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TheMontyShow 58!

Monty & Jake talk lots of NFL today including Darrelle Revis being FREE and wanting to play again, is Pittsburgh a real option? Monty tells you why the Steelers should consider Revis. The Patriots are having one of the best off season in the NFL, and that was before they Re-Signed Dant'a Hightower. Monty has had enough of LaVar Ball, and it has nothing to do with MJ. The guys wonder if $52.3 Million dollars is enough money to risk CTE after Lance Briggs said he has early symptoms of the...

Duration: 01:02:14

TheMontyShow 57!

Monty & Jake delve in to the Ezekiel Elliott situation, was it sexual assault and should Elliott be suspended by the NFL? Should the Redskins trade Kirk Cousins? Is Eddie Lacy a good fit in Seattle? Was the Jazz V Clippers a playoff preview? Monty knows how to win that series! The Cavs and Warriors are struggling, the guys discuss which team is in better position to rebound back to form. Should Phil Jackson retire from the Knicks? Should Phil return to the Lakers, or should he just retire?...

Duration: 01:00:08

TheMontyShow 55!

Monty & Jake have you covered on Day 1 of NFL Free Agency! Monty loves the Browns trade for Brock Osweiler, are the Browns finally on the right path? The guys talk about the Eagles WR moves and the Redskins questionable moves, are the Cowboys going to trade Romo, should the Texans sellout to get him? What is going on with Steph and the Warriors ...Jake says its no big deal, Monty is in full W's Panic Mode! The boys also talk about PSG's rough night in Europe turning in to a worse morning...

Duration: 01:01:10

TheMontyShow 52!

Monty & Jake talk NFL Combine and the risk vs reward of working out. Jimmer finished his season in China, can his big stats translate to the NBA? Monty does not agree with US Soccer mandating all players to stand for the National Anthem ...and of course the guys talk Chelsea football as the boys in Blue stretch their lead at the top!

Duration: 00:59:14

TheMontyShow 51!

Monty & Jake talk about the Warriors slide, is it a big deal? Are the Warriors vulnerable to losing the Western Conference? Has Steph Curry lost swagger? Is Houston ready to pounce or will the Warriors retain their throne? The guys discuss the NL West, and whether this is the year the Dodgers finally get to and win the World Series. Can the Cubs go back to back? Monty voices his displeasure with Costco raising it's membership fee even though they made $30 BILLION dollars last quarter.

Duration: 00:57:05

TheMontyShow 49!

Monty & Jake talk lots of NBA and NFL on the show today: Is the KD injury a chance for Steph Curry to get back to his old game? Can the Warriors maintain the top spot in the West without KD? Is the loss to OKC the beginning of a slide for the Jazz in the West? Where in the West will the Jazz finish? The guys also give their thoughts on the Patriots saying they will NOT trade Garoppolo, are they serious about keeping Jimmy? Can Brady play 16 games in 2017-18? Is ESPN in trouble, Monty tells...

Duration: 01:00:05

TheMontyShow 48!

Monty & Jake talk about the Jazz not reaching a long term agreement with George Hill, do the Jazz truly have depth? Should Phil Jackson force coaches he hires to run the triangle offense? Did the Knicks do the right thing releasing Brandon Jennings? Will the Cowboys sign AP? Did the Redskins do the right things tagging Kurt Cousins? AND why is Monty fired up about Donald Trump's steak eating habits?

Duration: 00:56:36

TheMontyShow 46!

Monty & Jake talk about the biggest stories in the NBA including the Jazz lack of action, the Lakers keep working, the Pacers working on a Paul George deal, the Celtics won't trade Jae Crowder to get Jimmy Butler from Chicago, are baseball unwritten rules real and should more rule changes happen? Why does Monty dislike Honda Civic drivers?

Duration: 01:00:00

TheMontyShow 45!

Monty & Jake talk all about a huge day of moves in the NBA including the Lakers firing Jim Bus and bringing in Magic Johnson, the Rockets trading for Lou Williams, the Jazz not trading for anyone, ARod coaching the Yankees, what will the Cubs lineup look like and how important is it for Kyle Schwarber to play left field everyday?

Duration: 00:53:55

TheMontyShow 44!

Monty & Jake talk all about the NBA All Star game; has the slam dunk and 3 point shootout lost it's luster? Is it your favorite all star game? Who is the best player in the NBA? Jake goes all in with KD and says KD made the right choice going to Golden State ...Monty argues for LeBron but wonders if the Cavs are good enough without Kevin Love. Can the Celtics win the East with their current roster? Jake had a "Special" FaceTime call today, and Monty was shocked at something Jake did on the...

Duration: 01:04:13

TheMontyShow 43!

Monty and Jake fill in the details of Darrelle Revis' legal trouble in Pittsburgh and discuss what the implications of being out at 2:40AM are, the guys also talk about what the Jazz can expect in the 2nd half of the season, should Jazz Fans be worried about the viability of Exum and Lyles? Can Jake get Lexi Thompson to go out on a date with him on Twitter? Should Bradley Beal be upset Carmelo is an All Star and he is not? Who would you want to see in concert? Monty is bummed he is going...

Duration: 00:56:10

TheMontyShow 42!

Monty & Jake talk about the outlandish statements made by UCLA PG Lonzo Ball's Father ...including that Lonzo will be better than Curry!! With Forbes calculating the Knicks value in the BILLIONS, which franchises in sports would you want to own if you could? Draymond Green called an NBA owner a slave driver, John Wall is moving up the PG list, Under Armour tried to correct it's support of Donald Trump, and Arsenal made Monty's day, but a puppy broke his heart!

Duration: 01:00:09

TheMontyShow 41!

Monty & Jake talk NBA and the Cavs losing Kevin Love for six weeks, and what that means for the Eastern Conference race, and can the Raptors catch the Cavs? Can the Celtics catch the Cavs? Can the Raptors catch the Celtics ...Should Kobe be working with the Lakers? What should his role be? The UCONN women basketball has won 100 consecutive games, is that win streak as impressive as UCLA's 88 gamer? Tiger Woods 7 straight tournament wins? Patriots 18 straight wins? And what is the best...

Duration: 00:59:33

TheMontyShow 40!

Monty & Jake talk KD back to OKC ...were you surprised at the level of anger KD faced? Did he do the right thing? Would you rather have KD or Russell Westbrook? Should NBA teams sell advertising on their jerseys? The Knicks and Charles Oakley are back together, are you surprised? And you will never guess who stepped in to save Oak's bacon! Baseball is back! Monty picks the Cubs and Red Sox to meet in the world series ...and sadly Sandusky and child assault charges are back in the news!

Duration: 01:00:00

TheMontyShow 39!

Monty & Jake talk about the NFL's reaction to the Patriots mocking Roger Goodell, should players go to the White House, and do you care what your favorite athletes have to say about politics? Should OKC fans boo KD when he comes back over the weekend? Should Magic Johnson be given control of the Lakers ...should Kobe become an executive with the club? Why is Monty excited about college basketball again and who does he think wins the Pac 12 ...and why is Monty losing the BMW game?

Duration: 00:58:00

TheMontyShow 38!

Monty & Jake talk about the cost of the audit of Utah Athletics and they don't hold back on their opinions, was it a waste of $200K...YES! Are the Jazz playing their best ball of the season ...can the Knicks afford to keep Phil Jackson in the front office? Is Charles Oakley wrong or just misguided? Can you envision a time where ESPN goes out of business? and major BREAKING NEWS in Jakes dating life!!! YUUUUUUUGGGGEEE news!

Duration: 01:01:46

TheMontyShow 37!

Monty and Jake talk about Chino Hills stud LiMelo Ball scoring 92 fouling the other team to stop the clock so Ball could score...Monty was not amused! The Colts stole signals during Tony Dungy's tenure in Indy that cheating? Is it any different than Spy Gate? Should the Steelers trade AB? Did the Big 12 go far enough in punishing Baylor? Is insurance a scam and why is Monty fired up over his windshield??

Duration: 00:48:54

TheMontyShow 36!

Monty & Jake talk about the situation at Baylor and wonder how long the NCAA can wait to drop the death penalty on BU? Is Gordon Hayward elite? Top 10 in the NBA? Why is Phil Jackson taking shots at Carmelo ...again?!? Can the Kings continue to tolerate Demarcus Cousins damage? Are the Washington Wizards for real? What did Jake say to a telemarketer who called offering free dental insurance?

Duration: 00:48:53

TheMontyShow 35!

Monty & Jake talk about the Super Bowl and Tom Brady ...was that the best QB performance ever? Was that the single best athletic performance ever? Did the Falcons commit the largest choke job in sports history? Can the Celtics win the East? Will the Cavs trade for Carmelo and do they need to? What is the most enjoyable sporting event to attend?

Duration: 00:55:25

TheMontyShow 34!

Monty and Jake talk Super Bowl betting lines, and the over/under being 59...over or under? Would you rather have Tony Romo or Jimmy Garoppolo? Do you watch ESPN or FOX? 5th row off the ice with your Dad at the Blackhawks game or date night with your girl...who is sick and listening to Flo Rida?

Duration: 00:54:36

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