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You always remember where you were when you first heard certain pieces of music, watched films that were important to you, were told of big news events. Sometimes when you hear a song you are transported back to the first time you heard it, you remember everything: where you were, who you were with, what was going on in your life that means it was so important to you. If you were growing up in the nineties it is likely you can chart your life by where you were as each new Blur album was released. This is the story of a Blur fan, who looks back on his life remembering where he was the first time he heard 'the new Blur album; from their first in 1992, to seventh and most recent release in 2003. From being at school, to his first jobs and relationships, this is John's story of life, love, friendship and growing older, with the new Blur album as a constant backdrop.



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