Yourself

Hi, there! Abby, here. Besides the Mom Guilt episode, this is one of my favorite episodes of the Mom Writes Podcast. It proves that sometimes good things can materialize out of difficult times. When we recorded this episode, I had just struggled with a major case of writer's block-- and I was still only working on my outline and my jacket copy! Oh, despair! But, leave it to Jennie Nash to set me straight! In this episode “”but not the middle.Tools of Titans“” Tools of Titans: The...


Episode 21: Why NOW?

This episode is pure book-coaching MAGIC, people! It's more than a brainstorming session. It's brainstorming with a higher purpose. It's brainstorming on crack. It's just, it's just... Argh! Jennie is so good! In this episode We break down the question WHY NOW? why now. nownow? why nowwhat happenswhy it mattersall that