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199 Goodbye, Weasel Brain

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Today we are going to stray from the path of Disney podcasting! This episode, Lost Boy Phillip (Kryptonian) joins me to say farewell to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Bobby Heenan left a legacy in his work as a manager and commentator for both the WWF and WCW! Phillip and I will share some clips and remember the laughs he gave us. But we haven't forgotten our love for all things Disney related. EPCOT turns 35 this coming Sunday, and we've got the scoop on...

Duration: 01:06:41

198 Walt Disney's Boyhood Home! ToonFest 2017

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Jeremy and Heather just spent a day at ToonFest and met Mike and Patty Peraza! There's a lot to tell of this fun filled event of course, but there is so much going on in the Disney parks this week that we are excited to talk about! There is some sad news at the loss of X. Atencio and Len Wein, but also some great news about Halloween fun going on right now in Disney parks! Star Wars fans have a great opportunity to experience a realistic adventure...

Duration: 01:08:44

04 Enter Magneto: MMTC

Welcome True Believers! This time on the Mighty Marvel ToonCast Jeremy and Tim will take us back to the world of mutants with The X-Men! This time the master of magnetism, Magneto surfaces to challenge the merry mutants! Can the X-Men stop Magneto's nuclear destruction plans for humanity while deciding what to do with Sabretooth? Plus, Beast is on trial!

Duration: 02:09:48

197 Fantasmically Challenged!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Are you excited for ToonFest this year? It's coming up this weekend, September 16! This was certainly the week for us to have some technical difficulties, but that doesn't stop Jeremy and Eric from bringing the fun from Neverland! Eric is braving Arizona heat and a scorpion infestation in his yard to get good phone reception. That's commitment, Neverlanders! We do want to remind you of this monday's Treasures from the Disney Vault on TCM! Eric and...

Duration: 01:09:55

196 Force Friday!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Are you excited for ToonFest this year? It's coming up sooner than I thought! If fact it's in just a couple of weeks! Did you find all the Star Wars merchandise you wanted on Force Friday II? Jeremy will talk about some of his experiences and purchases, and we'd love to hear from you! There are some exciting things going on at WDW this week, and some great shows coming to Disney XD this month! Not to mention the upcoming Treasures from the Disney...

Duration: 01:00:49

03 MMTC: The Spider Slayer!

This time on the Might Marvel ToonCast Jeremy and Tim will take us back to Spider-Man's world as he has his first encounter with the spider slayer! Will this menacing metal monstrosity mess up Peter's chances with the beautiful Felicia Hardy? Excelsior!

Duration: 00:29:09

195 Force Friday is Coming!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! This week it's business as usual after a couple of crazy weeks in the lives of Jeremy and Eric. Eclipses and textbooks filled their time, but now it's time to return to Neverland. Can you believe it? It's already time for Halloween at the Disney Parks! Spider-Pan and Lost Boy Retlaw (Jeremy and Eric) have some information about the wonderful treats available during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. There is also some new information about the...

Duration: 01:07:20

194 Darkwing Duck Creator Tad Stones!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Last week was really just a teaser for the conversation Eric and I had with Tad Stones! Tad has had a long career with Disney with both imagineering and with television animation! This was one of those interviews that I was able to just sit back and listen to Tad tell all of his stories. This episode is a must listen for fans of the iconic Disney Afternoon of the 1980s and 1990s. Eric's connection to Skype dropped out somewhere in the middle, but...

Duration: 01:01:40

193 DuckTales Reboot with Tad Stones

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! I have so much content to share, that there really isn't much time to talk! My friend Laurie just came back from WDW and she'll tell us about her experience in the new Pandora! I had a wonderful chat with Tad Stones which included a conversation about the new DuckTales reboot. This week I present just a bit of the conversation where we discussed the new series which has now premiered on Disney XD. I must say, I rather enjoyed it. And finally, as a...

Duration: 01:21:28

192 Hogwarts Massacre!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Our Spider-Pan Jeremy decided to take a weekend to relax. You might be shocked to find out what he did to blow off some stress. But we won't dwell on that for long. There's lots of exciting things coming to Disney parks and theaters this fall, and we've got to talk about them all! From classic animated films returning to theaters to Star Trek and Karate Kids, this is an excting time to relive some classics. Lost Boy Eric will take you on a trip...

Duration: 01:10:12

191 Disney Legends Marty Sklar and June Foray

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! This has been a sad and tragic week for Disney and animation fans. This week we've lost Disney Legend and Imagineer, Marty Sklar, who's contributions to Disney Parks have brought joy and imagination to countless millions. The family asks that you donate to the Ryman Arts. Also this week, actress June Foray passed away. June gave her talents to Disney film and televsion animation as well as countless other characters beloved the world over. After...

Duration: 00:55:03

190 Thor Thunders at San Diego Comic-Con!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! Just in case you don't think we had enough fun with the D23 Expo, this weekend was the San Diego Comic-Con! Lost Boy Eric and your Spider-Pan Jeremy give you the rundown on some of the latest movie and game news that came out of the convention after a look at some news from Disney Parks including the annual Epcot Food and Wine Festival! We've got a heap of trailers for the Neverland Trailer Park this week from movies to Netflix, to televsion....

Duration: 01:41:01

189 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at D23 Expo!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! You're a Disney fan (like me!) and so I'm sure you know that this weekend was the D23 Expo! I'm sure that you (like me!) spent a lot of time on social media, Disney fan sites, and news sites this weekend for any hint of Star Wars or Tron coming to the parks. Whether you did or you didn't, we here in Neverland have some fun people (like me!) to share with you all the news! We're talking movies, toys, legends, and of course Disney Parks! Star Wars!...

Duration: 01:30:46

188 Spider-Man Comes Home!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! So, I'm the Pan of Neverland, and I'm called the Spider-Pan because of my Spidey fandom, so of course I'll gladly talk about my favorite wall crawler! Spider-Man Homecoming opened this week to critical accliam and big box office returns. How did this film measure up to my expectations and worries? I'll tell you my thoughts at the end of the show, so you can skip it for spoiler concerns. Pixie Heather the WendyNerd took some time out to see...

Duration: 01:03:21

187 Disneyland's Main Street USA!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! It's time to blow some stuff up here in the United States! On July 4th, Americans will celebrate our Independence Day! Here in Neverland, we aim to celebrate our freedom by taking a look at Main Street USA! Why Main Street you ask? Lost Boy Eric and your Spider-Pan Jeremy will tell you all about the one street in America where it's always July 4th, complete with parades and fireworks...every day! But first we'll have some news! There's some...

Duration: 01:35:09

186 Bambi in Circle Vision!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! It's time to traumatize your children and re-expose yourself to your biggest heartbreak! The Walt Disney Classic Bambi is out on digital and blu-ray, so now you can relive his mother's death in picture perfect clarity! In all honesty, your Spider-Pan and WendyNerd will talk about some of the new features on this Signature release with a film that you are sure to enjoy! It's time to go back to the Neverland Imaginary Disney Park with a look back at...

Duration: 01:05:14

185 Star Wars Cars....Arrr?

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! This has been a fun week to follow up on some video game news! The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was this week, and we learned a little more about Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the upcoming Spider-Man game. Cars 3 hit theaters this weekend, so of course Spider-Pan Jeremy and Pixie Heather hit the cinemas to check it out. They'll tell you if this third installment to the Cars franchise is worth your time! An old children's book that was once...

Duration: 01:05:07

184 Donald Duck and Batman

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! This is a week to celebrate, and cry. This week we've experienced a birthday of Disney icon. He's got the sweetest disposition and has gotten stuck with all the bad luck for 83 years and we in Neverland are going to celebrate Donald Duck! But before we even got a chance to blow out the candles on Donald Duck's birthday cake, we learned of the passing of the great Adam West. Join me and Lost Boy Phillip (Kryptonian) as we remember the joy that both...

Duration: 01:21:41

183 Wonder Woman is a Wonder!

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! You're possibly looking at our cover art this week and thinking to yourself, "Isn't this supposed to be a Disney podcast? Wonder Woman isn't a Disney princess, is she?, she's not. But here in Neverland we like to enjoy anything that helps us feel young and never grow up, and a Wonder Woman movie is just the ticket for the young at heart! But don't you worry, my Disney loving friends, Jeremy's got you covered with some fun from the...

Duration: 01:18:56

182 Star Wars is 40! (and Jeremy is, too)

Welcome back to the Neverland Podcast! We've reached an epic milestone in Neverland history! A milestone so epic, that we are celebrating the beginning of a new era. We celebrate something that has changed a generation, and the world. It's effects are still being felt today. Star Wars has now been a part of the public conscience for 40 years! Unfortunately for our favorite Spider-Pan, his birthday just happens to fall one day after this historic event! He's invited some friends to...

Duration: 01:13:48

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