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1507 W Koenig Ln. Austin, TX 78756-1415 512-220-6561


The Non Prophets 17.01

Movies: "Downsizing", "Coco", & "Jumanji" * Hemant Mehta on a 10 Commandments statue at a Texas mall.* Daniel Staats, spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State accused of sexual assault and practicing counseling without a license * Star Trek transporter, what is the "self"? * You should play the game "Soma" SHIT Internet Apologists Say! * Bangalore Mirror (Indian newspaper): "There are no false gods in Hinduism" * Ganesh statue brought into a Christian church and pastor forced to resign *...

Duration: 01:29:49

The Non Prophets 16.22

* Cow vigilantes in India, Hindus murdering Muslims for eating cow meat * War on Christmas? Shut up and do what you want. * Okay for Atheists to participate in religious pageants/plays? * Spotlight (movie). Cardinal Bernard Law died this week. * Flat-Earthers: Show us your map! * Banned words at the CDC? Actually just a suggested list of words to avoid when communicating with republicans on climate change * "[Jeff's] arguments are dumb!" * Uploading consciousness to a computer. The perils...

Duration: 01:30:20

The Non Prophets 16.21

Listener mail: Does hating faith healers make me a bad person? Roy Moore: Project Veritas (James O'Keefe) failed attempt to dupe Washington Post with fake Roy Moore accusation, Church sign "They falsely accused Jesus! Vote Roy Moore". Listener mail: Fine tuning argument, Sexual harassment: Al Franken, Louis CK, Mozart, Abusive & "Ablist" terminology: Changes to ACA rules of conduct in online fan forums, Patton Oswalt, YouTube comments Ravi Zacharias (christian apologist radio host):...

Duration: 01:30:00

The Non Prophets 16.20

More Roy Moore, Australian vote on Marriage Equality, back to Roy Moore, Cow Vigilantes, double-back to more Moore arguments, flat earth convention in North Carolina, does gawd change the past in reaction to prayers?, detour back to Marriage Equality in Australia - democracy or mob rule?, trans humanism, the transporter conundrum, flat earther web site FAQ nuclear face palmage, Denis question about fear- Do Christians fear gawd? Do they fear jebus? Why?, readers respond to massless ghosts,...

Duration: 01:31:57

The Non Prophets 16.19

Welcome to our rootin' tootin' after Halloween show. Rudy gives bad advice on Stranger Things and unrealistic aspects of the show. Kim Davis court fees. Who should pay? News: Scott Pruit quotes the Bible and asks scientists to advise the EPA for free. How do ghosts stay in place. Consequences of granting person hood to fetuses. Babies in prison. Challenging Church's tax privileges. Shit Internet Apologists Say... Wolfenstein has Crocoduck!

Duration: 01:30:02

The Non Prophets 16.18

We are not having a show. Or are we? Twitter to go to 80 characters. Should we do a war on Christmas episode? Viewer mail The game "Populous". Balance the science on Star Trek with religion and balance the star ships with monster trucks! The Atheist Experience is celebrating 20 years with a special episode directly after the regularly scheduled live broadcast on the 22nd of October. Your Reiki, Reiki Heart. Something going on in the Australian Parliament. Devil story elements that don't...

Duration: 01:31:57

The Non Prophets 16.17

Denis reading your rights intro, Binky Strikes again, Listener Mail, the Reserve Chaplin, In the news, students must stand during the National Anthem, call from Pat Roberson, Russian Bible, Roy Moore, Saturn is Roman version of Jupiter, UN resolution on death penalty for gays, infinities, Denis Question - Does the Devil work for God? - Shit Internet Apologists Say, Greek website Proving the insanity of Atheism, more D&D atheist Character discussion, Volunteer work - listener recommends...

Duration: 01:29:06

The Non Prophets 16.16

Enjoy a show.Theism in role playing.How does magic work in DnD? The gods have stats??? Fox News posts Christian Numerology nonsense. Jeff sleeps during reading of Bible verse. What if the planet hits our flat earth? 5 college football players and hazing at a Christian school. Binary nature of Christian morality.Shit internet apologists say... Barb article: "Christian Service Members Avoid Accommodating Evil" Email taking Jeff to task for using "tard" in previous episode. Cake...

Duration: 01:32:20

The Non Prophets 16.15

Rained kinda hard. We are fine in Austin, but Houston could use your help. Contribute to Hurricane Harvey relief through Foundation Beyond Belief. Joel Olstean tells others to not have a "poor me" attitude. Low religious interest in England. Viewer mail. Jeff reviews the Stephen Fry film "Hypopotomas" patreon/denisloubet and patreon/artofjeffdee Which role playing game do you enjoy? Shit Internet Apologists Saaaaaaaaay! Religions claiming credit for helping storm victims.

Duration: 01:35:21

The Non Prophets 16.14

Low, low prices at the Non-Prophets. Everything must go! Discussing Charlottsville. Gender neutral bathrooms. Islamaphobia. Anti-sex group. Don't burn down whorehouses! Playing religious characters in Dnd. Russell likes playing bad guys.Tax covered abortions are Constitutional. Wedding venues.

Duration: 01:29:55

The Non Prophets 16.13

The Emoji Movie is a steaming pile of movie. - Emails- A closeted atheist who still goes to church talks about "fulfilled" prophesies. A Creationist who believes Genesis shouldn't be taken literally and Adam and Eve never existed, but still believes in Original Sin. An atheist who knows the Bible better than his religious family. JW-turned-atheist clears up misconceptions about JWs. A Christian mom who says women shouldn't have a career. -News Russia bans Jehovah's Witnesses, calling them...

Duration: 01:35:42

The Non Prophets 16.12

Religious zombies intro. News. Ken Hamm's 10 dollar land scam to try and get Safety tax exemption. How about eminent domain? Peter and the pearly gates. Catholic Church says Jesus crackers can be genetically modified but not gluten free. How long must the name field be in the book of life? Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern- schplenden- schlitter- crasscrenbon- fried- digger- dingle- dangle- dongle- dungle- burstein- von- knacker- thrasher- apple- banger- horowitz- ticolensic- grander-...

Duration: 01:31:00

The Non Prophets 16.11

Damn Norton Anti-Virus! Eyeball camera. Alt-right thinks NPR tweeting Declaration of Independence is calling for revolution. TV show Turn and new Netflix series Glow. Drug-fueled Vatican orgy. And back to the Jay Sekulow. Russell is giving a talk to Austin Oasis about "Fake News" and will be co-hosting with Noelle George, director of Foundation Beyond Belief, on Atheist Experience. Making ideological money. Denis asks who judges the dead? Saint Peter the bouncer. The "saved" database....

Duration: 01:30:31

The Non Prophets 16.10

Captain Liberal. Jay Seculo of ACLJ, the "Christian Pitbull." Fiver different pronunciations of Louisville. Americans who believe in young earth creationsim down to 38 percent. Revisiting Prayer Patrols. Proper limitations on religion. "Does not compute." Was Bernie Sanders wrong to question theology of Trump nominee. Pirate Rick complains about our news choices. "Shit Internet Apologists Saaaaayyyy" Christian review of "Jesus Bro" the film. Why do Christians like to be a slave?rn**...

Duration: 02:30:30

The Non Prophets 16.09

Go ahead watch the show. We don't care. Jeff was sick and got a good doctor finger wag. Feeling shamed. Jeff watched Korean film Tunnel. Joel Osteen (Joel Dongsteen). "Your Dick." Token Skeptic podcast. German robot priest. Listener mail. And the religious cookbook "The Freedom to Serve Children" or Texas HB 3859. The movie Sausage Party. Climate change discussion. Gun control/police de-escalation of conflict. Shit Internet Apologists Say: Alice Neeves article on -porn addiction, XXX...

Duration: 02:08:07

The Non Prophets 16.08

Re-upload of show with audio fixed

Duration: 01:34:21

The Non Prophets 16.07

Governor Abbott's religious facebook feed- "Evaluating" the Texas State Board of Education- National "Ask an Atheist Day"- The boys dissect questions from infamous preacher Robbie Zacharious- Church police!?! Another "God is Dead" and a satire of the religious films ** Copyright 2016, Atheist Community of Austin **

Duration: 01:32:44

The Non Prophets 16.06

Posting internet memes without commentary- News- Study reveals religious students perform worse in math and science- The guys break down the study and one's like it- God love Texas bill would allow clerks to deny same-sex marriage licenses- Is Trump nuts? Should the Goldwater rule apply to remotely diagnosing the Prez- Foundation for Moral Law (FML)- Viewer mail- Denis wonders why Christians are upset with those they think are bringing on the anti-Christ- Isn't that what they want- "Shit...

Duration: 01:49:42

The Non Prophets 16.05

Klingons have gotees, reader mail, Why Do Christians Love Jesus? Do millions of missing sandwitches prove bigfoot? Soduku. Trolls.rnrn** Copyright 2017, Atheist Community of Austin **

Duration: 02:20:37

The Non Prophets 16.04

Tanking! Role playing roles in life- Witches cursing Trump. Pat Robertson is very concerned... Ken Ham's Ark park is bankrupting Kentucky county- Scientists found 7 earth like planets and Elon Musk lowering cost of space travel- Viewer mail. Religion Dispatches on how the administration runs on alternative facts Shit Internet Apologists Say- Jesus is the author of math- Milo is a worthless piece of scum- ** Copyright 2017, Atheist Community of Austin **

Duration: 01:34:13

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