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#29: Brilliant Execution (with private equity investor Wilbur Ross)

Wilbur Ross, a leading private equity investor, would rather invest in a mediocre idea brilliantly executed than a brilliant idea poorly executed. On Episode 29 of The Motivation Inside (TMI) Mr. Ross, a member of President-elect Trump's economic team, talks with host Anthony Scaramucci talk about his investment strategy, which his wife says "tries to reinvent the 19th century."


#27: The Big Picture (with Barry Ritholtz)

Very few people wrote about the financial crisis of 2008 before and after it happened better than wealth manager and financial blogger Barry Ritholtz. In Episode 27 of The Motivation Inside (TMI), host Anthony Scaramucci talks with Ritholtz about how he predicted and what he learned from the crisis, how he developed his investing philosophy and why he believes so ardently in educating the public through digital media.


#19: Paying Yourself First (with HCI Equity Partners co-founder Doug McCormick)

Self-reliance is one of the most important things we can teach our children. From a young age kids should learn not only how business works, but also how to run your personal finances like a business. In Episode 1 9 of The Motivation Inside (TMI) HCI Equity Partners co-founder Doug McCormick talks with host Anthony Scaramucci about how to develop a comprehensive personal brand and financial plan.


#17: Intern Q&A

After receiving a lot of feedback from the first internship podcast, host Anthony Scaramucci answers questions on how to be a great summer intern!


#16: Unleashing the Warrior Within (with MMA fighter Rick "Boomer" Reger)

Life isn't always pretty. Rick "Boomer" Reger grew up in a broken home, his mother working hard to keep food on the table. Without a positive male influence in his life, he made tons of mistakes and got caught up in street activity at a young age. But despite facing a tough road to success, Boomer learned to channel is fighting instincts into a successful career in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In Episode 16 of The Motivation Inside (TMI), Boomer speaks with host Anthony Scaramucci about...


#14: Staying True to Your Roots (with CBS President of Media Sales Paul Montoya)

It doesn't matter whether you grow up rich or poor, in a two-parent family or a broken home - with enough grit, determination and self-belief you can achieve anything. In this episode of The Motivation Inside (TMI), host Anthony Scaramucci speaks with his closest childhood friend Paul Montoya, now the President of Media Sales at CBS Television, about characteristics of their modest upbringing that led them each to successful careers.


#12: Breaking the Glass Ceiling (with former Borghese CEO Georgette Mosbacher)

Georgette Mosbacher grew up in a small Indiana steel town, raised by her widowed mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Despite lower-middle-class beginnings and being the first in her family to go to college, she was always taught that with enough tenacity, education and hard work, there wasn't anything she couldn't do. Today, Georgette lives in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Metropolitan Museum of Art, referring to herself as the "redneck who lives on Fifth Avenue." In this...


#10: Toughness with Compassion (with former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl)

To be an effective New York Police Department (NYPD) detective in the 1970s required a tremendous level of toughness, but also a healthy dose of compassion. The same formula applies to successful entrepreneurship. In Episode 10 of The Motivation Inside (TMI), host Anthony Scaramucci talks to former NYPD detective Bo Dietl about his decorated career on the force, the heinous case that earned him the moniker "One Tough Cop" and the keys to his rewarding transition into the private sector.


#8: Seizing the Moment (with screenwriter and 'Billions' co-creator Brian Koppelman)

Every person has a moment in their life where they have to choose between an easy, comfortable existence or a more challenging, rewarding path. In his late 20s, Brian Koppelman finally mustered the courage to pursue his passion as a screenwriter - and never looked back. Koppelman, who overlapped with "TMI" host Anthony Scaramucci at Tufts University, produced Tracy Chapman's first album after discovering her at a coffee shop during college, and has gone on to co-write, most notably,...


#7: Coaching the Mind (with Sandler O'Neill principal Bob Castrignano)

After Sandler O'Neill + Partners' equities division was decimated in the 9/11 attacks, Bob Castrignano came out of retirement to help the company heal and rebuild. "The Coach," as he is known affectionately across Wall Street, previously spent 20 years at Goldman Sachs, where he taught and mentored hundreds of young, ambitious financiers, including "TMI" host Anthony Scaramucci. In Episode 7, Castrignano shares his immeasurable wisdom on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Bonus: Dr. Koplewicz on the 2016 Presidential candidates & Bobby V on making baseball fun again

In this bonus episode of "TMI," renowned psychiatrist and Child Mind Institute founder Dr. Harold Koplewicz psychoanalyzes the 2016 Presidential field and (starting at 23:10) former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine talks about how to make baseball fun again.


Bonus: Mother's Day Special (with guest Mrs. Marie Scaramucci)

In this Mother's Day Special podcast, host Anthony Scaramucci sits down with his mother to talk about his upbringing.


#5: The Adolescent Mental Health Crisis (with Child Mind Institute's Dr. Harold Koplewicz)

Seventeen million kids 18 years and younger have psychiatric disorders. Learning and anxiety disorders not only make it hard for children to go through life, but also have devastating long-term consequences for the brain. In Episode 5 of The Motivation Inside (TMI), esteemed psychiatrist and Child Mind Institute founder Dr. Harold Koplewicz talks about the causes of psychiatric disorders, shares tips for helping kids overcome anxiety and discusses the fight to remove the stigma around...


#3: Managing Success & Disappointment (with former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine - Part 1)

Nobody in baseball has more fun than former New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine. But underneath the playful exterior is a man who was forced to overcome several disappointments, including a promising playing career cut short by injury. In the third episode of The Motivation Inside (TMI), host Anthony Scaramucci talks with Bobby V about how he achieved success, dealt with setbacks and managed to enjoy the journey.


#2: Denting the Universe

As Steve Jobs put it: you're dead a long time - use your precious time on this earth to make a dent in the universe. Find your passion, formulate a plan and act boldly to chase your dreams. In the second episode of The Motivation Inside (TMI), host Anthony Scaramucci talks about his journey from Harvard Law School to title insurance sales to getting an interview at Goldman Sachs.