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Announcement – At Will Radio Network!

Friends, we've relaunched on the At Will Radio Network. Unfortunately, this means that we had to switch iTunes feeds. You'll have to return to your podcast app or iTunes and search for "None Taken with Chris Paul." Thank you all so much for your support!

Duration: 00:00:50

Episode 22 – Matt D’Elia

I sit down with my great friend Matt D'Elia for a little Oscar preview. We discuss all the films and some social issues relevant to the film industry.

Duration: 01:26:32

Flying Solo 2/26/16

Week in review...politics, ideological purity, Ke$ha, etc... No offense.

Duration: 01:17:43

Flying Solo – Episode 01

Ok, so no guest this time. Just me talking shit - Super Bowl, Coldplay, believing in love, and a bunch of political stuff. Check it out. Feel free to give me feedback!

Duration: 00:47:34

Episode 20 – James Ransone

Got to sit down with one of my favorite actors, James Ransone, to discuss philosophy, society, politics, systems of control, free will, and so much more. Fantastic conversation.

Duration: 01:52:46

Episode 19 – Thrashbird

Today I sit down with the prolific street artist Thrashbird to discuss street art as a medium, the process, the artistic inspiration, artistic integrity, social media, and so much more. Really wonderful conversation. Check out his work on instagram @thrashbird13.

Duration: 02:10:40

Episode 18 – Rob Kazinsky

My friend Rob Kazinsky sits down to talk movies, acting, politics, and art. Rob is an actor who you'll know from True Blood, Pacific Rim, and the BBC's East Enders. He's starring in the upcoming Warcraft movie as Orgrim Doomhammer.

Duration: 01:54:50

Episode 17 – Alison Haislip

My friend Alison Haislip, actress, television and podcast host, and more, joins me to talk shit about all sort of things for a while. We laughed a lot. I don't know what more to say.

Duration: 01:39:56

Episode 15 – Camilla Cleese

I sit down with comedian, actor, writer, and producer, Camilla Cleese to discuss comedy, being the child of an entertainment legend, movie awards season, and celebrity deaths on social media.

Duration: 01:32:30

Episode 010 – Thaddeus Russell

Professor of American Studies and History at Occidental College, historian, and author of the excellent book "Renegade History of the United States," Thaddeus Russell joins me for a fascinating conversation about politics, political correctness, Islam, Sam Harris, and of course, Donald Trump. Check it out! And listen for his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience on 12/23.

Duration: 02:25:51

Episode 09 – Sebastian Spader

Aconversation with my friend Sebastian Spader, a brilliant photographer whose new photography book "Wondering" is available now on We discuss his work, traveling, and a huge mountain of balls. Check out his work on his website or at @horriblesparade on instagram.

Duration: 02:18:00

Episode 08 – Brent Morin

Comedian and actor Brent Morin sits down to discuss his new special "I'm Brent Morin" out now on Netflix, the filming of Undateable Live on NBC (Friday nights), comedy, sports, relationships, and uh...other stuff.

Duration: 01:08:21

Episode 07 – Kate Towne

My sit down with the hilarious actress Kate Towne. This is a long one, so you know, just, like, pause it sometimes. It's a great one though, I promise. We discuss relationships, feminism, gun control, and make crude sexual jokes.

Duration: 03:19:39

Episode 06 – Cristo Gutierrez

My friend Cristo Gutierrez is an alchemical distiller who creates medicinal spirits. You'll just have to listen to find out what that means. In addition, we discuss psychedelics, Sacred Geometry, social media, spirituality, and the Fibonacci Sequence. Cristo's company is on Instagram @lebotanico Follow us @nonetakenpod on Instagram and Twitter And be sure to subscribe on iTunes!

Duration: 02:01:10

Episode 05 – Brendan Rooney

My friend Brendan Rooney is a former US Marine and Columbia educated writer. He stopped by to discuss the current military and political issues affecting our world, veterans issues, education, philosophy, and more. I'm aware that we haven't gotten the sound up to par for what regular podcast listeners may be accustomed to, but I'm trying! We're almost there, I promise. I welcome your feedback, so don't hesitate to get in touch at Follows us @nonetakepod on...

Duration: 02:11:24

Episode 04 – Alexi Wasser

Writer, blogger, actor, comedian, comedic actor, comedic writer blogger, and host of the Boy Crazy Radio show, Alexi Wasser joins me on 11/19. We discuss relationships, freaking out, the stigma about depression and its treatment, and the social media response to the events in Paris.

Duration: 01:37:15

Episode 03 – Dan Weisman

Dan Weisman is a music manager who has worked with such artists as Capital Cities, Wale, Casey Veggies, and Autre Ne Veut. We discuss the state of modern pop, amateurs vs professionals, art vscraft, depression and anxiety, connoisseurship, and the Yale Halloween costume crisis.

Duration: 01:59:24