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Angola, IN


Most radio personalities lead really exciting lives, then there is me. I will not resign myself to embellish my simple self, so here is my story – the whole truth. I was born to a circus family, a result of a love only a bearded yak lady and a trapeze artist could share. Once it was determined I held no special qualities, or had any extra limbs, my parents abandoned me to a pack of wolves. I grew up as a wilderness explorer by the name of Russell. My life story has been chronicled as the Twilight Saga – available to rent or own on DVD. My acute survival skills landed me a roll as a monkey trainer for several predominate zoo facilities. One day a visitor heard my voice over the megaphone I was using to teach my monkeys to break-dance. After that, as fate would have it, my “golden voice” had been discovered and the offers came rolling in...I finally settled on a place where I truly felt at home – here at WLKI.





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