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E14 - John Tromp on Cuckoo Cycle PoW & John McAfee on Monero

This week's episode is a two-parter! First up, I talk with John Tromp, inventor of the Cuckoo Cycle Proof of Work algorithm. We discuss what it means to be an egalitarian proof of work and how Cuckoo Cycle targets consumer hardware rather than industrial ASICs. We talk about the puzzle being solved by the algorithm itself, and also discuss what types of performance we should expect with optimized CPU and GPU mining software. After that, I'm very excited to share a short conversation I...

Duration: 00:47:17

E13 - Over-the-counter Monero trading with

On this week's episode, I talk with co-founder Alex about the launch of their new platform, how the service works, whether we can trust them, and a bit about who they are. We talk about why they are for now choosing to stay anonymous and the complications that can cause, and we talk about the Monero community's response to their service so far. We also get into why they chose to locate in Hong Kong, as well as a bit about Hong Kong's place in the cryptocurrency space. Listen...

Duration: 02:30:19

Bitthumb, LocalMonero, Globee, RuffCT, IRS Coin Tracking, T-Swift, US Debt Ceiling, and more!

The past week has been quite eventful for Monero and Bitcoin. I'm rejoined by my friend who talked with us in Episode 7 about the Satoshi white paper and we try to make sense of it all. Join us as we talk about Bitthumb adding Monero to their exchange, the debut of, Globee's ninja launch, RuffCT, the IRS tracing 50% of all Bitcoin transactions, Taylor Swift's new single, and lots more. Also get an inside scoop on what to expect from some of our upcoming episodes.

Duration: 00:59:23

E08 - Monero Uncensored with guest Chris DeRose

Today, I talk with Chris DeRose of the Bitcoin Uncensored YouTube show and podcast about changes he's undergoing with his show, his thoughts on the Monero community and the potential future Monero needs to plan for, and the movements of the cryptocurrency space in general. If you're unfamiliar with Chris, check out his YouTube channel, Get a deeper glimpse into what makes Chris tick, find out why he recently wrote a letter to the SEC about the...

Duration: 01:43:33

E07 - Required Reading - Deep dive of the Satoshi White Paper for newcomers and veterans alike

This episode introduces a new type of show to the series, "Required Reading." From time to time we'll devote a show to analyzing an important paper or document relevant to Bitcoin and Monero, and try to come away with a more detailed understanding of the material. The goal then is to serve as a detailed introduction to the material for newcomers and in depth review for people that are already familiar with the space. For our first Required Reading episode, we'll explore the original...

Duration: 02:44:01

E06 - A fireside chat with Justin "SamsungGalaxyPlayer" Ehrenhofer

Join us as we check in with Justin Ehrenhofer, a.k.a. SamsungGalaxyPlayer, to hear about his adventures as an increasingly well known Monero community member. We talk about his efforts at building a university cryptocurrency club at the University of Minnesota, contributions to Monero-related documentation and public communications, and recent travels throughout Europe to talk about Monero with anyone that will listen. Find out why he got involved, his thoughts on recent happenings in the...

Duration: 00:54:04

Episode 005 - Blockchain-Backed Loans with SALT Lending

Have you ever wanted cash for a project or purchase but weren't ready or willing to liquidate your Bitcoin, Monero, or other coin holdings? Would you be interested in a way to leverage your cryptocurrency through a collateralized loan to increase your spending power? In this week's episode, I traveled to the headquarters of startup SALT Lending in Denver, CO to talk with Shawn Owen (CEO) and Caleb Slade (Creative & Community Director) about their new blockchain-backed loans platform,...

Duration: 01:00:35

Episode 003 - Go big or go home! The "binary fate" of a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. Betting on Bitcoin and Monero with the co-founder of LuckyBit and

In this week's episode, I talk to BinaryFate, the co-founder of the LuckyBit online Bitcoin casino, Cryptosphere Systems, and about his involvement in cryptocurrencies. Find out about NP-hard problems, overcoming miner censorship, and the future of LuckyBit and We even do a bit of fortune telling, discussing a hypothetical app that between the taping and airing of this episode came to life via a third party! Music featured in the show is "The Grind" by Justin Maher and...

Duration: 00:38:01