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Everything about essential oils! The hows and whys, DIY and interviews so you get the most information possible! Join us on this wellness/oily journey!

Everything about essential oils! The hows and whys, DIY and interviews so you get the most information possible! Join us on this wellness/oily journey!
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Everything about essential oils! The hows and whys, DIY and interviews so you get the most information possible! Join us on this wellness/oily journey!




#110 Visualization and Your Potential

Today I want to talk about the power of visualization. Not just positive affirmations but visualization. What does that mean?! Well, I'm going to explain all about it and also give you lots of essential oils that you can use to support you limitless potential. Because every one of you has it. Every one of you contains limitless potential. I can see it! Can you?


#109 Grounding Your Emotions

What does being emotionally grounded mean to you? Today, I talk about what being "grounded" means (no, it's not being stuck in your room all day...) and what essential oils are best to use to ground out those emotions! There's the emotional stop drop and roll and a blend I like to call the "I am rubber, you are glue" essential oil. Let's talk about it!


#108 Peace & Calming is BACK!

If you haven't noticed... Peace & Calming, the original came back in stock this last week! It's been out of stock for NINE months! It's a huge favorite with most people because it really lives up to its name. But because it's been out of stock for so long, I wanted to (re)introduce you! I tell you all about our amazing Peace & Calming and a little bit about what the difference is between the original and Peace & Calming II. Yep... there's 2!


#107 Essential Oils for Boredom

Yep. There's even an oil for boredom! A few actually... There's plenty of science looking into boredom so we'll touch on a little bit of that and then I give you a few essential oils that you can try to get you through any boredom you may be feeling. Boredom can be a destructive force in life. It's important to have the tools to push through and complete your goals! Let's chat about it!


#106 Essential Oils for Grief

First... Merry Christmas a day late everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday. The reason why I wanted to talk about essential oils for grief today is because I know the holidays can be really rough for some people. I want you to have the oils you need to feel happy and well always! Let's chat about it!


#105 Autoimmune and Skin

Autoimmune disorders can affect various areas of the body. One of them is your skin. So how can we easily support our skin? EASY! With our essential oils. I give you lots of different options of essential oils today along with a super easy DIY salve recipe.


#104 Muscle Love

This week we've been discussing around autoimmune conditions. How we've been doing that is by discussing body systems that can be affected and how you can support those body systems with your essential oils. One of those body systems is your muscles! So let's chat about that!


#103 Interview with Suzanne Davidson

Today's Wellness Wednesday interview is with Suzanne Davidson. She is an associate tech with Boeing/NASA in Houston Texas. How awesome does that sound?! She has a lot of really amazing information for us today. Tons of really great tips and stories to share. Let's listen!


#102 Essential Oils to the Rescue!

There are SO many essential oils to support the body's response to inflammation and this is HUGE when discussing autoimmune issues, right?! So let's chat about this one today!


#101 Compliance, Autoimmune, and Inflammatory Foods

I have had a ton of people ask me to talk on autoimmune disorders. In order to (sort of) talk about this, I wanted to talk a bit about compliant language and what that means. I also give you a little bit of information on what an autoimmune disease is and also some info on what inflammatory foods are. All of these are related, and now for the rest of the week, we can get into the oily stuff!


#100 Easy DIY Gift Recipes!

First of all.... this is episode 100!!! So awesome! I feel so lucky to be able to talk with all of you 5 days a week and chat essential oils all the time. So thank you to YOU for listening and hanging out with me! Today, I give you 3 really easy DIY recipes to make in case you need a few extra gift ideas before the holidays officially get here. I know not everyone wants to DIY and make their own, but I promise, these are EASY!


#099 Are Essential Oils Expensive?

One of the questions I get most often is about the price. Are essential oils expensive? What goes into the cost vs quality? Does that matter? Yes. It definitely matters! Let's chat about it!


#098 Guest Interview with Amber Laird

Hey hey everyone! Today's Wellness Wednesday interview is with Amber Laird. She has some really great information to share. I loved hearing her oily journey, she is such a wealth of great tips! There's so much packed into this one. From lightning strikes to acupuncture to raising kids and using oils - let's chat!


#097 Rose and the Essential Oil Fad

Did you see that ROSE was one of the essential oils in the Young Living 12 days of Christmas Sale yesterday?! Since I know there's a few of you who probably snagged it, I wanted to tell you a little bit about it! Also... what's up with this essential oil fad everyone is talking about? ;)


#096 Monday Survival Guide

Today I talk all about essential oils and products that can help you through your Monday! Mondays can be sleepy and hard to get motivated. I'm here to tell you what oils and products you need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed every Monday!


#095 The NEW HydroGize!

Young Living just announced the release of their new HydroGize product! It's a water bottle that produces hydrogen rich water with the click of a button. It's pretty awesome! So today, I wanted to tell you why hydrogen rich water is important for overall health and wellness. Let's chat!


#094 Spotlight on JuvaFlex

Meet JuvaFlex! Kind of like DiGize's cousin. It's an amazing digestive support essential oil. Digestive support is something we all need during the holiday season (and maybe all year long). I also talk about why it's good to use different essential oils that have the same use but contain slightly different essential oils within the blends.


#093 Podcast Interviews and Network Marketing

Podcast Interviews, Network Marketing and My Past, oh my! A little bit of everything today! If you want to come on my podcast and let me interview you, email me at


#092 How to Limit Sugar

There is so much sugar around during the holidays! It can be really really hard to avoid. But did you know that there are some products and essential oils that can help to support your body and dare I say... willpower, in avoiding sugar?! Yes! Let's chat about it.


#091 Treating Symptoms vs Supporting Systems

There are a lot of people out there that are stuck in the mentality of treating symptoms rather than supporting your body's systems! This can make it hard for them to understand how essential oils can be effective. Let's stop treating our bodies like they are a car! We cannot treat one specific symptom at a time. We have to look at the entire body system and the mind-body connection! Let's talk about it!


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