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Episode 49: One Away From Fifty

In episode 49, we ease the tone a little and shoot the shit as we always do. We cover the Weinstein assaults and various others, coffee, alcohol, and what we’ve been up to lately. References: - Harry Knowles sexual assault - Justice League - Star Wars: The...

Duration: 01:32:23

Episode 48: The Pantone Problem - Part Two

And here’s part two of two. We hope you enjoyed. As always, hit us up on @kushaljoshi or @movievillekazed on Twitter. References: - Impact of Trump’s America on Future Seasons of Dear White People on America - Prowler - Spider-Man - Sequels of Power...

Duration: 01:38:32

Episode 48: The Pantone Problem - Part One

In this long-awaited two-part episode, Kushal and Karan discuss the ever-important topic of race in society and films as well as the history of biased movie themes. **Kushal misquotes an old statistic - The U.K. Is now 12% BAME, not 4%, as revealed by the Race and Diversity Audit 2017 that was released after this episode was recorded. This does not change the framing of the questions asked. For references, see part two’s description.

Duration: 01:02:26

Episode 47: Dear Men People

Folks, greatest apologies for the lateness of this episode. We should be back on track from here. This episode, Kushal and Karan talk about women in film. We recount some of the awesome female characters we’ve seen on the small and big screens as well as some of the not-so-good ones. Resources: Wonder Woman: Girlboss: Dear White People: Alien:...

Duration: 01:10:45

Episode 46: Sci-Fi, Futurism, and Challenge Accepted

In this episode, Karan and Kushal discuss Sci-Fi as a genre, as well as films within the genre, including the recently-released Alien Covenant, how Alien changed the genre and the impact that it’s had. A challenge is also issued that could potentially change the course of the way both Kushal and Karan think. The shock! Resources: Jinder Mahal WWE Champion: Their...

Duration: 01:09:22

Episode 45: Hobbes, Hokusai, and… Mahatma who?

This episode, we talk about the Ghost in the Shell, how it missed the mark with the original anime and what the new Hollywood flick carried over. Enjoy! Resources: Movieville’s What to Watch on Netflix: Legion: Iron Fist: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru:...

Duration: 01:09:53

Episode 43: Breaking Kaz and Movies and Society in a Post-Trump World

In this episode, Karan finally breaks. We also discuss the ever-important topic of film in a post-Trump world. Resources: Infinity War Teaser: Power Rangers: Alien Covenant: Han Solo: Baywatch: Fate of the Furious:...

Duration: 01:28:04

Episode 41: (Rogue) One Year Anniversary Special!

Title music has been taken from Rogue One opening. Please note: This podcast was recorded before the recent death of Carrie Fisher. In this final episode of the year, we got really, really excited about Rogue One, which released in early December. Kushal tells us about the true meaning of Rogue One and how it relates to the canon of Star Wars. Carrie, you will be greatly missed by us and fans alike. May the Force be with you. Resources: Ahsoka Novel:...

Duration: 01:28:24

Episode 37: Childhood Shows, Cartoons and Other Things

A casual chat around favourite TV shows from childhood to now with Kushal and Karan, two people from (pretty much) different generations. The Cathode Ray Tube Site

Duration: 01:34:35

Episode 35: Science, Batman, Superman & Logic

This episode, Karan and Kushal discuss some nonsensical things that occur in films. Specifically discussed in this show was Civil War, Batman v Superman amongst other things. Check out the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

Duration: 01:06:49

Episode 34: Skyfalling… With Style

This month, Karan and Kushal talk and break down Skyfall and try and find out why Karan isn’t a fan. An interesting experiment we’ll no doubt do again with another film. We broke the film down in various parts and analysed its subtext. We talk briefly about Batman v Superman, what we’ve been watching this month and of course, Star Wars. Check out the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Resources of this episode: Skyfall The Flash Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox [...]

Duration: 01:17:36

Episode 33: An Easy Saturday Morning About Casting

This month, me and Kushal discuss casting in films. Specifically, we spoke about Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman, Rey in The Force Awakens, James Bond, Dr Who and actors who have broken out of type, such as Jim Carrey, Jonah Hill and Robin Williams. I also start to eat biscuits about halfway through the episode. Have a biscuit. If you like the way our voices sound, follow us on @Movievillekazed and @Kushaljoshi

Duration: 01:11:23

Episode 32: Breaking the Sixteenth Wall

This month’s edition of the Movieville Podcast, me and Kushal discuss marketing for film. Well, not explicitly, but we discuss how some films in recent times have utilised marketing effectively. In particular, we talk about, at length, about Deadpool, how its marketing could be construed as ‘excessive’, and how it actually *helped* the character [...]

Duration: 01:08:40

Episode 31: The Spoiler Awakens

This episode, Karan and Kushal talk about their experience with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Kushal talks a lot about the Star Wars canon and it’s relationship between this new film and the canon. Be aware, THERE ARE **SPOILERS** IN THIS EPISODE. Force Awakens Trailer (you’ve seen - but watch it again!):

Duration: 00:46:13

Episode 28: Lucasfilm and it’s acquisition by Disney, and how the future could be affected?

In this episode, Kazed goes on about Star Wars, Lucasfilm, and how Disney’s acquisition of the company could affect future Star Wars films.

Duration: 00:09:21

Episode 27: Kaz talks about the Justice League flick, Office Season 9 and more

Episode 27: Kaz talks about the Justice League flick, Office Season 9 and more

Duration: 00:13:16