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Welcome to the Mood Elevator, for Monday 16th January. And thanks to Alan Pearce, the latest follower of the @moodelevator Twitter account.Check out my Brum Radio showStolen baby found alive in South Carolina 18 years onAnd we kick off with the biggest story from the week, which is more than 18 years in the making. A newborn baby who was stolen from a Florida hospital. Kamiyah lived under the family name Williams for 18 years, until it was revealed through police investigations and...

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Expect cheese

Welcome once again to the Mood Elevator. Here are some stories to brighten up your Monday morning.Dad's desperate plea prompts lifetime supply of cups for boy with autismThere's a lad in Devon, in the UK, with severe autism. He's 14, and he's only ever drunk from the same cup; a blue plastic one, like you give a toddler (I'm not being mean; I'm just describing the kind of cup). Trouble is, no-one makes that exact cup anymore, and no substitute will do. So when it broke, he wouldn't drink...

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Kittens on tap

It’s Friday, and the final instalment of my week-long news binge. You’ll find the show at and wherever you get your podcasts, so if you haven’t already subscribed, do it; do it now. OK, let’s crack on. Thousands pledge to stand by neighbours who are frightened post-election While there are stories coming in of people being harassed all around the US post the election of a shaven cheese fruit to the highest office in the land, people in New York are banding together to...

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Oh, Canada!

Oh Canada Hello once again and welcome back aboard the Mood Elevator, for our penultimate daily trip around the sun of good news. Remember of course that you can find this show at, and subscribe so you never miss an episode. But for now, let’s bring on the headlines. Sympathetic cop replaces boy’s stolen game console with his wwn And we begin in Texas, where a 9 year-old boy had his Xbox, controller and games stolen, along with family TV. But this is the Mood Elevator,...

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Lead by example

It’s Wednesday, which means for this week only here’s your third trip on the Mood Elevator. Together we’re collectively tapping November on the nose and saying “no! Bad month!” Remember you’ll find this show at, and you can get new episodes straight to your phone by subscribing to the show. Alright, no time to lose, let’s get to it. Katy Perry leads by example and donates $10,000 to Planned Parenthood Now that famous misogynist Donald Trump is in line for the White House...

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Winter warmer

Welcome to another Mood Elevator; it’s Tuesday, and I’m here all week to keep bringing you good news to fight the winter blues. Ugh, I promise I won’t do that again. Let’s get to it, shall we? North Winton Village residents show support for LGBTQ neighbours after flags burned When a neighbourhood in Rochester, New York was rocked by burnings of LGBT flags on election night, people rallied round to show support. The community bought more flags and showed up en masse this Saturday, to...

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Love over hate

Monday 14th November Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator, where all this week I’m banishing bad news and bringing you nothing but uplifting stories. Yep, instead of the regular Monday and Thursday slot, I’m dedicating this whole week to good news, so let’s get straight to it. Veterans pick up stranded biker and find out it’s Bruce Springsteen When a New Jersey biker spotted a man of similar persuasion who appeared to be stranded, he, along with his mates came to the rescue....

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Welcome once again to the Mood Elevator. And never has there been such a need for good news as this week. So, let’s get straight into it. Denver to hire homeless residents for day jobs – no strings attached And we begin in Colorado, where the city of Denver is embarking on a mission to employ the homeless. If you’ve ever watched The Wire, you might be familiar with the concept of day-labourers; people who are picked up and do a single day’s work for a day’s pay. Well Denver is making...

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Fish and peanuts

Welcome once again to the Mood Elevator, the acceptable face of Mondays. Here’s a brief hit of good news, for Monday 31st October. World's largest marine reserve created off Antarctica And we begin in Antarctica, or in a stretch of land just off it, where a coalition of countries have come together to create the world’s largest marine wildlife reserve. The new protected area in the 1.9 million mile Ross Sea was setup by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living...

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Pay it forward

Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator, where it is my mission to turn that frown upside down. No time to lose, so let’s get to it. Retired couple share acreage with unique PTSD refuge And we start today in Canada, where Rick and Donna Wanless enjoy a vast swathe of land; a farm which has been their home for more than 40 years. Now in their 70s, the pair have decided to share this land with sufferers of PTSD. Rick had been helped by first responders when he got knocked off a horse...

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Sit with us

Welcome once again aboard the Mood Elevator. Turns out the episode I had for Monday was a bit delayed thanks to some hosting issues, but if you’re hearing me now then you’re ready for some good news. And if you’re not hearing me now, then something’s gone seriously wrong and you definitely need some good news. Oh, and I sound different because my studio computer is being updated, but I didn’t want to wait. Formerly paralyzed, Robert MacDonald finishes Toronto marathon When a Canadian man...

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His master's news

Dog alerts neighbours to owner's crash And we start with a traditional animal rescue story. This one’s set in New Zealand, and involves a car accident. A 55 year-old man lost control of his car, went through a fence and rolled several times. He tried walking to safety but ended up sleeping in his car, but his dog had a better idea, by running to a nearby house and raising the alarm. Louisiana flood victim wins $1 million lottery in ultimate change of luck Things were looking bleak for 72...

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A likely story

Thank you once again for stepping aboard the Mood Elevator. Here’s some news to make you smile, for Thursday 13th October. It’s a purely European issue today, so let’s get started. Endangered rhinos bred in the UK have given birth to healthy babies And we begin in the UK, specifically Port Lympne wildlife park in Kent, where two critically-endangered rhinos have bred. There are only around 700 of these beasts in the wild, but as of this week we now have two more, who’ll stay with their...

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Welcome to the Mood Elevator, some good news for Monday 10th October. Police officer who saved boy from drowning meets him as a grown man And we start in Columbus, Ohio, with the story of James Poole and Christopher Jones. Poole, a police officer rescued Jones when he was just five years old, and the young man says he’s never forgotten the name of his rescuer. This week they reunited after nearly 20 years, when Christopher saw a photo of the policeman on a local Facebook group. He...

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Back soon part II

I'm still here. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I'd hoped to bring you a new episode this week, but circumstances out of my control have meant this hasn't been possible.

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Operation goodwill

School surprises beloved custodian after losing car in crash When a custodian at a school in Dunwoody, Georgia lost his old beaten-up car in an accident, his colleagues got together with an online car dealership and fixed him up with a new set of wheels. The car had been a little bit famous, after appearing in a film called Miracles from Heaven, but since the accident, Grey, the custodian had to get to and from work on his own steam. Now he’s driving a 2015 Mazda 3, just because his...

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Olympic spirit

New Zealand and American runners help each other after collision Let’s start with the Olympics, and New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin, who collided in the middle of her 5,000 metre semi-final with the USA’s Abbey d’Agostino, four laps from the end. Instead of carrying on, the US runner picked up Hamblin and they both continued. But moments later, d’Agostino fell and it was Hamblin who picked her up, walking with the injured athlete to finish the race. Father with autistic son creates a...

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A little refreshment

Chicago police buy and install pool for 6-year-old shooting victim We begin this week with 6 year-old Taccara Morris, who was wounded in a shooting in July near her home in Chicago. She made a full recovery and is now out of hospital, and to encourage her to venture outdoors again and play, Chicago police raised money to buy her a paddling pool, then turned up not long after her release from hospital, to fill the pool with water and toys. Teen who biked 50 miles to college gets new car...

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Incredible journeys

Paralysed woman defies odds, hikes Appalachian trail And we begin with the story of Stacey Kozal, who was paralysed a year ago in a car accident, and is now currently hiking the Appalachian Trail thanks to the help of computer-powered legs. She started the hike in March and is now hoping to finish in about a year’s time. Chefs dish up surplus food from Olympic Village to Rio’s hungry And I have another story of food redistribution for you. Two chefs in Rio are working to make over 5000...

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Love and shelter

Man with bride’s father’s heart walks her down aisle at wedding This story spread very quickly around the web this weekend. It concerns Jeni Stepien from Philadelphia, whose father died 10 years ago but whose heart was donated to Arthur, from New Jersey. Jeni wrote to Arthur and asked if he would walk her down the aisle, so he did. After marrying on her ‘deathbed,’ this bride made a miraculous recovery after quitting 1 food And in other wedding news, Jessica Bean from Queensland thought...

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