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Why Would A Celebrity Ever Need To Take Sex? #TNNS328

Episode #328 No Smooth anywhere in sight. Sorry, smoothies. One of us will mention the P word just to make you feel comfortable. Seriously, Jamie Mack wants to know what is worse: The act of being cheated on or the cover up after being cheated on? I personally don’t see much of a difference. If you have already cheated, it can’t get much worse. Next we go to our FaceBook timeline and discuss a post about how we perceive celebrity rape. Is it true that most people take the side of the...

Duration: 01:40:13

Don’t Fall In Love With Your Teacher #TNNS326

Episode #326 Jaye Smooth wants to do a "for the D/P challenge". What? If you don’t get your grown self off of the microphone. Next we unpack mine and Jaye Smooth’s origin story. It turns out he may have tricked a girl into meeting me so that he could get credit for hooking me up with her. Weird! Jamie Mack wants to know how mad we would be if our son had sex with his teacher. Double standards come up when O Dubb asks whether or not our reaction would be the same if it were our daughter....

Duration: 01:55:59

Women Are In Relationships With Men That Are Single #TNNS324

Episode #TNNS324 Jamie Mack prefers his racists up front and in the open. He needs to know which flag you fly at the cookout. Why? I have no idea. I honestly don’t care who you love or hate. Your ignorance doesn't affect me and possibly by me knowing could start to. We all have the right to privately hate whoever we want. As long as it doesn't turn violent, hate away. French Reggy and Jaye Smooth agree with Mack. O Dubb is our Tommy. You ain’t got no job, O Dubb!!! Are men dogs? Or do...

Duration: 01:50:25

My Boss Is Half My Age

My Boss Is Half My Age #TNNS322 Jamie Mack noticed a white kid got killed by police and wants to find out if anybody is going to the protest. Oh wait, no protest? Jamie Mask thinks this is because the victim may not have been a victim in his eyes. For one, the victim had a knife. He also seemed to be yelling at the cop to kill him. I’m not sure it is necessary to kill someone with a knife. Seems like you could handle that without deadly force. UPDATE: There actually was a protest while...

Duration: 01:33:21

The Goat Man And His Uncle

The Goat Man And His Uncle #TNNS321 Jamie Mack is willing to touch anyone with any affliction. It is part of his christian ways. Recently, he was propositioned with a fist bump. In most cases the way to stay safe in any hand to hand interaction is the traditional fist bump. But this was no ordinary fist bump. This fist belonged to a person with extreme eczema. Jamie Mack, being the great guy that he is, dapped the person up. He didn't know what was on their hand. He just knew he didn't...

Duration: 01:39:27

She Is Only Celibate With You

She Is Only Celibate With You #TNNS320 Jaye Smooth just can’t get right. In his varied travels through the land of being a “good” man and being a dog, he has come across women who feel the need to reclaim their virginity. Yes, this is a thing. There are women who become celibate in an effort to reclaim their vagina. But not in Jaye Smooth’s case. It turns out that these women just don’t want to deal with him. And that is the best excuse they could come up with. Don’t worry. We break it to...

Duration: 01:31:04

The Most Important Key To Success Is Luck

The Most Important Key To Success Is Luck #TNNS319 Jaye Smooth, Oh Jaye Smooth! Not one, but two of Jaye Smooth’s topics take up about 20 minutes. First he wants us to give away a time when temptation has gotten the best of us. Are you kidding, my dude? Wait until you hear what he is offering to revel in trade. Next he wants to talk about what he saw in his workplace bathroom. A guy holding a sandwich in one hand and something else in the other hand. That’s right, Smooth is man watching...

Duration: 01:34:31

Can’t Cheat Like I Used To

Can’t Cheat Like I Used To #TNNS318 Men and women have lived together on this planet for millions of years. Somehow, men have continued to get the short end of the “who pays the bills” stick. Young women are taught that they should marry up and find a man that can support her and her shoe habit. French Reggy, fresh into the courting world, finds issue with this. Is it even possible to fully support a woman if you aren’t making 6 figures? On the other side of the relationship, Jamie Mack...

Duration: 01:41:37

The Women I Forgot I Had Sex With

The Women I Forgot I Had Sex With #TNNS317 I remember Jamie Mack telling me that I was wrong for writing people off based on my first encounter with them. So in normal B Honest fashion, I double down. I still believe that my discernment allows me to know fairly early if someone is full of it or not. Where this really comes into play is when dealing with gut reactions. Speaking of guts, did you know that the lining of your intestines serves as a second brain? This is what I am talking...

Duration: 01:36:41

Bye Bi Boyfriend

Bye Bi Boyfriend #TNNS316 SlackFamily guest, Butterfly joins the show. Jamie Mack brings up the Mayweather fight. He felt like somehow it turned into a racial thing. Black people celebrated when McGregor got hit and white people celebrated when Floyd got hit. That reminds me of the OJ trial. I remember people rooting for OJ even though they thought he killed the people. Regardless, they just wanted a black guy to get off. Next Mack wants to discuss the level of respect you should have...

Duration: 01:35:14

I Fake Forgive You

I Fake Forgive You #TNNS315 Forgive and forget…That is what most people would have you believe is the civilized way to live your life. But what if I don’t forgive you? Isn’t it possible for me to just move past it and go on with my life and not forgive you? We could even still be friends. I’m sure there are still things that I have not forgiven my wife for and we are still very cool. In my opinion it is more dangerous to pretend to forgive and hold it in. Jaye Smooth wants to know if...

Duration: 01:35:59

Are You Eat People Crazy Or Regular Crazy?

Are You Eat People Crazy Or Regular Crazy? #TNNS314 Jaye Smooth denies ever getting any money from the March of Dimes foundation. Jamie Mack’s kids have the choice between frozen or frozen for dinner. French Reggy has never known a world without microwave ovens. Welcome to The No Nonsense Show. Jamie Mack wants to talk about a world full of crazy people. We all have a degree of shadiness, but how did we get that way? Is crazy contagious or genetic? In which ways has crazy become normal?...

Duration: 01:30:15

Pick A Woman You Don’t Mind Being Bored With

Pick A Woman You Don’t Mind Being Bored With #TNNS313 Jamie Mack doesn’t see age. He isn’t an ageist. he isn’t an age shamer. He also isn’t in his right mind. He wants to discuss whether age or experience is more important. His mind is telling him no…but his body. I happen to think that as part of our social contract, we have a responsibility to force young people to wait until they are a little older to put themselves in adult scenarios. I think that even though the legal age of consent...

Duration: 01:33:21

New Face, Just Like The Old Face

New Face, Just Like The Old Face #TNNS312 I would consider our show to be pretty fair and balanced. In most cases we don’t have a clear side that we default to in an argument…unless that side is opened minded and logical. However, the new face of white supremacy has forced us to immediately take a side no matter how outrageous it becomes. You don’t get to drive a car into a group of people without people being pretty judgmental about the type of person you are. It leads us to the...

Duration: 01:35:06

Relinquish Freedom Instead of Death #TNNS311

Relinquish Freedom Instead of Death #TNNS311 Jaye Smooth had to drop his daughter off at one of the worst places on earth. A place teeming with horny, aggressive, disrespectful, rule breakers. You guessed it…she started middle school. I don’t know if you have visited one of these places recently, but any and everything goes down here. Far be it for us to allow him to get away with a nice story about a young person’s first day. We plant seeds of despair under the Smoothie King’s scalp....

Duration: 01:29:47

Black People Lost Their Place In The Complaint Line #TNNS310

Black People Lost Their Place In The Complaint Line #TNNS310 Jamie Mack wants to know what scares us most in the world. The other hosts rattle off things like Global Warming, The IRS, getting sent back to Haiti. But honestly, after you get past the woods, dogs, and the ocean…what else should black men be afraid of? Are black people still afraid of dogs? Anyway, I take a stand this week and let you know that the only thing you should fear is god. If for no other reason, because he wants...

Duration: 01:28:32

I'm Only Nice To You Because I Hate You #TNNS309

Jamie Mack loves his new dog more than she loves some people. Not surprising because his new dog is very likable. I'm not sure if he kisses the dog in the mouth (most tropical people don't). But from the sound of his narration, it is possible. Either way, recent news outrage will have you believe that people care more about dogs than people. Did I mention that this puppy is adorable? French Reggy loves dogs too. He has no wounds on his body because of them. Chivalry is dead. Not because...

Duration: 01:29:47

Women Make Less But Double Standards Justify It #TNNS308

Jamie Mack has decided to be as open as possible with his kids and let the chips fall where they may. He allowed his kids to make lists of things that they are uncomfortable with that they have seen around the house. This list included racy text messages from Mack to his wife and late night door locks. He has opened a can of worms this time. By the way, who the hell ever had a can of worms; and then opened it to come up with this saying? French Reggy is feeling bad for women. That is his...

Duration: 01:29:39

The Day Adults Died #TNNS307

The Day Adults Died #TNNS307 Let me list for you all of the things that you learned weren’t real at some point in your life…Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Jesu…Too far? Okay, okay. Well you get my drift. The day that was far worse than any of those days was when I realized that adults were full of crap. My whole young life, I looked up to them. I envied their vast knowledge for how the world worked. Little did I know that they were guessing their way through it. So the next time...

Duration: 01:47:33

At Work, I Promise To Do Enough To Get By #TNNS306

At Work, I Promise To Do Enough To Get By #TNNS306 My birthday has come around once again. It’s funny how fast the years pass by these days. One year closer to my million dollar idea. Jamie Mack thinks I am downplaying my birthday. Maybe I am. Let’s move on. Jamie Mack wants to delve into manipulation. Is there good manipulation? I have manipulated my kids into being my chore slaves. I have manipulated women into liking me (don’t front we all have…women do it too). As humans we are...

Duration: 01:56:05

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