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Episode 23: Being Stuck, Making Decisions, & Forgiving Yourself

Hi, there! Abby, here. Besides the Mom Guilt episode, this is one of my favorite episodes of the Mom Writes Podcast. It proves that sometimes good things can materialize out of difficult times. When we recorded this episode, I had just struggled with a major case of writer's block-- and I was still only working on my outline and my jacket copy! Oh, despair! But, leave it to Jennie Nash to set me straight! In this episode “”but not the middle.Tools of Titans“” Tools of Titans: The...

Duration: 00:34:28

Episode 21: Why NOW?

This episode is pure book-coaching MAGIC, people! It's more than a brainstorming session. It's brainstorming with a higher purpose. It's brainstorming on crack. It's just, it's just... Argh! Jennie is so good! In this episode We break down the question WHY NOW? why now. nownow? why nowwhat happenswhy it mattersall that

Duration: 00:33:11

Episode 20: Word of the Day- Why

In this episode Melanie asks herself why, why, why?? Why is WHY so important? Jennie, hilariously, chooses a workout station next to a librarian at the gym in order to pick her brain for added insight into the topic. Jennie and Abby talk about: While we now know that Lewis CK has total issues, back when we recorded this episode he was just another funny comic. Jennie references this clip:

Duration: 00:30:59

Episode 18: Writing and Parenting are Iterative

in this episode Parenting and writing are both iterative processes. Having to be flexible with both doesn't mean that one or the other isn't important or deserving of attention. In this episode, Jennie Nash, Abby Mathews, and Melanie Parish talk about how parents have a unique ability as writers because they understand that just as you teach your children concepts that progress over time, so it is with writing - a first draft becomes a final draft (just as a child becomes an adult)...

Duration: 00:27:00

Episode 17: On Being Derivative & Abby's Feedback from Blueprint for a Book Lesson 1

In this episode: I got a little emotional in this episode talking about my story. A lot of unconscious elements bubbled up as I worked through Week 1 of Blueprint for a Book. Jennie helps me sift through all my ideas and thoughts and organize them into something I can work with to create a story. Here are some of the things we talked about: Steal Like an Artist“”“”Jennie's Recommended Reading: Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative By Austin Kleon The Girl...

Duration: 00:49:27

Episode 16: Melanie's Feedback from Blueprint for a Book Lesson 1

Things we cover in this episode: Killer sentence Why You Are Writing This Book What’s the point of your story? Jacket Copy Working titles A book is an extremely complex and deeply layered thing. It doesn’t matter where you are in it - it’s a hard thing to hold in your head. The big picture work is the work that most writers skip over. The purpose of these exercises is to really pin that down. Click to tweet: @@One of the superpowers of a good book coach or editor is to see your book...

Duration: 00:42:10

Episode 15: Week 1's Blueprint for a Book Lessons

In this episode: Jennie introduces us to Week 1 of the Blueprint for a Book class. If you are interested in seeing the lessons, LINK HERE Set the foundation of your book strong so you can move forward with confidence. Think BEFORE you write. WHY are you writing? Define the POINT of your story with a killer sentence and jacket copy, as well as a working title. The majority of writers make the mistake of not thinking about the big picture. Instead they just focus on what happens...

Duration: 00:29:24

BONUS Laura Franzini, Matchmaker: How Writers and Coaches Get Paired

Managing Editor for Author Accelerator, Laura Franzini, joins Abby & Mel on Mom Writes to give us the lowdown on the human-centered process of pairing writers and coaches. IN THIS EPISODE “”“”

Duration: 00:50:39

Episode 14: Needing and Accepting Help with Your Writing

In this episode In writing and in life: We all need help. Asking for help is hard, but knowing what you need is harder. In writing: Everyone who wants to write a book is a reader. Everyone who wants to write a book also writes a lot in daily life. But no one is taught how to actually write a book in school. Even though writers are avid readers, our brains are wired to get immersed in story such that you aren’t paying attention to the technicalities of how it’s done. So we need...

Duration: 00:34:52

Episode 12: An Introduction to Fan Fiction with Michelle Hazen & A Mom Writes/Lulu, Jr. Giveaway

Scroll to the bottom for information on our Lulu, Jr. giveaway, Ending Monday, Oct. 9! “”Do your kids want to participate in NaNoWriMo but perhaps they aren't sure what to write about? Bestselling Kindle Worlds author, Michelle Hazen, gives us the perfect solution: FAN FICTION! (By the way, Michelle is also one of Author Accelerator's book coaches. So not only can you read her work, but you can work with her, too!) In This Episode: Click to tweet: @@ @michellehazen says fan fiction is a...

Duration: 00:23:44

Episode 11: Wattpad and NaNoWriMo with Maya and Allegra Walker

Today writer-mom Maya Rushing Walker and her 15-year old daughter, Allegra, join us on Mom Writes to talk about Allegra's successful experiences with NaNoWriMo. Allegra first did NaNo at the tender age of 11... and won! She has participated a total of 4 times since then, although she says she only won 3 times. That's 3 times more than me, so I was undeniably impressed with Allegra. During the course of our conversation, we talk about the pros (and cons) of Wattpad. Wattpad is a free...

Duration: 00:20:20

Episode 10: Doing NaNoWriMo with Your Children with Book Coach Kemlo Aki

Book coach Kemlo Aki's daughter was 11-years old the first time they did NaNoWriMo. And guess what? They both won! Listen to today's episode to see how Kemlo used NaNoWriMo as a tool to instill a love of writing in her children. I'm going to call Kemlo NaNoWriMom from now on! In today's episode: Kemlo wanted her kids to have a passion for writing first. And let the more technical aspects of writing come second. When using NaNoWriMo as a tool with kids, you have to shift your perspective...

Duration: 00:15:23

Episode 9: NaNoWriMo Tips, Fast-Draft with YA Author Rachel Solomon

Today's amazing guest is YA author (and total master fast-drafter), Rachel Solomon. You can find more information about Rachel here. Her book, You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone is available January 2018 from Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse. In this episode: Rachel's writing process includes fast drafting. Here's how she goes about writing 50K words in a month: You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone By Rachel Lynn Solomon

Duration: 00:17:23

Episode 7: Jennie's Take on NaNoWriMo

For week 2 of our launch, we are bringing you 6 episodes on NaNoWriMo! In this episode Click to tweet: @@Curious about @jennienash take on NaNoWriMo? Listen here!@@ Jennie's pros and cons of NaNoWriMo How many writers aren’t using it the right way If you fail to think before you write, it will lead to an inherently flawed manuscript Melanie shares her experience with NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo is valuable to cultivate a habit of writing The flaw behind the idea of a “shitty first draft”

Duration: 00:17:14

Episode 8: NaNoWriMo Tips with Author Jade Eby

We are joined today by hybrid romance author Jade Eby! Jade has written 18 books and participated in NaNoWriMo for 10+ years. She brings a lot of NaNo experience to the conversation as we talk about how to prepare for NaNo and what to do with all those NaNo manuscripts! Click to tweet: @@The joy of writing is the fun. NaNo is a good time to play! @jade_eby@@ In this episode: The difference between the years she was successful with NaNo and the years that she wasn’t? Jade says it all...

Episode 6: Author/Illustrator/Supermom Lori Richmond

In this episode Lori Richmond, author/illustrator of Pax and Blue and Bunny's Staycation talks about: Some non-writing, but super fun subjects that we talk about: Lori's Recommended Reading: Subway Story By Julia Sarcone-Roach I Don't Like Koala By Sean Ferrell Lori's Books: Pax and Blue By Lori Richmond Bunny's Staycation (Mama's Business Trip) By Lori Richmond A Hop Is Up By Kristy Dempsey Oopsie-do! By Tim Kubart A Hop is Up and Oopsie Do are illustrated by Lori Richmond.

Duration: 00:46:50

Episode 4: Time Management, An Interview with Writer-Dad Dan Blank

Dan Blank is pretty amazing. No, Dan is not short for Danielle, and as he is quick to point out, he's not a mom. But he is a dad- and a writer, and a blogger, and an entrepreneur- who works from home with small children. He also runs a mastermind group for creatives, which you can find more information on here. Also, let's face it. Anyone who includes a nap in their time management strategies is OK in my book. Dan Blank for the win. Click to tweet: @@Listen to @DanBlank on MomWrites...

Duration: 00:44:35

Episode 3: The Benefits of Book Coaching

In this episode In this episode, Jennie makes reference to Atul Gawande. Atul Gawande is a world-renowned brain surgeon, and yet he still invites his colleagues into the operating room to critique him. He talks about this experience in a piece in the New Yorker called “The Coach in the Operating Room" and how important it is to being open to getting better at what you do. Everyone who wants to write a book needs to get over the idea that if you don’t do it alone, it’s not yours....

Duration: 00:17:46

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