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One Musical-Nerd and one Musical-Newb discuss some of the best musicals of today and todays gone by, oftentimes joined by their very funny friends. Laugh, cry, ponder, sneeze, but mostly just listen.

One Musical-Nerd and one Musical-Newb discuss some of the best musicals of today and todays gone by, oftentimes joined by their very funny friends. Laugh, cry, ponder, sneeze, but mostly just listen.
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One Musical-Nerd and one Musical-Newb discuss some of the best musicals of today and todays gone by, oftentimes joined by their very funny friends. Laugh, cry, ponder, sneeze, but mostly just listen.








The MusiPals - Rent (Side 1), Now 122, Thunder Thights, Cliffhangers

525,600 MusiPals, how do you measure your favorite podcast about musicals?! You measure it in minutes that's how! This week we cover Rent! In this ep, meet our guest, listen to It's a MusiPals Life, learn something with Nerd Alert, and get a taste of the synopsis. Enjoy! Side 2 of Rent coming 12/20. Artwork by Aaron Kraus:


La La Land (Side 2), Horn Honks, Puka Shells, & World Building

Podcast of Stars…Dan & Katie count right? Thanks for coming along on this journey with us, here’s Part 2 of La La Land. Where we last left them, Sebastian and Mia had just begrudgingly fallen in love by going into…space…or something? Anyway, enjoy the show! Artwork by Aaron Kraus:


La La Land (Side 1), More Content, Baby Goose, & Color Choices

Who's that? Is that Someone in the Crowd? There sure is, it's the MusiPals! In honor of Dan's big move to Los Angeles, the MusiPals are taking on la La Land. This is the first of our new format, half the ep in the first half of the month, half in the second half. Now you get even more of that sweet sweet MusiPals content. Learn, laugh, burn calories, MusiPals! Artwork by Aaron Kraus:


Into the Woods, Bunging, Fresh Cuts, and Special Guest Ryan Anderson

WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS! We are so happy to announce that we've joined the Arcade Audio ( family of podcasts. Arcade produces some truly amazing shows and they have officially invited us to join their network. We could not have done this without you Pals and we are so grateful for you continued support. Tell a friend! So it's your fault! No actually it's our fault. We have SUCH a great episode for you but unfortunately some technical difficulties forced us to cut quite...


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Boner Scoreboard, Brolocate, & special guest Jacob Fjare

"Please spell MusiPals." "Can you use it in a sentence?" "MusiPals, the greatest Podcast ever." "MusiPals. em-ewe-ess-eye-pee-ay-el-es. MusiPals." This isn't a pop quiz, but it is the MusiPals and in this episode we learn a little something about life, love, and the pursuit of spelling. Joined by our very funny friend Jacob Fjare. Learn, laugh, burn calories, MusiPals! This is a throwback ep, so sorry for the bad audio, it's still a great ep! Artwork by Aaron Kraus:


SYNOPSIS Beauty & the Beast

SYNOPSIS EP! Do you feel like there's something there that wasn't there before? Well you're right, it's May's MusiPals episodes! Come, be our guest, and listen to one Beauty and one Beast (but which is which?!?) talk about a damned American Classic, Beauty & the Beast! Learn, laugh, burn calories, MusiPals! We have a NEW FORMAT! This episode has sans Synopsis (sans-nopsis), so if you want that, check out the NEXT episode.


Evita, Tony Bando, Corpses, & special guest Melissa St. Clair

Don't cry for MusiPals, because it's here! April's episode is officially live and centered around what can only be considered...a musical (and that's it). Joined by everyone's favorite sister, Melissa Nufer St Clair, you're going to hate the beginning and love the rest. Learn, laugh, burn calories, MusiPals!


Sweeney Todd, Cannibalism, ASMR, & special guest Actor Aaron Choi

WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Back after a hiatus, we're so excited to be rolling again! Do you enjoy the wonderful podcast 'My Favorite Murder'? Great, this is nothing like it, but it is about a murderous fictional character in the musical Sweeney Todd. Joined by an extra special guest, renowned actor Aaron Choi (who is currently starring in Spamalot), it's bound to scare your socks off (not really, it's actually not scary at all). What happens then, well that's the show, and the MusiPals...


HOLIDAY Mini-Ep - The MusiPals Favorite Holiday Films

Your friendly neighborhood MusiPals may not be able to sing Christmas Carol King's at your doorstep, but at least you can hear our delightfully strange antics for a few minutes going into the holiday season. Katie & Dan breakdown our favorite Christmas movies, and invite everyone to Tweet us their favorite holiday movies (any and all holidays because all are happily welcomed at The MusiPals). Happy Holidays, every Holiday, everywhere! From The MusiPals. Christmas music brought to you by:...


Spongebob feat. Kevin Daliva, Capicorns, Chum Buckets, Crusty Crabs

Are you ready kids?! Hopefully, because we're talking about Spongebob the Musical! In this episode we dive into important subjects like Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Mr Crabs and the (we hope) soon to Broadway musical, Spongebob the Muscial. We're of course joined by the legendary Kevin Deliva who is truly a delight (you'll see...or hear).


Sound of Music, Creepy Puppets, Goodbyes, & Big Macs

The hills are alive with the sound of, well you'll just have to wait and hear what they're alive with. In this episode we dive into important subjects like reality shows, Boys II Men, and the critically-acclaimed musical, Sound of Music. Being our fourth episode, no guests this week.


Oklahoma! feat. Alex 'Borko' Borkowski, TGI Fridays Meal, Ying Yang Twins

Wait 'til you see my...podcast. In this episode we dive into important subjects like TGI Fridays, anvils, and poor sad Jud in the historically-appreciated musical, Oklahoma. We also bring a friend of ours, Hugh Jackman's part-time fan, Alex Borkowski a Chicago Comedian.


Grease feat. Olivia Taylor, Banging, Blanche Day, Bad Girls

In this episode we dive into important subjects like banging, Blanche, and Danny Zuko's hips in the (somehow) critically-acclaimed musical, Grease. We also bring on our very first guest, Olivia Taylor from Lady Hustle Mag, a publication celebrating stories of women. Check out her work at:


Chicago, Beyoncé, Human Centipede, Giggle Juice (WARNING: Bad Audio Quality...sorry)

One Musical-Nerd, and one Musical-Newb discuss some of the most popular musicals, and some that aren’t popular, with some of their very funny friends. In this episode we dive into the important subjects like sexism, racism, and celebrity portrayal in the media brought up in the critically-acclaimed musical, Chicago. We also dive into even more important subjects like Beyonce, Human Centipede, Nipples, and John C Reilly's tap dancing. No guest this week because we wanted you to get to know...