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The Monty Show 79!

The guys react to the sex scandal breaking inside the Dallas Mavericks! Is Mark Cuban responsible? Is Cuban close to losing control of his club? Can Cuban recover from the awful details in the allegations against his organization. Monty is thrilled to hear the latest proposal to improve MLB, and it has nothing to do with "Pace of Play". Why do luxury car drivers refuse to use bluetooth to talk on the phone while driving? Follow the show on Twitter: @themontyshow


The Monty Show 78!

Monty & Jake are talking about another big trade in the NL West! The DBacks get Steven Souza JR, is that enough to contend in the West? Are the Dodgers or Giants the class of the division? Can the Padres make a run? Are you willing to pay $400 for NFL Sunday Ticket? It's going up in price, are you in? Are Virtue & Moir in Love? Monty needs to know! Follow the show on Twitter: @TheMontyShow


The Monty Show 77!

The guys talk all about NBA All Star Weekend and explain why this weekend may have changed LeBron's Legacy, and it has nothing to do with the game. Monty says this weekend was a win for the young guns in the NBA, including Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell, and Giannis! The landscape of MLB changed with big signings in San Diego and Boston, and left fans in Arizona feeling frustrated! With Hosmer in SD, a vastly improved SF Giants club, and the Dodgers not adding much ...who should be the...


The Monty Show 76!

Monty & Jake are talking Laura Ingraham Vs LeBron James! Was Ingraham wrong to call LeBron "uneducated"? Was her rant against LeBron racist? MLB Owners are not signing players to long term contracts, and the MLBPA believes it's collusion it? Does MLB need to speed games up, Monty passionately says NO! What are the special franchise in professional sports? Lakers? Cowboys? Yankees? Maple Leafs? And Jay Cutler is on Instagram ...Monty is very happy about that! Follow the show on...


The Monty Show 75!

Monty & Jake are talking about the Parkland school shooting, and the importance of athletes speaking their minds on political and social issues. LeBron James and Steve Kerr both attack the President in different, but very similar ways...are they out of line? Should the Cavs pay $300M in play cost to resign LeBron? Should OKC do the same to resign Paul George? Do those two go to the Lakers because their teams can't afford them? Will Tim Lincecum make it back to the Big Leagues? BDub's or...


The Monty Show 74!

Monty & Jake talk about the awkward press conference Shaun White had after winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics, is bringing up an incident from two years ago appropriate in that moment? Are elite athletes held to a different standard when it comes to poor behavior and crime? Is the NBA Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell? Is the 2016 NBA Draft one of the worst in history? 2017 too? Is valentines day an actual holiday? Follow the show on Twitter: @TheMontyShow


The Monty Show 73!

Monty & Jake are talking LeBron Vs Russ big is the OKC V Cavs game? Can the Thunder catch the T'Wolves for 4th in the West? Will the Cavs validate their trades? Was Steve Kerr disrespectful for allowing players to coach the team vs Phoenix? Who is the best team in Baseball? Should the Angels allow Ohtani to pitch knowing he had arm issues over the winter? Are the LAA's finally good enough to win the West or are the Astros still dominant? Chipotle Vs Taco Bell really!? Follow...


The Monty Show 72!

Monty & Jake are talking Yu Darvish to the Cubs! Is it a good move? Does Darvish put the Cubs on par with the Nationals in the NL? What does the NL West look like this season? Is it the Dodgers or Giants ...or maybe the Padres? The Cavs dominated the Celtics over the weekend, is that going to be the norm? Is Gordon Hayward coming back to the C's? Should the 49ers cut Reuben Foster after his domestic violence arrest, his second arrest of the offseason. And why did Monty melt down at the...


The Monty Show 71!

Monty & Jake talk all about the Cavs after their makeover; are the Cavs a better team after the trades? Did the Cavs help LeBron become a Laker next Summer? Are the Cavs better than the Celtics? Why did WEEI in Boston put Tom Brady in the middle of controversy ...AGAIN?!? Is Magic Johnson helping or hurting the Lakers? Justin Timberlake keeps winning, thanks to Ellen! The Niners gave Jimmy Garoppolo $10M more than they had to, Monty tells you why he thinks that was the exact right thing to...


The Monty Show 70!

Monty & Jake are talking Josh McDaniels back to New England! Was it a mistake to turn down the Colts job? Do you think McDaniels is the next coach of the Pats? Is the Colts job a good NFL Job? Which job is the best job in the NFL? The Worst? Is Golden State just tired, or are we seeing flaws in their makeup? Is Paul George on the verge of being the best player in the NBA? Will PG3 end up a Laker? Is Bryce Harper more valuable than Manny Machado? Is Harper worth $400M? Should the San...


The Monty Show 69!

Monty and Jake are talking about the Malcom Butler saga as Butler denies all wrong doing in his Super Bowl benching, and what did Tom Brady said to him! Is Bill Belichick leaving the Patriots? Who will be in New England longer, Brady or Belichick? Is LeBron slipping in skill or has he stopped playing hard? His numbers in January and February are way off and there is talk of the Cavs trading LBJ out West...should they move "The King"? If you are the Warriors would you trade Klay and...


The Monty Show 68!

Monty & Jake have full reaction the Eagles Super Bowl win! Should the Eagles trade Foles? Is this the end of the road for the Patriots dynasty? Is Gronk retiring? Why did'nt Butler play? Why were ratings so low? The guys also talk plenty of NBA including the Lakers knocking off the Thunder, should the Lakers trade Julius Randle? Who are the Lakers untouchable players? Should the Warriors value Klay Thompson more than Draymond? LaVar Ball melted down on LaMelo and LiAngelo's coach in...


The Monty Show 67!

Monty & Jake are getting you ready for the Super Bowl with all the latest headlines, and their predictions for the game. Monty calls it's 31-21 for the Patriots and thinks there is one position on the field that will settle the game, and its not the QB! What is the one food everyone has to have on Super Sunday? Do you have an Air Fryer? Are MLB players going to sit out spring training because MLB Owners are not signing Free Agents? Are the owners colluding against the players? Russ was...


The Monty Show 66!

Monty & Jake are all over the "LeBron to Golden State" rumors, has ESPN lost your trust on Breaking News? Do you believe LeBron is going to the Warriors ...KD does not! Should athletes be able to write their own ticket? Aaron Rodgers is upset his QB coach was let go, should he have had a say? Should MLB put nets up to protect fans? Will that change the way you watch the game? Is the iPhone X the beginning of the end for Apple? Their sales and revenue numbers are out! And Jake did something...


The Monty Show 65!

The Monty Show 65! by Tim Montemayor


The Monty Show 64!

Monty & Jake have the latest on the Michigan State scandal, and what Magic Johnson has to do with it. Did a radio station go too far insulting Tom Brady's daughter? Of course they did and Monty is out for blood! Are the Sixers and Thunder a new rivalry? Is Russ, KD, Steph, or LBJ the MVP of the NBA? Should the Clippers trade Blake to Detroit? Should someone be fired for misspelling an important word on the State of the Union invitation? Donald can't be happy ...and Monty loses his mind...


The Monty Show 63!

Monty & Jake are talking about the Michigan State scandal, the guys wonder how is this situation any different than Penn State, and when does it end with NCAA institutions? Tiger Woods made the cut this weekend, are you rooting for him to win? Monty wonders about his choices in his relationship with Lindsey Vonn. Lonzo Ball is rapping, in Lithuania this summer...has an athlete ever made a "good" rap album, or even a song? Jake has a solution to fix the NBA All Star Game draft, and Monty...


The Monty Show 62!

Monty & Jake are reacting to the news that the XFL is back for the 2020! Do you care? Will names like Tebow, Kaepernick, and Manziel want to play in that league? The Cavs have more drama as they have changed the lineup ...Monty thinks the Isiah Thomas trade has been a disaster! Steph & LeBron pick their NBA Allstar Teams. The Brewers got Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain ...are they the class of the NL Central? Do you think the Government listens to your cell phone and should Apple send...


The Monty Show 61!

Monty and Jake have full reaction to the Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2018, should Bonds and Clemens be in? Edgar too? Should the Cavs trade LeBron? Should LeBron buy the Cavs? When did KD become high maintenance? Would you shop at the Amazon grocery store with no cashiers? Should Donald Trump testify under oath? Is he 6'3 239? Will Chelsea ever land Edin Dzeko!? Follow Monty on Twitter: @TheMontyShow


The Monty Show 60!

Monty and Jake are talking NBA All Star selections and snubs ...should CP3, PG3, and Donovan Mitchell have been there? Is Kevin Love the scapegoat in Cleveland? Can Lamelo Ball make it to the NBA? Monty says he can and compares hime to a super star! Are Chelsea finally ready to make the Dzeko move? Is the iPhone X the best phone for you? Follow Monty on twitter: @themontyshow


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