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Everything about essential oils! The hows and whys, DIY and interviews so you get the most information possible! Join us on this wellness/oily journey!




#230 How to Know Which Essential Oil to Use

You've heard me (and I bet a lot of other people!) say, there's an oil for that! but how do you know which one to use? I'm here to give you a few ideas to help give you the ideas and resources to figure it out! Let's chat!

Duration: 00:06:57

#229 What Can You Use Essential Oils For?

Now that we've covered the why and cost breakdown of the starter kit this week, I want to give you some ideas on how to use those oils! The Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 essential oils that were each chosen for specific reasons. With this kit, you pretty much have full body wellness covered! I hope you have a pen and paper to take a few notes! Let's chat about it!

Duration: 00:27:59

#228 What Are Essential Oils & Why Would You Want to Use Them?

This week we've talked about why I chose Young Living and why the starter kit is such a screamin deal! But I think, sometimes, people are hesitant to try essential oils because they just don't know what they are! So today, I wanted to explain it a bit. What in the world are those crazy essential oils anyway and why would anyone want to use them?! Let's chat about it!

Duration: 00:08:08

#227 The Essential Oil Starter Kit Breakdown!

One of the questions I get often is, how long will the essential oils last if I buy the Premium Starter Kit? We all want our moneys worth, right?! So today, I break down the cost. I tell you, roughly, how many drops of essential oil you can use and about how long the 11 essential oils that come in the starter kit will last you. Spoiler alert - you can use A LOT of drops a day and the kit will still last you a while. Don't believe me? Come chat with me and check out the numbers!

Duration: 00:06:31

#226 Why Young Living Essential Oils for My Family?

Today I want to tell you a story and in this story I tell you why I love Young Living so much. Yesterday we talked about when people ask me "why Young Living?" that my answer is to tell them about the Seed to Seal process... this story is why I tell them about the Seed to Seal process and why that process is so important! I even throw in a little DIY laundry soap recipe somewhere in the middle. Let's chat about it!

Duration: 00:06:30

#225 Why Young Living Essential Oils?

I have gotten this question a lot lately. Why Young Living? What makes this company stand out from the rest?! Well, I'm here to tell ya. I also tell you what Young Living does with all the fruit after they distill the rinds into essential oil... but you have to listen to find out! Replay! After getting back to the United States, we stayed with my family for about 2 weeks and then we moved into a house of our own! In this time, my laptop went missing so last week the podcast took an...

Duration: 00:08:10

#224 Essential Oil Starter Kit Replay

I realized that it's been a while since we've talked about the Premium Starter Kit! So today, I wanted to tell you all about it. The essential oils, the diffusers, and slight differences based on what country you are living in. Let's chat all about it!

Duration: 00:08:33

#223 Trauma Life and P&C Essential Oils

If you've listened to past episodes, you've heard me talk about the mind-body connection before. It's a real thing. Trust me! Stress can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. So today, I wanted to tell you about 2 different essential oil blends that can be really helpful in letting go of stress and occasional anxiety so you can calm down for your night and get the rest that you deserve and your body needs! Let's chat!

Duration: 00:06:18

#222 Caffeine Energy Replacements

We've talked before about how if our hormones are out of whack, that it can affect every other system in our bodies. Including our adrenals and how we feel energy. So today, I wanted to give you a few essential oil related caffeine replacements! Because if you're like me.... you might need them! Let's chat!

Duration: 00:06:31

#221 Essential Oil Interview with Fawn MacMichael

Today on the podcast is a guest interview with Fawn MacMichael! She is an amazing woman with an equally inspiring story. She believes in a healthy empowered lifestyle and really embodies that belief. Take a listen and meet Fawn!

Duration: 00:09:51

#220 Essential Oil Products for Vacation

I've just landed in Utah! One more Replay! Now that we've covered how to get through the airport with your oils, what essential oils you'll want on the plane, and what other oils you might want to bring on vacation/traveling with you... let's talk about what other products you might want or need! There are a ton of essential oil infused products that can be really handy to have on hand while traveling! Let's Chat!

Duration: 00:08:45

#219 Essential Oils for Vacation

We listened to the replay of what essential oils to bring on a flight yesterday so today I thought the replay on what other essential oils you should bring with you would be a good choice! Now that your flight is over... what essential oils might you need once you arrive to your destination? There are a few that you will want even while on vacation! Let's talk about it! We are moving to Utah from Taiwan today! A few more replays and we'll be back in new content action. Thank you for...

Duration: 00:09:22

#218 Essential Oils for Flight Travel

I thought this would be a great episode to replay! Not only are we moving this week but I know a lot of you have travel plans this summer! Don't be afraid to bring your oils on a plane with you! So, I wanted to give you some ideas of which essential oils you might want to bring on a plane with you and why! Let's chat about it!

Duration: 00:09:50

#217 Essential Oils for Fitness Again!

Let's talk some more essential oils and essential oil products for fitness!! We've been talking about essential oils for the guys in our life this month, even thought everyone can use essential oils for fitness! I also have an announcement! We're moving! .... Again! Let's chat!

Duration: 00:07:35

#216 Essential Oil Interview with Marsha Neill

I have been having so much fun going back and listening to some of these interviews! I thought you might too. They're fun and full of great information! So let's do one more! This guest interview is with henna artist Marsha Neill! She has been one of my very close friends for over 9 years now and I am so honored to have such a talented and caring friend. She gives us some really good information (did you know there's a scientific reason why essential oils are helpful in henna?!) listen to...

Duration: 00:15:17

#215 Essential Oils with Kari Lewis

I am not sure what happened but apparently my computer ate the podcast episode I had recorded for today. Yep... it's gone. So instead, I thought we would replay this interview with the now Royal Crown Diamond Kari Lewis! I'm gearing up to do interviews again and I can't wait! But in the meantime, enjoy this one... again! Kari Lewis has some really amazing oily tips for everyone! Even more tips for balancing work, family and life. She is so positive and upbeat, I just loved talking with...

Duration: 00:16:43

#214 Fitness Essential Oils

I said that we were going to be talking about essential oils and essential oil products for the guys this month! Today I wanted to continue that discussion into fitness. I want to tell you about a few different products and a few different oils that can really help support your fitness routine! Are you ready?! Let's chat!

Duration: 00:06:43

#213 Essential Oil Monday Survival Guide Replay

Before we continue on with our month of essential oils for the guys, I wanted to replay how to survive your Monday... because it's Monday! So, today I talk all about essential oils and products that can help you through your Monday! Mondays can be sleepy and hard to get motivated. I'm here to tell you what oils and products you need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed every Monday!

Duration: 00:10:09

#212 Cooking with Essential Oils, Gifts for Dad

This week we've been chatting about what kinds of essential oils or essential oil products would be great for Father's Day. Today, I wanted to talk about cooking with the Vitality essential oils. There are a ton of different kinds and they can be used for any meal of the day! If any of the men in your life love to cook, this is one you want to listen to! Let's chat!

Duration: 00:08:08

#211 Essential Oil Energy Ideas for Guys

Today I wanted to talk about energy! Because dads need energy too! (don't worry everyone, you can use them too!) I wanted to give you a few more essential oil gift ideas before Father's Day got here. I know my husband loves these oils and products so if you're looking for some ideas to get your man more into essential oils, these ones might help! Let's chat about it!

Duration: 00:19:14

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