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September 17th, 2017 Sermon - Adopted Pt. 3

Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz shares part three of this month's sermon series. This week, we learn more from a story Jesus shares about a relationship between a father and son and the redemption of God's grace.

Duration: 00:30:16

September 10th, 2017 Sermon - Adopted Pt. 2

What labels do you use to define yourself? What labels do others place on you? What labels do you think are placed on you by God? This week, Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz shares stories from the Old and New Testament that help us understand the labels that are placed on us and how God can shine through them.

Duration: 00:27:36

September 3rd, 2017 Sermon - Adopted Pt. 1

This week, Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz unpacks three simple words that can heal the divisions in the church; "Come and see."

Duration: 00:26:00

August 20th, 2017 Sermon - This is Us Pt. 3

Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz introduces a new surprise member to The Nett at Berkmar leadership team and shares a vision for a church that seeks Heaven on Earth.

Duration: 00:27:17

August 13th, 2017 Sermon - This is Us Pt. 2

What happens when the church doesn't exist in a bubble? Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz responds to the current events in America with a message of hope and a challenge to fulfill God's commission to the church.

Duration: 00:27:57

NettCast Ep. 21 - Building Growth

Rodrigo and Trey talk about the changes coming to the campus of The Nett at Berkmar and how they will help create a church dedicated to Nations Experiencing Transformation Together.

Duration: 00:15:59

August 6th, 2017 Sermon - This is Us Pt. 1

Find out what it took for Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz to finally hear the phrase "This is the best church ever!" in this week's sermon.

Duration: 00:31:06

NettCast Ep. 20 - Allen Hoskyn

Trey sits down with Allen Hoskyn, local missionary and partner with The Nett at Berkmar. They discuss Allen's sermon from the previous Sunday and what it takes to show the love of Jesus Christ to our community.

Duration: 00:38:39

July 23rd, 2017 Sermon - Why Pt. 4

In the final chapter of our "Why" sermon series, special guest Allen Hoskyn guides us through a story from the New Testament about redemption and restoration in the community.

Duration: 00:28:47

July 16th, 2017 Sermon - Why Pt. 3

This week, Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz returns to the story of Nehemiah for inspiration as The Nett at Berkmar continues to seek God's heart for nations experiencing transformation together.

Duration: 00:40:31

July 9th, 2017 Sermon - Why Pt. 2

This week, Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz continues this month's sermon series and addresses something that everyone struggles with; fear.

Duration: 00:36:08

July 2nd, 2017 Sermon - Why Pt. 1

With a new campus comes hundreds of new questions. This week, Rodrigo Cruz shares his first message as the Lead Pastor of the newly titled Nett at Berkmar with part one of this month's sermon series.

Duration: 00:29:25

June 25th, 2017 Sermon - The Living Water

Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz gives a short message before The Nett Church moves into the new campus.

Duration: 00:14:24

June 18th, 2017 Sermon - All In

Special guest and member of The Nett Church Bryan Fowler shares stories from his personal journey of learning what it means to be "All In" for Christ.

Duration: 00:26:09

NettCast Ep. 19 - The Tables Turn

This week, Javier Muñoz hosts a conversation with Worship & Arts Pastor (and regular Nettcast host) Trey Hockman to talk more about his recent sermon and his vision for the future of The Nett.

Duration: 00:58:12

June 4th, 2017 Sermon - Unusual Pt. 2

Worship & Arts Pastor Trey Hockman shares an awkward story from his youth and unpacks what it takes to have a passion for Jesus that can change the world around us.

Duration: 00:35:17

NettCast Ep. 18 - Javier Muñoz Returns

Javier & Trey recap last Sunday's message, the future of The Nett Church's outreach ministry at the new campus, and their favorite casserole recipes. (EDITOR'S NOTE: That last one's not true...)

Duration: 00:43:23

May 28th, 2017 Sermon - Unusual Pt. 1

Outreach Pastor Javier Muñoz shares this week's message on how our thoughts turn into our actions and God's calling for the "renewing of our minds."

Duration: 00:24:06

NettCast Ep. 17 - Lyn Powell

Lyn Powell is the current Pastor at Berkmar United Methodist Church on Pleasant Hill Road in Lilburn, Georgia. On July 2nd, The Nett will be moving into the Berkmar campus and The Nett Church at Berkmar will officially come into fruition. For the past several weeks, both leadership teams at The Nett and Berkmar UMC have worked hard to prepare their people for this transition and last Sunday Berkmar hosted a worship service lead by Reverend Powell and her staff. In this episode, This week,...

Duration: 00:32:55

April 23th, 2017 Sermon - A New Fishing Season

Lead Pastor Rodrigo Cruz and the rest of the team at The Nett Church celebrate 365 days of answering God's call for nations to experience transformation together and discuss what the future of the church looks like.

Duration: 00:31:45

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