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Frank talk and expert advice for runners from novice to elite. Learn how to run faster, smarter and healthier!

Frank talk and expert advice for runners from novice to elite. Learn how to run faster, smarter and healthier!
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Frank talk and expert advice for runners from novice to elite. Learn how to run faster, smarter and healthier!






The Best of Episodes Review for The Natural Running Network

The Natural Running Network has consistently delivered cutting edge information for endurance athletes for a bit over 5 years with over 300 episodes doled out weekly. As a show of gratittude we decided to host a Black Friday "Best of Episodes" contest. The winners will recieve gifts ranging from free entry into diaz human performance's OCR Run Clinics (valued up to $500) and gift certificates to Human Octane, the finest OCR Training and Racing apparel. Three episodes were elected, during...

Duration: 01:27:31

Worlds Toughest Mudder Recap with Team US-“AY

What do you get when you mix an American flag with a Canadian? You get an US “Ay” instead of a USA! Team US-Ay members Miguel Medina and Austin Azar join us to share thoughts on their 2nd place finish at Worlds Toughest Mudder and the conversation goes way of point. For example, whats the dating scene look like for the studdly Canadian? Will he move to the States? Listen to shared comments about the state of Worlds Toughest Mudder given the shift in prize purses and a whole lot more....

Duration: 00:56:53

A Conversation with the Fittest Runner I’ve ever met

It may seem like a heavy statement to say “The Fittest Runner I’ve Ever met” but in all the years of assessing the fitness of athletes (over two decades) this runner, Blue Benadum has consistently tested off the charts in a VO2max test, I’m talking over 85 mls/kg/min! To put this in perspective, a score that high would rank in the top 1% of the fittest athletes in the world. This does not necessarily mean the top performer in a category but, Blue is no slouch. He won the Lake Tahoe Triple...

Duration: 00:53:55

The Running Performance Drill that will Unleash your Potential

I’ve often spoke of the importance of dedicating time to MSD sessions in each training week. They will not only keep you sharp, fine tune your running skills but if you’re not already doing them, it may be the reason you can’t seem to break through your performance plateau’s. If you are currently dong what you’ve been told are speed workouts at the track and you are not doing or don’t understand the nature of the motor skill development drills explained in this podcast, all of your hard...

Duration: 01:07:39

Training to Run OCR by the Numbers

The beginning of this episode starts out with some high opinionated commentary about the state of OCR, bad decisions made by Tough Mudder, followed with curiosities regarding the direction taken by Spartan Race. Once thats done, Shan Kahn and I discuss the importance of getting the numbers right with training; how much volume to take on, the intensity, how heart rate plays into all of this when planning for a race, diet and a lot more! If you stick through the opening chatter, you’ll get...

Duration: 01:07:16

Allison Tai - Ultra Beast World Champ 2017

It may seem like a play on words but Allison Tai is one Tough Mudder in every sense of the phrase. Just recently coming off of the win at The Spartan Ultra Beast World Championships this year (2017), she is setting her sites on the win at The Toughest Mudder World Championship in a matter of weeks. Her story is one of fables, having been taken out by a car while riding her bike, suffering a broken back, hip and arm to return to ultra endurance racing is simply amazing. We talk with Allison...

Duration: 00:52:38

Spartan World Championships, Were you Prepared?

Did you barely survive or thrive when crossing the finish line this weekend at Spartan Race World Championships Tahoe? Richard Diaz and Shan Khan dive into what was seen from those finishing the race, how ankle stability and foot strength is crucial to these distances, when and how you should start training for an endeavor like this, how grip intensive it was along with talk about what the live feed and the weekends event does for the future of OCR, and much more. Does single malt Scotch...

Duration: 00:48:42

The Best Advise for OCR Athletes Plan an OFF SEASON

The Obstacle Course Racing Season has a few big events over the next few weeks with Spartan World Championships this weekend, followed by OCR World Championships and Toughest Mudder but once these events wind down, what then? Are you planning an Off Season? What will that look like, will you take a few weeks, months off to recover and prepare? What will you do instead of racing or is it your plan to continue racing where ever you can find a venue? Shan Khan and I visit this topic and...

Duration: 01:03:53

Interview with Dr.Romanov creator of the Pose Running Method

Before Natural Running was Vogue, before Born to Run, there was Pose Running. Almost cult like, Dr. Nicholas Romanov had spent a lifetime studying the way we should be running. Much of what he created is difficult to refute. It was fun to have a chance to discuss his theories and compare them to my own. This interview was conducted over 2 years ago but I thought it was worth bringing back out for those who have not heard it. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:01:56

The Natural Running Network LIVE Q-n-A Show!

Aside from hosting this podcast, Richard Diaz is one of the most saught after running mechanics in the world of Obstacle Racing. Many of the elite professional athltetes from the sport count on him for advice and training support, too many to mention. Durning this episode, he and his co host Shan Khan plan to accept live callers and field questions. Topics include: Running gait issues... how to transition from heel striking to forefoot runningStride length vs cadenceDealing with nagging...

Duration: 01:09:54

Hunter McIntyre Tough Mudder X Champion

He seems to come out of nowhere, when people start to wonder where he’s been, then like a wrecking ball, he destroys the competition. Tough Mudder recently released its CBS debut of the new format in OCR competition, Tough Mudder X coined as the toughest mile on earth and offered $25,000 in a winner take all event. Hunter made short work of the preliminary and then bettered his time by nearly a minute in the finals to take home the cash. Then on to The US OCR Championships and once again...

Duration: 00:25:25

STEF BISHOP - Adventure Racer and Worlds Toughest Mudder Champ

Stefanie Bishop is the real deal. Last year she literally ran away with the WORLDS TOUGHEST MUDDER CHAMPIONSHIP, this year as a tune up she participated in THE WORLD ADVENTURE RACING CHAMPIONSHIP. Never heard of it? Feature yourself and a team of companions with a map and compass braving 450+ miles through some of the most tortuous terrain and weather conditions imaginable with a goal of completion in 6 days. That’s how Stef gets her kicks. Learn more about this adventure and her plans to...

Duration: 00:46:52

THE RUNNING EVOLUTION - Interview with Dr Irene Davis of Harvard Medical

We often speak of “proper running” and when we invoke this term, its often met with controversy. Its time to put the quibbling to bed. Our guest, Dr Irene Davis is one the most respected authorities on the subject of running biomechanics. She does not pull her punches when it comes to running and what she refers to as “Running Evolution”. For many, this interview will be hard hitting and will at minimum, cause the heel strikers to pause and reflect not only on the way they approach their...

Duration: 00:59:20

Quickly reduce the effects of ankle injuries and get back in the race!

Nothing is more disheartening to an Obstacle Racer than an ankle inversion sprain weeks before that next big “A” race. Join Richard Diaz and his guest Dr Steve Capobianco Medical Director for Rock Tape as they discuss an easy ”do it yourself” treatment that can save you from serious down time away from training and racing. We’ll also discuss joint mobility and how this technique can be used to enhance range of motion. #rockfloss #diazhumanperformance

Duration: 00:41:14

Interview with Dr Noah Kaufman "The Ninja Doc"

I did this interview about a year ago but I wanted to bring it out of the archive because Doc Kaufman has some great advice for grip strength, dealing with blisters and basically everything you need to know about getting a good climb on! For those who are not paying attention; Doc Kaufman is part of "The Wolf Pack" a team of professional climbers who were a dominating force on "American Ninja Warrior". Noah and I traded interviews, I on his show and he on mine. He was fascinated with the...

Duration: 00:41:57

Hunter McIntyre revisited

As many of you fans are aware (if you follow the sport of obstacle racing), Tough Mudder came out of the box with a new product... Tough Mudder-X which was a stadium style short course, action packed, high intensity event. The field was tight and packed with stud and studettes from the OCR and Cross-Fit communites. The promo was relatively hush, hush but now that its done and the program is slated to air on CBS in August we can talk a little about it. Given the winners were posted all over...

Duration: 00:35:00

Unleash your Running Potential with Coach Diaz

If you want to perform optimally in a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or any Running event for that matter; it’s important that you address the WAY you run before you concern yourself with HOW MUCH you run. There is quite a bit of confusion that exists in relation to running stride frequency vs. heart rate. It seems for many to attain a desired higher cadence can only come with a greater less efficient cost of work. Coach Diaz has asked his wing man Miguel Medina to join him as he attempts to...

Duration: 00:56:24

Heart Rate Variability and other Dumb Stuff

Miles Keller, host of Link Endurance the podcast, asked if I would be willing to discuss my take on heart rate variability. At first, I was not that excited but after thinking it through, I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the things I feel athletes waste their time, energy and hard earned money on. If you are curious about what heart rate variability is, or what I think you should not be doing, be sure to listen to this episode.

Duration: 01:10:53

The Spartan Diva – Laura Messner

A Diva, by definition is: “a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera.” Laura may not be an opera singer but she is the sweetheart of Spartan Racing and yes, she can sing. Better… she is an incredible singer aside from being a pretty tough OCR competitor. I asked Laura to come on to discuss her choice of racing apparel, our upcoming OCR Running Clinic and… you guessed it. I asked her to sing and sing she does. If you’ve never hear Laura sing, you need...

Duration: 00:47:47

Interview with Spartan Race’s Steve Hammond

If you want to know what to expect from a Spartan Race course, ya gotta go to the source! Steve Hammond is behind the scene (literally) at Spartan Race. His title is “Race Course Manager” and if you don’t know him, you’ve no doubt seen him blazing around the race course in his souped up off road buggy, with a beard flailing in the breeze as big as life and a smile that says it all. He’s having a hell of a good time. Steve and I met and I was sure from the first minute we would be friends....

Duration: 00:42:26

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