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EP.116 – Presence over Presents feat. @PremiumPete

In this week’s episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we had the pleasure of interviewing Premium Pete of “The Premium Pete Show”. Pete talks about his journey from hustling in the streets and doing time in prison, to becoming good friends with legendary artists such as Bun B, L.L Cool J, Prodigy (R.I.P), and more. Read more about EP.116 – Presence over Presents feat. @PremiumPete[…]

Duration: 01:30:00

EP.115 – Booty Bandits

A 19 year old girl was found dead in a hotel freezer. An 8 year old boy survived being lynched by teenagers. Carmelo Anthony is ranked 64th in the NBA by @ESPN. Makonnen is rumored to be dating another rapper by the name of “Lil Peep”. We discuss how we feel about those topics, the Read more about EP.115 – Booty Bandits[…]

Duration: 01:00:53

EP.112 – Wild Thots

This week we spoke about the fatal incident in Barcelona, Spain involving a motorist that blew through a large crowd in a van leaving 15 dead and over 50 people injured, the white nationalist protest in Boston that was overshadowed by the overwhelming protesters that fought peacefully against them, Chris Brown’s explanation of what happened Read more about EP.112 – Wild Thots[…]

Duration: 01:26:09

EP.111 – Thirst Trap 101

Welcome to episode 111 of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST! Although this week was pretty slow, there were a couple of topics that we simply HAD to touch base on. The protests and riots happening in Charlottesville, VA, and ESPN’s “Fantasy Auction” of Black athletes. Then, after a quick round of #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL, we brought up a couple Read more about EP.111 – Thirst Trap 101[…]

Duration: 01:15:38

EP.110 – In My Ass feat. @YouKnowItsMeDE

This week, we’re joined by D.E. of the Danny and Cleo show. Together, we discuss Proctor and Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” ad, whether or not we should boycott the NFL, whether or not Usher is into BBWs, Kid Creole from the Furious 5, transgenders, and quite a bit more. After a hefty round of Read more about EP.110 – In My Ass feat. @YouKnowItsMeDE[…]

Duration: 01:44:55

EP.107 – Diary of a Mad Man

As you guys may or may not know, Syer is in Florida on vacation with his family of 17. However, as you all SHOULD know, we don’t EVER MISS AN #ESSOFRIDAY! That being said, we took this week to shed some light on Syer’s latest album “Diary of a Mad Man”. Syer spent over a Read more about EP.107 – Diary of a Mad Man[…]

Duration: 01:20:14

EP.106 – “When I Should Have Ducked” feat. Breon

With the help of our good friend and now 2 time guest Breon, we spoke about late rapper Prodigy’s mural in Queens being vandalized twice over, the Governor or Nevada issuing a state of emergency due to a shortage of weed, the Connor McGregor/Floyd Maywesther Press Conference, and quite a bit more. At the end Read more about EP.106 – “When I Should Have Ducked” feat. Breon[…]

Duration: 01:43:17

EP.105 – “Oh These Niggas Throwing Bottles?” feat @CassBilly

This week, we invited our friend Cass Billy back for a second time to help us talk our shit. Most of you may not know, but the last time he was on the show was Episode 5! We’ve all come a LONG way since then. Anyway, we talk about the shooting at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Read more about EP.105 – “Oh These Niggas Throwing Bottles?” feat @CassBilly[…]

Duration: 01:36:49

EP.104 – Brown and Boujie

What’s good refs?! Cherry is back in the building this week! Together, the three of us discuss Al Sharpton’s online shenanigans, Donald Trump’s lies, the BET Awards, Migos vs Joe Budden, Migos vs Chris Brown, and Kodak Black’s taste in women. Finally, after a dope round of #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL, we share an INTENSE story for #SurvivorSeries Read more about EP.104 – Brown and Boujie[…]

Duration: 01:35:20

EP.103 – The Fuckboy Chronicles feat. @DominickJames_

Disclaimer: Cherry wasn’t able to kick it with us this week because she decided to go to “Drake Night” instead. That being said, we invited our friend Dom to the studio to help us talk about some of the tragedies that have occured over the past week. The Grenfel Tower fire, Jeronimo Yanez’s acquittal, Taxstone’s Read more about EP.103 – The Fuckboy Chronicles feat. @DominickJames_[…]

Duration: 01:42:38

EP.102 – What That NEW Mouf Do?!

This week on THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST: Former NBA player Sebastian Telfair goes to jail. XXL Magazine releases their “2017 XXL Freshman Edition” cover. Amber Rose breaks the Internet. Cherry shares some personal news and asks us 3 questions in relation to said news, and MORE. #PPOTW (Podcast Picks of the Week) Syer – @HMWHCpodcast Jayomega Read more about EP.102 – What That NEW Mouf Do?![…]

Duration: 01:36:46

EP.101 – “Welcome to Miami” with @Cruz.De.Van

Welcome back to another dope week of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST! In this week, we invite our friend and creative artist Cruz on the show to help us discuss Kanye West’s partnership with Calabasas High School, Bill Maher referring to himself as a “house nigga”, Joyner Lucas, Logic, Melania Trump, and quite a bit more. Read more about EP.101 – “Welcome to Miami” with @Cruz.De.Van[…]

Duration: 02:27:12

EP.HUNNA! – Pump the Milk!

We finally made it y’all! Episode ONE HUNNA! In this very special episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we celebrate our centennial by playing a drinking game! Any time someone said the words “nigga”, “pause”, or “facts”, that person had to drink. Needless to say, it got wild in the studio, and Jay got pretty Read more about EP.HUNNA! – Pump the Milk![…]

Duration: 01:55:36

EP.99 – Sit Down, Sally.

#Yip. In Episode 99 of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we talk about the horrible suicide bombing that took place in Manchester during an Ariana Grande concert, the fact that Betty Shelby was acquitted in the case of the murder of Terence Crutcher, the fact that Steve Harvey is too good to speak to his staff, Read more about EP.99 – Sit Down, Sally.[…]

Duration: 01:11:24

EP.97 – Playing with Fyre

Hey #refs, we’re back! In this week’s episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, it’s just me and Syer in the studio. We spoke a bit about the story of 15 year old Jordan Edwards, and how he was shot an killed by Police out in Texas. We posed the question of whether or not the Read more about EP.97 – Playing with Fyre[…]

Duration: 01:30:12

EP.96 – Three’s Company Two – feat. @DannyAndCleo

Since Jay was busy supporting his wife as she gave birth to their first child, we decided to give you guys part 2 of the “Three’s Company” Episode with Danny and Cleo! In Episode 92, we ran through a normal episode of #TOSPodcast with Danny and Cleo as guests. In part 2, we place more Read more about EP.96 – Three’s Company Two – feat. @DannyAndCleo[…]

Duration: 01:33:47

EP.94 – Blem de la Blem – featuring Shaka Ptah

You’re in for a treat this episode #refs. This evening, we invited up and coming artist and long time friend of the show, Shaka Ptah to the studio. We talk about the Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens, Aaron Hernandez, Carmelo Anthony and Lala, Drake’s alleged soon to be baby mamma, just how “blem” we are or Read more about EP.94 – Blem de la Blem – featuring Shaka Ptah[…]

Duration: 02:23:37

EP.92 – Don’t Panic – featuring @CBOSpeaks

Happy #ESSOFriday Refs! In this episode, the gang invites @CBOSpeaks from “For The Love of the Game Sports” to discuss Janet Jackson’s 500 million dollar come up, Suge Knight’s testimony, French Montana’s issues with auto correct, 50 Cent’s dead arm, United Airlines, and so much more. Be sure to tune in and join the conversation Read more about EP.92 – Don’t Panic – featuring @CBOSpeaks[…]

Duration: 01:48:18

EP.92 – Three’s Company feat. @DannyAndCleo

Welcome to Episode 92 of THE OFFCIALLY STREET PODCAST! In this episode, we invited special guests D.E and Cleo from “The Danny and Cleo Show”! Together, they discuss Kendrick Lamar’s new song “Humble”, and the backlash it’s been receiving from feminists across the world, Pepsi’s new-but since removed-problematic commercial that has many people in an Read more about EP.92 – Three’s Company feat. @DannyAndCleo[…]

Duration: 01:35:22

EP.91 – First Time Etiquette

This week we were joined by Cherry to discuss a bunch of current events as usual, as well as share whether or not we think some of those events are official, or unofficial. Things get interesting when Cherry shares a story with us, and it sparks an entirely different conversation surrounding one night stands, and Read more about EP.91 – First Time Etiquette[…]

Duration: 01:17:46

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