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We take a hard look between being a great wrestler to being a sports entertainer. We play Stump the Chump, take a look at the ratings, and talk the past, present and future of professional wrestling.




Split Decision - Ep. 32 - Summer Slam Preview


Duration: 01:18:30

The Offshoots - Ep. 200 - Card is Subject to Change

Orginially we were going to get The Legendary Kevin Von Erich on to talk about his trip with his boys to Isreal, but real life got in the way. So instead, his agent Dennis Crosby popped on to talk about working with the Von Erichs, talking about the Marshall and Ross working more these days, and much more. At NAWA Queen of the Underground, Big Kev and I were able to ask Machiko the question that has haunted Kev for a long time, has she ever competed in a Pussy on a Pole Match? Plus, Lucha...

Duration: 02:10:54

IIWIIJA - Ep. 101 - Summer Top 5

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000228 EndHTML:000030098 StartFragment:000027136 EndFragment:000029994 StartSelection:000027136 EndSelection:000029990 SourceURL:https://jackassnation.podbean.com/e/iiwiija-ep-101-summers-top-5/ Jackass Nation » Blog Archive » IiWiIJA Ep 101: Summers Top 5 This week on It Is What It Is with The Jackass, BC is breaking down his top 5 films of the summer of 2017! What made the list? What didn’t? come find out! Plus he talks about his experiences as a the newest...

Duration: 01:28:47

Southern Discomfort - Ep. 3 - JR Davis

“Farmer” Sits down with musician JR Davis of the band Eurydice to talk about his love of music how he formed his band and his love for professional wrestling!! His band has also contributed to the Cape Championship Wrestling TV show Chaos theme song!! They have also contributed their skills to making a custom theme song for one of Cape Championship Wrestling Superstars and Southern Discomforts own Brandon Barbwire!! They also have their first cd out for pre order and a first album party...

Duration: 00:46:26

Sports Zone - August

Zeke Suspension NAWA Queen of the Underground CTE issues Joey Galo is the best ever, albeit his numbers suck NO MLS TALK

Duration: 01:11:32

Split Decision - Ep. 31 - Ronda Rousey is training fror the WWE

Big MMA news handed down before we recorded in regards to Rousey training to be a pro wrestler. Also, Jon Jones calls out Brock Lesnar, another source calls in, and UFC 214 review.

Duration: 01:04:06

The Offshoots - Ep. 199 - This Show Needs Discipline!

Short show today but we covered the goings on for NAWA Queen of the Underground and SOAR Championship Wrestling, plus mixed in a little Comi-Con Convention talk. Brad Sanders, host of Just BS and current SOAR Championship Wrestling performer, popped on for a longer interview today. We talked about how he became Mr. Discipline, the road he’s traveled to come to Dallas, being married in the business, and what he thought about Matt Riveria’s comments toward him. Jason Cook, former employee of...

Duration: 01:16:54

IIWIIJA - Ep. 100 - 100 EPISDOES

It’s the 100th episode of It Is What It Is with The Jackass! And we are celebrating with an extra long episode! In this milestone episode, BC recaps what he deemed the “Summer Of the Jackass”. He also looks back at the 99 episodes that have come before and talks about how it came to be and how excited he is to get to this point. Also once again Matt joins the Jackass to recap The Spoils of War, Episode 4 of Season 7 of Game Of Thrones! All this, Box Office Breakdowns, and more on this 100th...

Duration: 01:31:44

NAWA Killer Radio - Queen of the Underground - Preview

Carl Knight and John Famous talk about the upcoming NAWA Queen of the Underground show that happens this Friday. Mr. High Road Carl Knight tries to talk to the Bat-Shit Crazy Retired Wrestler, who apparently is selling a book. This show comes off the heels of IGM Brandon Mason’s “banning” of Famous from the upcoming show, Famous “suspending” anyone with an opinion, and just total chaos. For tickets, go to nawadallas.com.

Duration: 01:17:29

The Offshoots - Ep. 198 - Refs Gone Wild!

In this episode, we talked about it all, just about! We talked MPX, SOAR Championship Wrestling, Rampage All-Star Wrestling, TASW, NWA, Killer Tim Brooks, and much more. Kyle Davis joined the program to talk about his new show coming to The Offshoots Nation called MPX Unauthorized. He talks about the beginning of MPX, from his persceptive. Thomas Barmes joined the show to shoot the shit about the Texas Indie Scene. He gets into how he went from being a fan of TASW to actually working it...

Duration: 01:52:54

IIWIIJA - Ep. 99 - Mel’s Justice

This week on It Is What It Is with The Jackass, BC brings on Coach Matt from SCNS and Cinelinx to break down and review this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones. The show is very spoiler heavy so if you have not seen Season 7 Episode 3 be warned. Spoilers begin at minute 22:45 and end at 1:09:00. BC also reflects on this past year missing his friend, and breaks down the upcoming MPX Purple Reign! All this, plus Box Office Predictions and more on this week’s Episode of I [...]

Duration: 01:21:17

The Lucha Lounge - Ep. 76 - DeMarco vs. Ramons 1 and Other Thoughts

In this episode of The Lucha Lounge, Steve talks about his first wrestling match against Cherry Ramons this past weekend at TASW, plus other thoughts. Like The Lucha Lounge with Steve DeMarco on Facebook. Follow the hashtag #LuchaLounge on Social Media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Check out past shows of The Lucha Lounge by going to theoffshoots.podbean.com

Duration: 00:19:45

The Offshoots - Ep. 197 - Welcome Back Texoma Pro and Farewell to Jaxon Stone

The Offshoots returned to Texoma Pro, formerly NWA Texoma, and took in a show that I wasn’t prepared to see. Randy Wayne and Charlie Haas have seemed to found common ground, with the help of Nigel Rabid. Adam Asher doesn’t want Tim Storm to steal his spotlight since the NWA title can’t be defended at Texoma anymore. Jerome Daniels and Jordan Len-X battled till neither guy had anything left. The return of Bam Bam Malone, however, the farewell of Jaxon Stone. Interviews with NWA Champion...

Duration: 00:58:09

IIWIIJA - Ep. 98 - SDCC Recap Bay-BEEE

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000233 EndHTML:000029670 StartFragment:000027064 EndFragment:000029566 StartSelection:000027064 EndSelection:000029562 SourceURL:https://jackassnation.podbean.com/e/iiwiija-ep-98-sdcc-recap-bay-beee/ Jackass Nation » Blog Archive » IiWiIJA Ep 98: SDCC Recap Bay-BEEE This week on It Is What It Is, The Jackass is back from San Diego and SDCC! What were his thoughts on all the panels? COme listen and find out! He also talks about the parties, and the new...

Duration: 01:09:05

The Lucha Lounge - Ep. 75 - Referee Thomas Barnes

This week my guest is the meme creating referee Thomas Barnes. In this fun conversation, we discuss becoming a wrestling fan, as a teenager, his love of TASW, being a part of the heel fans group, podcasting, becoming a referee, his travels in the business and his inspiration for memes.

Duration: 01:10:39

The Offshoots - Mike Freska talks about his career and his upcoming match with Christian Simms

Saw Mike wrestle Simms a few months and took a nasty bump off the top rope. Talked to Mike about the injury, effects it had to hiim, etc. Plus, we get into his early career and where he started.

Duration: 00:09:33

The Offshoots - AMW & UCW Manager Phil Phair debuts on The Offshoots

Had Phil Phair on last week, talked about his transtition from referee to manager. Go to collarandelbowbrand.com, use promo code PHIL

Duration: 00:18:04

Split Decision - Ep. 30 - Tommy has a Source

Will Ronda Rousey go to the WWE? Will CM Punk return to the Octogon or will he go back to the WWE? Apparently, Tommy has a source.

Duration: 00:49:00

The Offshoots - Ep. 196 - The Big Reveal….

In this episode of The Offshoots, we talked about The Kurt Angle.Jason Jordan situation. Was this what we expected? Did this meet our expecations? What does this do to American Alpha? Is this a push like Kane got for being The Undertaker’s brother? Hooligan Ace returned to the ring and is taking part in the MPX Dream Chasers tournament. He came on and we talked about his time away, contributing factors that led him to walk away, and why he came back. IWR’s CEO, Chandler Hopkins, and...

Duration: 01:46:40

IIWIIJA - Ep. 97 - Not So SDCC Bay -BEE

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000234 EndHTML:000029586 StartFragment:000027068 EndFragment:000029482 StartSelection:000027068 EndSelection:000029478 SourceURL:https://jackassnation.podbean.com/e/iiwiija-ep-97-not-so-sdcc-bay-beee/ Jackass Nation » Blog Archive » IiWiIJA Ep 97: Not So SDCC Bay-BEEE So i brought all the needed cords and everything to record, got drunk, and lost my recorder. So the episode is a lot shorter, and a lot of SDCC lacking. But what would of been, would have been...

Duration: 00:35:12

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