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0081 - Bloody Nose Bre

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 81, Bloody Nose Bre, Kat Martin, Kat’s Cleaning SLC, Nose Tampons, Butters Bottom Bitch, Sexual Misconduct, Santa Publicly Peeing, Bad Turkeys, Community College, Roomba and Dog Poop, Legos, Toys, Geekdom, Art, Cleaning, Sensitivity, Star Wars, Napolean Dynamite, Thrift Stores, Ensign Peak, National Parks, Salt Lake Comic Con, Bus Accidents, Air Quaility, Olio. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:10:21

0080 - Lutefisk and Poop

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 80, Lutefisk and Poop, VHS Tapes, Poop, Cat Palmer, Bit Coin, Walmart, Activist Art, Photography, Going Viral, Go Home Trump, Salt Lake Air Protectors, Gas Masks, Mormonism, Cool Moms, Salt Flats, Viva La Vuvla, CM Ceramics, Ensign Peak, Garage Doors, Lutefisk, Ludicrous, Hungry Kids and Masturbation, Charity, National Park Shrinkage, Utah in Congress, Wish Navigation, Ikea. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:02:18

0079 - Activist Dude

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 79, Activism Dude, Josh Cameron, Drunk Stories, Puke Puddles, Kosovo, Activism, War, Service, Veterans, Wolf-PAC, Our Voice,, Local Beer, @joshprogressive Car Talk, New Cars, Thanksgiving Stories, Donating, Giving, Autism, Utah Lights, Religion, Politics. Music by Folk Hogan. @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:11:36

0078 - Turkey necks and short shorts

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 78, Turkey Necks and Short Shorts, Sam Goodwin, Blaque Salt, Tattoos, Utah Tattoo Artist, Poking People, Prison Tats, Salty Seawater Snot Bubble, Tattoo’s for the Homeless, Soo Many Needles, Tramp Stamps, Penis Tattoos, College Visits, Mandela Tattoos, Jack Ass, Thanksgiving, Turkey Toilet Babies, Turkey Farms, Ski Resorts, Utah Winter Fun. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:03:08

0077 - Best of Utah Staff Picks

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 77, Best Of Utah Staff Picks, City Weekly, sortied Family Treasures, Scottish Nazis, Veterans Day, Free Phone Money, Vegan Food Truck Thanksgiving, Christmas doesn’t start until Nov 24 you heathens. You can’t be funny around plants. Evan McMullin, Gigal Gardens, DIY Cemetery, Pour yourself on me, Bumblebees BBQ, Jackin It to Cosmo, Turn Signals, Balls for Breakfast, Donkey Punch Cheesesteaks, Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast...

Duration: 01:56:55

0076 - Treeless Ireland

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 76, Treeless Ireland, Jennifer Jones, The Dead History, Chickens, Bre’s Birthday, Halloween, 3rd District, New Orleans Stripers, Soap for the Apocalypse, Beckermans Dreads, Sears, A rant on Cliven Bundy, Ogden, Paranormal in Utah, Ghost Hunting, Urban Legends, Trespassing, Utah Haunts, The Legend of Flows Grave, 25th Street. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:06:33

0075 - Anime Bonsai

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 75, Anime Bonsai, Crit Killen, Victor Sine, Warki the Chocobo, Old West of Movies, Fake Crickets, Diet Fuck You Mochi, Prune Salad, Japanese Treats, Anime Thing for your Desk, Sams Club, Rapey Lyrics, Concerts, Demented Designs, Penis Snakes, Mom’s Vibrator, Chastising Eyes, Native American History Month, Music by Folk Hogan. Follow Us on twitter @tnupodcast.

Duration: 01:50:42

0074 - Chaotic Ghost Hunting

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 74, Chaotic Ghost Hunting, Castle of Chaos, M&L Paranormal, Kris Langman, Ghost Hunting, Paranormal Investigations, Waverly Hills, Jymie Lyne Darling, Saltaire, Demonology, Hollywood, Religion, Demons, Scientology, Filming your own Eulogy, Yard Cleanup, Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on Twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:28:14

0073 - Halloween Expo Fun

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 73, Halloween Expo Fun, Drunk Stories, Giggle Drunk, Eliza Crosby, Handling Raven, RSL Fan Fiction, Whore Island, One Eye’d Goonies, Jess’s Boobs, Horse Make Up, Face Off, Gun Control, Utah Halloween Expo, Chinese Makeup Instruction, Cat Pimps, David Aces Faces, Karaoke, Music by Folk Hogan, Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 02:00:47

0072 - What's your sign?

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 72, What’s your sign, Christ The Fur Not the Boots, Puddin’ Pops, Ding Dongs and Cockknockers, Utah Halloween Expo, Pumpkin Nights, Anime Bonzai, Horror Movies, M&L Paranormal, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Numerology, Palmism, Reiki, Psychics, Voodoo Possession, Springville Theatre, Loosing kids in Corn Mazes, World Cup, Ryan Butterfield, Music by Folk Hogan, Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 01:59:48

0071 - When it's Wet it Doesn't Smell Good

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 71, When It’s wet It doesn’t smell good, DisneyLand, Rotting Broccoli, Bullet Journals, Olio Skin and Beard, Eating on Mic, Edible Banana Bread, Aimee’s Home Cookin’, 21st and 21st, Not Lies but Trump Facts, Sex Swings in the Shower, Pumpkin Nights, Pick the Pickle, Halloweiny, Utah Halloween Expo, Big Mouth, Las Vegas Shooting, Soap, Oil, Oil Application, Utah Salt, Tattoos, Buy Local, Biotech expansion, Renewable energy, Buddhist Temples. Music by Folk...

Duration: 02:10:50

0070 - Pokemon is Lit

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 70, Pokemon is Lit, Salt Lake Comic Con review, Art, Authors, Comics, Film Stars, Standing in Lines, Olio, 4th West Fest, Gracies, Mountain West Cider, Halloween Expo, Annoying Kids, Sitting Still, Racism in Geek Culture, John Barrowman, John and Joan Cusack, Dick Van Dyke, Fandom, Cosplay, Buying Dragons, Light Saber Cotton Candy, Truffle Cottage, WK Wilson, David J West, Choose Your Own Apocalypse. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast...

Duration: 02:06:38

0069 - Essentially Smuggling

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 69, Essentially Smuggling, Loose Rams, Locawhore, Locavore, Sheep Puns, Garden Talk, Penis Cakes, RSL, Salt Lake Comic Con, Dine Around, 4th West Fest, Utah Halloween Expo, Metric Fuck Ton of Pumpkins, Eat Local, Support Local, Utah Chocolate, Embargoed Honey, Truffle Cottage, Stupid Jesus Snow Globe, Medical Marijuana, Count My Vote, Utah Film Production, Utah Health Education, Butterflies, Rough and Tuff Ogden. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter...

Duration: 02:03:03

0068 - Donating Booze to the Homeless

The New Utah Podcast Episode 68. Donating Booze to the Homeless, Sugar House Distillery, Avant Groove, Farmers Market, Heavy Cakes, State Fair, Out of Darkness, Comic Con, Body Recovery, Earthquakes, Equifax, DACA, DABC, Hill AFB, F-16, Head Hearts and Tail, Whiskey, Vodka, Distilling, Rum, Local First, Utah Local, Moab, Delicate Arch, Tiny Idea Cakes, Name Origins. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 01:58:30

0067 - The End is Near

The New Utah Podcast Episode 67. The End is Near, Earthquakes, Fires, Hurricanes. Podcasting, Comic Con, Panels, Trent Hunsaker, Smodcast, Death Ray Media, Net Heads, Comic Books, Circus Peanuts, GLOW, Love and Mercy, Wrestling, Kevin Smith, Death Ray Wrestling, Pub Quiz, Pop Eyes Chicken, Nazi Wasps, Talk to Missionaries, Shipping to Ireland, The SOD Show, Bear Lake, Utah Olympic Park, U of U Hospital, Cancer Research, Brewvies, State Fair, Pull Ups. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on...

Duration: 02:07:10

0066 - Utah is Amazing

The New Utah Podcast Episode 66. Utah is Amazing Bad Grammar, Shitty Car Problems, Depeche Mode, Back to School, Best Of Utah, Logan Pride, Sheep Dog Competition, Utah Halloween Expo, Football, Utah vs BYU, Holy War, Greek Festival, Duster Huffers, Utah is Dead Last, Medical Marijuana, New DABC Chief, Most Dangerous Utah Intersections, Pando the Trembling Giant, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Thistle Ghost Town, Hole in the Rock, The UP House, Victim of the Beast, Tintic Standard...

Duration: 01:59:07

0065 - Jess Hates Kids

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 65, Jess Hates Kids, Moist, Cosplay, Star Wars, Squee, Comic Cons, Cops, Being Black, White Privilege, Utah Festivals, The Real Finn, Celtic, The Porch, Jess’s Melons, Made in Utah, Onion Days, Bionic Scarecrows, Tobacco Free University, Gross Birthday Cakes, Victor Sine, Teachers, Tragedy Monuments. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on twitter @tnupodcast

Duration: 01:58:35

0064 - Women Think A Lot

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 64, Women Think A Lot, Kate Kelly, Air Shows, Bees, Napolean Dynamite, Protesting, Gender and Intersectional Rights Law Center, GIRL Center, Ordain Women, Women’s Rights, Orin Hatch, Politics, Mormonism, Feminism, Slave Breeding, Breeding a Nation, Rio Grande, Planned Parenthood, Controlling Women, Ski Utah, All Chai, Currency changes, Olio, Beerfest, Taste and Tone, Solar Eclipse, Vid Angel, Travis Tate, Andrew Jackson sucks. Music by Folk Hogan. Follow us on...

Duration: 02:12:26

0063 - Mountain West Cider

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 63, Mountain West Cider, Hard Cider, Cider in Utah, Utah Pride, Cider vs Wine vs Beer, Liquor Laws, Barrel Aged Cider, Marmalade Jam Fest, October Fest, 4th West Fest, Wyoming Whiskey, Taste and Tone, GusGus, Green Urban Lunch Box, Desolation, Gallery Stroll, Mormon Temple, Craft Brewing, Bean Town to Find a Boy, Minnetonka Cave, HOAs, Craft Lake City, Solar Eclipse, Cidermeister, Homeless Mayor, Utah’s Favorite Booze, Black Sheep, Navajo Business. Music by...

Duration: 02:07:28

0062 - Hummer Race

The New Utah Podcast, Episode 62, Hummer Race, Kids Hiding Things, Home Gardens, Wrecking Cars, Connies, Tour of Utah, Fair Season, Thyme and Place, Soccer, RSL, Real Monarchs, Indoor Soccer, Craft Lake City, Out Porn Festival, Alp Horn Festival, Food Truck Battle, Musicals, Beer Fest, Topaz Mountain Museum, Racist Dr Seuss, Kenji, Fort Minor, Imagine Dragons, LOVELOUD, Cecret Lake, Soda Wars, Dirty Soda, Coffee Pops, Ballet Initiatives, Farmers Markets, Support Local. Music by Folk Hogan....

Duration: 02:01:02

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