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Sitting at the intersection of sports and technology, The Nickel brings together both worlds in a unique way and a unique voice, with new analysis, discussion, and interviews every week.

Sitting at the intersection of sports and technology, The Nickel brings together both worlds in a unique way and a unique voice, with new analysis, discussion, and interviews every week.
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Sitting at the intersection of sports and technology, The Nickel brings together both worlds in a unique way and a unique voice, with new analysis, discussion, and interviews every week.




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The Nickel 19: Long After The Thrill

Scott McCauley rejoins Will Carroll and comedy ensues. Not so much with those two, but there's discussion of celebrity comedy, celebrity chefs, and celebrities building rooms. Whether it's Roger Goodell's overreaching or Bud Selig's results, or whether it's the vast overexposure of the Olympics, Will and Scott are always watching, sometimes literally. We're also joined by Neal Brown, one of the top restaurateurs in Indianapolis, to discuss how he lives at the intersection of social media...

The Nickel 18: Hot Hot Heat

Will isn't in Texas as had been planned for a live show with Ted Price, but it feels like it in Indy. It's actually hotter (105) in Indianapolis than Dallas. Ted and Will discuss the NBA draft, the way John Calipari uses the system, the Sidney Crosby signing and NHL insanity, and what players might be untouchable in trades. Will chats with Star Street's Jeremy Levine, who explains why daily fantasy games are taking over in baseball and likely will do the same for football. If you listen...

The Nickel 16: High Density

Sit back, relax, and give WIll and Scott the next hour and a half of your time. Yes, we're going long - or as we say "high density" - this week. There's a lot of information to get to with a perfect game in San Francisco, a ton of announcements from Apple just up the street, and soccer going on in Europe and the US. We debate what events we'd pay our own money for, talk with the guys from Howler, a new soccer magazine, and have an extended conversation with Macworld's Jason Snell about the...

The Nickel 15: For Simon

Will Carroll and Scott McCauley go fast in this week's episode, focusing on speedy outfielders, fast cars at Indy, and a rush to judgement on Euro 2012. Whether it's figuring out why defensive stats hate Andrew McCutchen and love Michael Bourn or whether they're fixing Indy Car, Will and Scott are always willing to grab a wrench. They might not know how to use it, but they'll grab it. The show this week is dedicated to dogs everywhere as Will says goodbye to his dog, Simon.

The Nickel 12: State of Mind

Will's flying solo this week, but great guests from New York City carry the show. Cory Schwartz is the VP of Stats for MLB Advanced Media, a job that's always placed him at the intersection of sports and technology. Cory talks about his initiatives, the place of stories in stats, and fantasy's place in the sports world. Switching over to the NBA playoffs, Zach Lowe of discusses each series, conspiracy theories, and the long grind of the NBA playoffs. It's another Nickel, worth every...

The Nickel 11: Can't Count

Will thinks this is Episode 12, but it's 11. Time flies when you're having fun, and we are at The Nickel. Will and Scott talk scorebooks, home runs, and the best player in the game. Ryan Blume checks in to tell us about his Android app, 6-4-3 and we hear from new major leaguer Bryce Harper. Even if we can't count, we think everything adds up to another great episode of The Nickel.

The Nickel 10: Blue, Dodger and Feeling

It's been a tough week for baseball and football. Mariano Rivera is injured, Junior Seau is a tragedy, and yet, sports goes on. Will Carroll and Scott McCauley take a step back and try to figure out what these kinds of loss really means for us as sports fans. Can we enjoy sports when an injury is one wrong step away, or when we might be watching what Malcolm Gladwell called a brutal, human dogfight? We'll try. We also get a chance to talk with Steve Garvey, one of the greatest and most...

The Nickel 9: Draft

The Nickel might not be blue chip or first round, but this episode is moving up the podcast draft boards. The NFL Draft dominates the sports marketplace despite playoff action in the NHL and the end of the NBA's strangest season. Will Carroll and Scott McCauley get ready for that, break down the emergence of soccer in America with Rob Stone of Fox Soccer, and see what MLB players are seeing on their iPads, courtesy of Bloomberg Sports' Bo Moon. Don't trade down - download The Nickel now.

The Nickel 8: How Many?

Is 154 too many? How about 193? Those are the numbers from one high school game - 154 pitches in 10 innings, 193 in 15. Is throwing that many pitches as bad as we think? There's not many people out there who have been through it, but Chris Franzese is one of them. Will and Scott talk with Chris about what that experience was like and what it's meant for him since then. The answer might surprise you. We also talk with the makers of Aftershokz, a new kind of headphone that we think is worth...

The Nickel 7: Maddie's Nap

While Scott McCauley's daughter naps, Will and Scott sneak in this week's episode of The Nickel. They discuss how The Masters makes Scott want to get back on the links, how announcers go about their business and become a part of the family, and whether Scott's going to need rehab now that he's playing fantasy baseball again. Somehow, the iPad factors into all three discussions. Will chats with Niall Johnston of 3D4medical, who make some amazing apps for medical students and professionals,...

The Nickel 6: Roman Holiday

With Will Carroll in California doing CBS Sports' ROME show, Scott McCauley and Joel Henard are your hosts. This week, they take a look around the world of sports. Is Opening Week as good as Opening Day? How has Twitter changed how we watch sports? The boys are joined by Jennifer Langosch of Langosch is covering the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals this year after several seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates. She talks about how leverages technology like no one else and...

The Nickel 5: Billion With A B

The Dodgers sold for two billion dollars. Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten and his group have changed more than the landscape of LA sports, but perhaps sports ownership in general. This week, Will Carroll brings in long-time Play By Play voice Scott McCauley to discuss what the billionaire bid does to the Dodgers, the NFL, and reality TV. Will also gets some fashion tips and behind the scenes scoop from Orly Shani, one of the designers on NBC's Fashion Star.

The Nickel 4: Luck, Manning, Tebow, and Bligh

The NFL managed to keep itself at the forefront of the sports world despite March Madness, Spring Training, and the opening week of open wheel racing. Whether it was pro days for draftees, signings of legends, trades of phenoms, or an unprecedented scandal, the NFL's media machine was churning. Will talks about all this and more. Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports checks in from the San Francisco airport after checking out Andrew Luck, plus gives his thought on how Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow...

The Nickel 3: March Madness

Is your bracket busted? Did you miss a game? Will takes a look at the business of the NCAA basketball tournament, the NFL's free agent frenzy, and why there's no SXSW in sports. He talks with Mark Philip, who has an app that makes sure you never miss a great game or can't find the channel, and with Steve Palazzolo, who's aggregating the ever-increasing information about the NFL Draft.

The Nickel 2: Sports Everywhere

This week, Will takes a look at how sports everywhere is changing how we experience the game. Whether it's reading it on a Kindle, watching it on the new iPad, or behind the scenes with the smart analysts that gathered at the Sloan Conference in Boston, technology is adjusting both the game itself and how we take it all in.

The Nickel 1: First Pitch

Welcome to The Nickel, 5by5's newest podcast. Sitting at the intersection of sports and technology, The Nickel will bring together both worlds in a unique way and a unique voice. In this week's episode, Will Carroll talks with Noah Coslov of Cinesport about the NBA All Star Game and where the NBA goes in the second half. Then Nik Bonaddio of NumberFire explains how big data is coming to sports, especially when it comes to analytics and predictions.

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