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January 16 2015 Decadent Studios

This was 2015’s Debut episode live from Baltimore County for the first time courtesy of #AngiesDecadentCakes. OneMic set the stage by declaring the categories of party-goers who will be at Las Vegas Sevens. TeamMafisi, TeamMafisiress, TeamBlockers, TeamHousBands and TeamYesBands. Listen to the show for the comprehensive breakdown. Mteule gave a quick rundown of events that […] The post January 16 2015 Decadent Studios appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:50:20

November 14 2014 NUTRITION

SUMMARY Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Certified Personal trainer Charles Nyasae was in studio talking on matters nutrition and physical well being. He discussed strategies and techniques that will help one get started without having to break sweat. #MyDressMyChoice was debated. The panel contemplated repercussions of the video that had been […] The post November 14 2014 NUTRITION appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:51:42

October 31 2014

SUMMARY This week was headlined by chaos within ODM’s top ranks at Orange House. Jackson Omondi a steadfast ODM supporter from Baltimore gave background and detail leading to Magerer Langat’s forceful and violent eviction from a CORD meeting. New Jersey Jubilee supporter Maina wa Njoki swiftly gave a scathing rebuttal placing blame on CORD […] The post October 31 2014 appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:41:35

October 17 2014

BlackSugar made a surprise return to Matchbox Studios. She went off on the people making fun of the ‘intelligent’ looks of Ms. Siaya, while the rest of the panel were mesmerized by Ms. Nyeri. DJ Omosh Faya was on the ones and twos killing that Kenyan beats. Mteule took the lead on the discussion about […] The post October 17 2014 appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:49:02

October 10 2014 MENTAL HEALTH in the African Diaspora Community

SUMMARY This week, Mteule opened up a discussion about Uhuru’s trip to the Hague and its possible aftermath. He then gave a detailed break-down of the newly released report on the Mpeketoni attacks by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA). Sports Anchor Micah Och gave a pre-tournament analysis of the IRB Rugby Sevens Gold-Coast leg, […] The post October 10 2014 MENTAL HEALTH in the African Diaspora Community appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:38:51

August 8 2014 US-Africa Summit Week

It was US-Africa Summit week, and we covered everything from Chantal Biya’s hair to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Speech. Omosh Faya attended a segment organized for the African Diaspora at the White House. We had a general discussion on the wider summit and analyzed some of its merits to Africans. The Chinese model in Africa was […] The post August 8 2014 US-Africa Summit Week appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:09:13

August 1 2014

Chronicles of a Bukusu Lover, Updates from the OKC sex abuse case, Afrimma Awards and the bitter taste that ensued plus a surprise visit from top Nakuru County officials fresh from Kenya. The inter-racial couple of a Bukusu man and an Indian lady tickled the panel. The discussion was centered on whether it will spark […] The post August 1 2014 appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:56:06

July 18 2014 RANDOM FRIDAY

The past week on The OneMic Show started with an unusually high number of death and funeral announcements. The panel spontaneously was forced to discuss ways and means of easing the funeral arrangement process for diasporans. Toxic Brews Killing Kenyans once again was the subject. The different demographic of middle class victims was debated. The... The post July 18 2014 RANDOM FRIDAY appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 03:16:16

June 20 2014

On The OneMic Show | The #MpeketoniAttacks , Was it terrorism or Ethnic Cleansing? What Intel did Police have? Social Media speculation and Hate Speech… Was the President Wrong? Was CORD responsible? Who are the 5 attackers killed by the Police? Who is Ishmael Omondi? | We also break-down with Cecil DJomoshfaya Otieno details of... The post June 20 2014 appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 02:46:42


This was a SPECIAL SHOW, having a conversation about FATHERS and J Karoki called in to really speak on behalf of the FATHERS out there. In the process #TeamSnatch decided ummm commandeer the MICS. It will be INTERESTING and was INTERESTING. You just have to LISTEN. HOSTS: Ali, Micah, OneMic, Kosura, Nyaks Guest: Team Snatch... The post June 13 2014 FATHER’s DAY SPECIAL appeared first on The One Mic Show.

Duration: 04:01:41

May 30 2014 SENDWAVE

This show was brought to you by SENDWAVE, where you Send money to Kenya, with love. It is Instant, no fee transfers from your debit card to M-Pesa with the best rates. In the PoliTricks section, We looked at the just concluded welcome bash for RAO, the Sonko/Shebesh drama, the MATHOGZ going on in the...


We were fortunate to have Njamio Kariuki Wa Yaa of CURVY CHRONICLES who graced us with her presence in the Studio. In the POLITRICKS desk with Ali, we FIERCELY discussed the political climate in East Africa especially KENYA, sports desk Micah gave us a run down including KENYA being represented by DIVOK Origi. We will...

Duration: 03:54:53

May 9 2014

This week we, at the kamukunji, talked about the killer brew in Kenya that has left more than 80 dead and hundreds sick. We also discussed about the arrest of the Killer Thika Road Matatu crew for failure to stop an act of terror aka not ensuring passenger safety which has now lead to Bus...

Duration: 03:04:33

May 2 2014

This was another RANDOM Friday but with a few topic to DISCUSS. ASSkari/ASSkali was one, sports and the MARRIAGE BILL. President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into the the MARRAIGE BILL. With the signing, many ‘armchair’ lawyers gave their 1 cent on the ACT and how it would adversely affect the institution of MARRIAGE and what not....

Duration: 04:01:01

April 25 State of the Church with Leonard Kangethe

This has been a long time coming. KENYAN CHURCHES in the diaspora have been an issue that is discussed but not addressed. In our local kamkunjis, people discuss the STATE OF THE CHURCH and what better way to get the inside SCOOP from the SOURCE and our guest, Leonard Kangethe, was the right individual to...

Duration: 03:24:52

April 18 2014 State of MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT in Kenya with Mugo Ng’ang’a

This is a conversation that needs to have been HAD. THE MTV BASE MAMA award nominees were announced and the list was IMPRESSIVELY dominated by SOUTH AFRICAN and NIGERIAN Artists. My belief is that there is TALENT across the continent but before traversing the continent, one needs to look at his/her own backyard and figure...

Duration: 03:05:01

April 11 2014 RANDOM FRIDAY

This was to be a RANDOM Friday but main focus was a look at the debacle that was the Eric Omondi Comedy show that was to happen on April 4th 2014. We had the parties involved, call in and explain to the disappointed fans what really went on. The first to call was Master Gee,...

Duration: 04:11:35

April 4 2014 with Adan Mohamed and Roshie

ABOUT UONGOZI ACTIVITY OVERVIEW The Uongozi 2012 Campaign Project is a multi-media activitydesigned to involve young Kenyans in a public discussion aboutleadership and inspire them to responsibly engage in the politicalprocess – as voters and candidates. The activity uses widespreadcommunity outreach, various multi-media channels and a nationalreality television show to positively influence and empower youth....

Duration: 03:54:49

March 28 2014 Laverah Olukune A.I.C good will Ambassador

We had the fortune of having Laverah Olukune in the studio to talk to us about the African Immigrant Caucus of which she is a goodwill ambassador. Here is her message What is AIC? The African Immigrant Caucus is a growing network of African immigrant institutions including ethnic associations, which have come together to effect...

Duration: 03:11:24

March 21 2014 DJ YARD

The main topic of the DAY was, IS HONESTY THE BEST POLICY? and thispertainedtotheamendedmarriage bill passed in the Kenyan Parliament that pretty much endorsed polygamy. The viewsexpressed, well let us just say interesting We had the pleasure and honor of having, as Ali calls him BEAST FROM THE EAST, Dj Yard who was gracious enough...

Duration: 04:26:38

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