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The Movie Preview Review podcast is the only show that reviews movies after only watching their previews.

The Movie Preview Review podcast is the only show that reviews movies after only watching their previews.
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The Movie Preview Review podcast is the only show that reviews movies after only watching their previews.






MPR Eps 309 Rick Younger

Comedian Rick Younger, who's about to make his Broadway debut in Mean Girls the Musical, joins us to talk about the working with Tina Fey and going from a stand up comedian to Broadway actor. We discuss whether or not to give up your seat, find out what it's like for a comedian to rehearse for a Broadway show, and lament how real life events can tarnish the enjoyment of movies. Plus we review Death Wish, Darkest Hour, and Mean Girls after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:57:49

MPR Eps 308 Jordan Brady

Movie director, producer, and comedian Jordan Brady join us to talk about his new documentary movie I am Battle Comic, and learn everything that goes into doing comedy on a USO tour. We hear some horror story of life doing comedy on the road, try to figure out how Pixar is going to break our hearts, and learn why celebrities do PSA's. Plus we review Coco and Murder on the Orient Express after only watching their previews.

Duration: 01:00:03

MPR Eps 307 Jamie Roberts

Comedian and producer Jamie Roberts joins to tell about his great show at the The National Black Theater, in Harlem. We hear the epic tale of how Adam scratched his cornea, discover one of the worst named parks in New York City, and learn everyone's preferred dance style. Plus we review Suburbicon, Leatherface, and The Incredible Jessica James after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:55:47

MPR Eps 306 Joe Devito Returns

Comedian Joe Devito makes his long awaited return to the podcast. We review It (both the new movie and the 90's TV movie), Kevin starts to hate Mark Wahlberg, and we see through a movie's blatant attempt to win an Oscar. Plus we review A Bad Mom's Christmas, Daddy's Home 2, and Wonder after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:55:53

MPR Eps 305 Alison Bailes

Producer, writer, and real life movie reviewer for many TV shows and magazines, Alison Bailes joins us to show us how reviewing movies is really done. We tally all the things the internet killed, we get a early review of Mother!, and we learn of Jess' long lasting hatred for Idris Elba. Plus we review The Mountain Between Us, Jigsaw, and I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:56:59

MPR Eps 304 Ron Barba

Producer and writer Ron Barba joins us to talk about all the productions he's got running. We find out our social media dislikes, bet how long it would take us to defeat our murderer in a time loop, and Kevin tells us the tale of when he acted with a few actors from Cheers. Plus we review The Foreigner, Happy Death Day, What Happened to Monday, and Geostorm after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:53:07

MPR Eps 303 Vanessa Hollingshead

Comedian Vanessa Hollingshead joins us. Kevin recounts the time he saw Ringo's All Star Band, discover the secret origin of the Dad bod trend, and practice to be radio DJ's. Plus we review The Snowman, Mother!, and Adventureland after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:57:24

MPR Eps 302 Angelo Lozada

Comedian and Daily Show with Trevor Noah warm comic Angelo Lozada joins us to talk about working on the Daily Show and his stand up / talk show Lozada Lowdown. We find out what bored med students do in their spare time, pick sides for McGregor/Mayweather, and we learn Kevin's secret family history. Plus we review Flatliners, Battle of the Sexes, and Bad Grandmas after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:54:18

MPR Eps 301 Ja-Ron Young

Comedian Ja-Ron Young joins Adam and Jay for another Nerds Only Episode! We discuss the horrors of Dark Souls and the need for the Big Brother Code, find out how Zack Snyder would murder someone, and plan out our response if someone tried to 'Love Actually' our wives. Plus we review Kingman: The Golden Circle, Blade Runner 2049, The Lego Ninjago Movie, and Starship Troopers: Traitors of Mars after only watching their previews.

Duration: 01:07:38

MPR Eps 300 Tom Ryan Again

Comedian Tom Ryan returns and joins us for our 200th episode! We write the best movie to come out in the Fall, sing an original Springsteen song, and come up with new 'Netflix and Chill' slogans for other online platforms. Plus we review American Assassin, Goon: The Last of the Enforcers, My Sister's Sister, and Home Again after only watching their previews.

Duration: 01:00:00

MPR Eps 299 Jarret Bernstein Again

Author, award winning playwright, and comedian Jarret Bernstein, returns to tell about his soon be published book 'The Kellyanne Conway Technique' - How Kellyanne spins and how to use those techniques in your everyday life. We debate where 'It' would survive the New York sewer system, figure out how to smuggle and launder Nazi Gold, discover the fate of future high school reunions. Plus we review It, Renegades, 10 Years, and Sky Sharks after only watching their previews.

Duration: 01:05:24

MPR Eps 298 John Murray

Improviser, and comedian, John Murray, part of the house team Goat at UCB, joins us to talk about working at UCB and his upcoming podcast 'The Bosscast', a podcast about Bruce Springsteen. We test our knowledge of Stephen King books, try to figure out the differences with the new crop of horror franchises, and share our love of cults. Plus we review The Dark Tower, Annabelle : Creation, and Rebirth after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:50:32

MPR Eps 297 Dylan Brody

Story teller, writer, and comedian Dylan Brody joins to talk to us about this internationally touring one man show Driving Hollywood. We learn some great things about David Sedaris, we tackle the issues of social media, and celebrate Aubrey Plaza. Plus we review The Hitman's Bodyguard and Ingrid Goes West after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:56:30

MPR Eps 296 Triumvirate

Kevin, Jay and Adam have an episode all to themselves as the guys catch up on Jay's movie, the live show we just taped, and branching the podcast out to other formats. We discover the greasy thin line between good and bad chicken wings, put up a signal flare for Reese Witherspoon, and learn the history of emojis. Plus we review Atomic Blonde and The Emoji Movie after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:48:39

MPR Eps 294 Keith Malley Live

Podcasting legend Keith Malley joins us for our first live episode recorded at the wonderful QED comedy club in Astoria. Keith tells us about his new stand up album, we talk circumcisions, find out some interesting details about Jay's new wife, and learn a lesson from Eddie Murphy. Plus, since it's our first LIVE show we go back to review the previews for the biggest summer movie flops of all time.

Duration: 01:16:22

MPR Eps 293 Wali Collins - Nerd Eps

Comedian and nerd Wali Collins joins Adam and Jay for a nerds only episode of epic proportions. We learn the origin of stand up comedy in Hong Kong/China, discover Jay's fetish, and we try to sing the opera song from The 5th Element. Plus we review Transformers The Last Night, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets after only watching their previews.

Duration: 01:04:24

MPR Eps 292 Jack Helmuth Again

Comedy writer for Comedy Knock Out on Tru TV, The Nightly Show, and one of our favorite guest Jack Helmuth returns to all about what it takes to write for comedy competition shows. We breakdown why so many horror movies are being made, learn the difference between men and women's wishes, and we learn what guerrilla style filming is. Plus we review Wish Upon, A Ghost Story, and Tramps after only watching their previews.

Duration: 01:03:37

MPR Eps 291 Dave Sirus

Writer for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Roast Champion at New York Comedy Club, comedian, and all around great guy Dave Sirus joins us. We learn the back ground work of roast battles, what went into writing for Triumph during the 2016 Presidential Election, and what it's like interviewing the Westboro Baptist Church. Plus we review Baby Driver and Amittyville: The Awakening after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:59:41

MPR Eps 290 Dave Hill

Musician, actor, author and comedian Dave Hill, who will be in the upcoming season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, join us tells us his journey from being a musician to being a comic and how his band, Valley Lodge, wrote the theme song for John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. We explore the difference of working in comedy vs working in finance, the dangers of quoting movies too much, and we try to figure out when the best time to die is. Plus we review The House, The Big Sick, and Three...

Duration: 01:06:22

MPR Eps 289 Connor Ratliff Returns

Actor and comedian Connor Ratliff joins again to tell us about his roles in two new Netflix movies Coin Heist and The Discovery, and his work on and the origin of Comedy Central's The President's Show. We ponder if sharks are evil, play the game Guess the Plot, and go into detail about the differences between Seltzer Water and Club Soda. Plus we review Despicable Me 3, 47 Meters Down, and Moving Day after only watching their previews.

Duration: 00:53:04

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