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Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 17.12.12 - Engineering a Biological Pacemaker

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we find out how gene therapy can engineer a biological pacemaker, and discover the surprisingly simple solution to Box Jellyfish stings. Plus, remnants of 7000 year old cheese and solving the mystery of ultra-luminous x-ray sources.

Duration: 00:21:23

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 10.12.12 - Heath Benefits of Bearing Babies

In this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, we hear how parenthood can extend your lifespan and discover the genetic recipe for a red blood cell. Plus, repairing damaged hearts with micro RNA, and a new way to share scientific information...

Duration: 00:25:12

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 03.12.12 - Icy Life and Slimy Fibres

In this NewsFlash, we find out how the Grand Canyon may be older than we thought, why hagfish can provide future fibres and we discover the icy ecosystem in an Antarctic lake...

Duration: 00:17:44

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 17.09.12 - The Brightest Object in Nature and Facebook at the Polls

What is the brightest object in nature? In this NewsFlash, we discover how an African fruit outshines the competition. Plus, stem cells restore hearing to deaf gerbils, how facebook alters voting behaviour, and why so many supernovae are obscured by clouds of dust...

Duration: 00:21:55

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 02.07.12 - Warm-Blooded Dinosaurs and Locked-In

How can you communicate when you can't move a muscle? In this NewsFlash, we discover a new way to communicate with patients suffering "locked in" syndrome, ask if one heart attack begets another, and examine the evidence for warm-blooded dinosaurs...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 25.06.12 - Raindrop Traps and Microbes for Immun

This week, how microbes make for a healthy immune system, how pitcher plants use raindrops to trap their prey and a new way to block degenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease. Plus, we go online to identify the most influential people in the World around us and discover the transmission potential of H5N1, how natural selection is being used to compose music and the world's first 50 gigapixel camera!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 11.06.12 - Mapping Seasonal Malaria

This week, how a fetal genome can be sequenced before birth, how pregnant women protect their babies from immune attack and how rainfall can be used to map seasonal Malaria and improve drug treatment programmes. We also hear how stems cells could cause vascular disease, discover a digital way to improve reading for people with dyslexia and explore the colourful personality of the Gouldian Finch!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 28.05.12 - The Tastiest Tomato

What makes a perfect tomato? In this NewsFlash, we discover the compounds that comprise the tastiest tomato, and why modern agriculture is getting it wrong. We'll also hear why working shifts can alter fertility, and how to store data in DNA. Plus, the world's biggest radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array, will be shared between South Africa and Australia, we find out what it means for the future of science in Africa.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 21.05.12 - Ancient Microbes, Brain Interfaces an

In this NewsFlash, the deep-sea dwelling bacteria that are still eating a meal that dates from the times of the dinosaurs, a new system for saving satellites and how a brain interface device can allow paralysis patients to control robotic arms, giving them the freedom to move again.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 30.04.12 - Farming, Flying and Inflamed Hearts

In this NewsFlash, we hear how farming migrated across Europe, how distant supernovae affect diversity of life on Earth, and the role of DNA and inflammation in heart failure. Plus, we home in on the parts of the pigeon brain responsible for sensing magnetic fields...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 16.04.12 - Conversations over Cocktails and the

How can we hear a conversation in a noisy room? In this NewsFlash, we find out how a robot can tell us how moving your head alters the way the brain interprets sound, and we discover the epigenetic signature of colon cancer. Plus, a magnetic mystery - why iron rich cells in the beaks of homing pigeons are not the guiding compass we thought they were...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 02.04.12 - A Thinking Cap for Problem Solving

This week, we find out how our brains can be stimulated to think outside the box when solving problems, how ancient raindrops can provide insight into our early atmosphere and how spacecraft could be soon be launched by a pint-sized rocket. Plus, how pesticides are reducing bumblebee populations and tackling antibiotic resistance with chemical compounds...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 26.03.12 - Blood Tests to Predict Heart Attacks

In this week's NewsFlash, we find out how blood tests could predict an imminent heart attack, investigate what the Mercury Messenger probe has revealed about the planets environment one year on from its launch, discuss how sewers can provide insight into drug use within a population and discover how scientists are seeing around corners in 3D. Plus, a new drug target in the fight against male pattern baldness and how bears can heal wounds as they hibernate...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 12.03.12 - The 5-a-Day Yellow Glow!

Can a healthy diet change your skin colour? In this week's NewsFlash, we hear how getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg each day can make you noticeably more yellow! Plus, how gut bugs make you grow new blood vessels, analysing antimatter with microwaves and how to type your way to happiness...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 05.03.12 - Can we Trust the Upper Classes?

Astronomers have discovered evidence for life in the universe - but only down here on Earth. In this NewsFlash, we'll find out how light from Earth bounced off the Moon could pave the way to look for life on other planets. Plus, can we trust the upper classes? New research shows that increasing wealth and social status may also increase selfishness and dishonesty!

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 27.02.12 - Resurrected Plants & Nutrition in the

In this newsflash, we discover the micro MRI machine that can probe individual atoms, find out why brain training computer games may help sufferers of schizophrenia, and how Russian researchers have resurrected a 30,000 year old plant. Plus, how nutrients in a mother's diet can alter gene expression in her baby and a roundup of other science headlines...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 20.02.12 - Massive and Minute Computers

In this NewsFlash, we boot up computers at the smallest and the largest scales. We'll find out how the newly upgraded HECToR (High End Computing Terascale Resource) helps science & research, and why the new, pocket size & wallet friendly Raspberry Pi should inspire a new generation of computer programmers...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 13.02.12 - Disguising Cancer as Salmonella

In this NewsFlash, we'll hear how disguising cancer cells as salmonella could hold the key to producing anti-cancer vaccines, explore a link between the Y-chromosome and heart disease, and discover a new drug that can knock the cause of Alzheimer's on the head. Plus, a new Olympic effort to get school children to understand exercise and the body...

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 06.02.12 - Untangling the Spread of Alzheimer's

In this NewsFlash - we find out how regions of the brain may "catch" Alzheimer's from each other, discover a new microscopy technique that can open a window on the brain in action and talk to the Australian ecologist who thinks more introduced species, including elephants, could stabilise the Aussie ecosystem.

Naked Scientists NewsFLASH 30.01.12 - Stem Cells & Self Distilling Vodka

In this NewsFlash, how induced stem cells help us to understand Alzheimer's disease, while embryonic stem cells can help restore patients' sight. Plus, why a graphene oxide filter can make self distilling vodka, how magic mushrooms affect the brain, and the magnetic soap that cleans the parts other detergents can't reach!
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