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Manila City, Philippines


It's A New Day To Talk About STUFF! Hello and Welcome to The Oddly Intriguing Podcast! This podcast talks about odd topics that leave you intrigued. This aint your usual normal, by the book podcast- we're actually pretty weird and we talk about anything, like odd topics that leave you curious which often make you go down that rabbit hole. Topics that we usually cover are Conspiracy Theories, Mandela Effects, Urban Legends and many more. We also do some movie or tv show reviews for fun! We also have different segments like: The Recommend Corner, where we recommend stuff that we think you might like and K-Play Wednesdays, where we talk about K-Pop and the whole shebang! Subscribe to our channel for New Episodes Every Mondays and Wednesdays! You can also check out our blog, where we post (more in detail) of our episodes!



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