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OEP008 Scott Hamlin.output

Its my great pleasure today to welcome extraordinary videographer, Scott Hamlin to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast. Scott shares his expertise on creating Promotional Videos, its virtually a step by step guide on how to create them. Discover My Video Courses - Exclusive Offer $10 (Shhhh - its our secret) Video Design Mastery: Create Awesome Videos Fast! Promo Video...

Duration: 00:29:47

OEP006 How to Get Leads From Facebook Groups with Bruno Domingues

Its my great pleasure to welcome Bruno to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast Bruno is an online marketer who has focused on Facebook Groups and unlocked the secret sauce of how to generate leads without getting banned by the Group Owner! Bruno takes you through six clear steps: Bruno's approach focuses how you can scale your business and avoid be overwhelmed. You are going to love this Episode for the detail and inspiration that Bruno shares. Find Out More About Bruno You can find...

Duration: 01:00:51

OEP 005 Developing Online Business with Carlo Guzzi

Carlo and I connected on Linkedin and I thought it would be interesting to compare notes on how to develop and market a business online. This took the form of a Q&A session and discussion with both of us throwing in our ideas. We hope you find these useful. You can download the Show Reel by clicking on this link. It includes: Please go to the Show notes at to download the show reel.

Duration: 00:49:48

OEP004 Joomla, eLearning and Podcasting with Ilona Hetsevich

I was very flattered to be asked by Ilona Hetsevich from the Joomla Blog for an interview to discuss elearning and Podcasting. I hope you find this episode helpful and it inspires you to look more closely at how you can become more successful by embracing eLearning and how you might incorporate a Podcast into your business. Discover How to Podcast with Pat Flynn Follow this link to find out everything you need to know about Podcasting and how to get started in Pats amazing post and...

Duration: 00:21:54

OEP 003 Free Traffic Forever with Tom Hunt

In this week's episode I am delighted to welcome Tom Hunt to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast. Tom is a serial entrepreneur who has worked out a system which he is sharing with you, to drive prospects to your site and your products. In the interview he shares his story with us, so that you can understand that this is all based on his experience gained creating his businesses. You can find his blog post - which I strongly recommend that you read...

Duration: 00:26:56

OEP2 Crowdfunding under a Microscope!

Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 2 Crowdfunding under a Microscope with Andrew Monk, Founder and CEO of ioLight In March 2017, ioLight successfully raised over £300,000 on Crowdcube and Andrew shares this experience with you step by step. If you are considering your own crowdfunding, you will not want to miss this episode as Andrew is very open with his stories of his experience and provides some excellent advice. You can download a PDF ShowReel of our conversation here Click...

Duration: 00:53:08

OEP1 Introduction to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast

Welcome to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast! This Podcast is focused on you the Optimistic Entrepreneur This short introduction explains how my podcasts have evolved and why I have now launched my third Podcast, the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast! Watch out for some great Episodes coming very soon with some great interviews with Entrepreneurs, just like you!

Duration: 00:04:37

OCI 138 Customer Manipulation with Chloe Thomas

Its my great pleasure this week to welcome Chloe Thomas to the Online Courses Insider Show. Chloe is an ecommerce expert and author of the newly published book, Customer Manipulation. Chloe provides a framework to help you to understand where you need to focus your market efforts to have the most impact on your ecommerce business. This Week’s Guest: Chloe Thomas In this Episode you will discover: Who is Chloe ThomasWhat is Customer Manipulation and why do itHow Chloe described...

Duration: 00:38:41

OCI 137 Branding Building: Build and Boost Your Brand with Phil Pallen

Today its my great pleasure to welcome Phil Pallen to the Online Courses Insider Show! Phil was a mesmirising keynote speaker at New Media Europe 2016. Phil is a Brand Expert who helps a very wide range of clients all over the world build and promote their brands. This Week’s Guest: Phil Pallen In this Episode you will discover: What Brand Building does for youWhy bother with BrandingWhere does Phil start with a new clientHow Phil combines, Photography, Typography and all the...

Duration: 00:40:39

OCI BC Stack Bonus Podcast with Rachel Martin and Dan Morris

Today its my great pleasure to welcome Rachel Martin and Dan Morris to the Online Courses Insider Podcast. Rachel and Dan are the founders of BC Stack, a project where they bundle an amazing array of courses and products into a digital “Stack” and then market this stack globally to a wide audience. I was very honnoured to be invited to participate and had to get them on to the show to share it with you. If you are a Digital Entrepreneur, is this something you can do? This Week’s...

Duration: 00:43:04

OCI134 Amazon Video Direct Unwrapped with Rob Cubbon

Today I am delighted to Welcome Rob Cubbon to the Online Courses Insider Podcast. Rob has been a digital entrepreneur for 10 years and as he freely admits has tried many strategies in his business over this time. Today we discuss the newly unveiled Amazon Video Direct platform and its potential for helping us to grow our businesses. This Week’s Guest: Rob Cubbon In this Episode you will discover: Find Out More About Rob...

Duration: 00:40:09

OCI133 Active Campaign Email Marketing with Rob Wilson

My Guest this week is Rob Wilson an expert marketer who is particularly adept with Using Active Campaign and this week's episode is all about how to establish build and grow your email marketing, in particular (but not exclusively) using Active Campaign. This Week's Guest: Rob Wilson Founder of the BizSysMan, building business improving systems. Over 20 years in IT at the Director level. I work as the bridge between IT and the business to produce business systems that produce a return on...

Duration: 00:49:22

OCI132 Growth Hacking Youtube with Gabby Wallace

My Guest today is Gabby Wallace who I am delighted to interview on this the first episode of the new branding for the show. Gabby has had amazing success with her Youtube channel and it has been one of the major contributing factors to her success. Today she shares some great ideas about how you can be successful too! If you find this helpful, then grab the Cheatsheet I created from the content in the show which you can get below! Guest: Gabby Wallace Gabby Wallace earned her Masters...

Duration: 01:05:32

OLP131 Crazy Eye Marketing with Nathan Williams

In this week's episode I am delighted to welcome Nathan Williams from Crazy Eye Marketing who shares with us the step by step explanation of his lead funnel. Nathan is an expert marketer and his lead funnel expertise is going to completely blow you away as he shares exactly how and why he constructs his lead funnel the way he does. This Week's Guest: Nathan Williams In this Episode Discover: How Nathan transitioned from the Military to becoming an online entrepreneur We discovered a mutual...

Duration: 00:42:07

OLP130 Finding Your Prosperity Place with Joan Sotkin

This Week's Guest: Joan Sotkin It is my pleasure to welcome Joan Sotkin to the Online Learning Podcast. Joan is an experienced Online Entrepreneur and is now turning her attention to creating online courses. She is truly inspirational and I hope you enjoy our wide ranging discussion. You can find out more about Joan at her website - John's New Youtube Video Optimisation Course You can enroll in John's new Youtube Video Optimisation Course by following this link....

Duration: 00:57:11

OLP129 Courses, Tools and Tactics with Paula Guilfoyle

This week's Guest: Paula Guilfoyle Its my great pleasure to welcome Paula Guilfoyle to the Online Learning Podcast. Paula is a profile course creator and educator. She shares her story with us as well as a whole load of great tactics and tools which you can use to develop your online courses and digital entrepreneur business. Meet Paula Paula is a Qualified CPA with over 15 years' experience in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management,Process improvement, Internal Audit, Group...

Duration: 00:36:03

OLP128 Growth Hacking Udemy with Jackie Burgoa

This Week's Guest: Jackie Burgoa In this week's episode we discuss Digital Marketing with Growth Hacking Expert Jackie Burgoa. Discover the strategies Jackie used to get her courses ranking in Udemy through using smart and actionable strategies to drive her courses to the top of Udemy organic ranking. This episode is pure gold for Udemy instructors seeking to improve their courses' rankings in Udemy. Meet Jackie "Hi! I'm Jackie. I have a degree in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley. An MBA...

Duration: 01:09:21

OLP127 Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? with Ben Hunt-Davis MBE

Today its my great pleasure to welcome Ben Hunt-Davis MBE to the Online Learning Podcast. Ben won a Gold medal in the Great Britain Eight in Rowing at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The experience of training, competing and winning at the Olympics is the cornerstone of his consulting company and his message, "Will it Make The Boat Go Faster?". Ben shares his story and his inspirational message in this interview ‘An Olympic gold medal is a crazy thing to want, and a crazy thing to work...

Duration: 00:51:38

OLP126 Mark Price Creates Amazing Udemy Coding Courses!

I am delighted to welcome coder and gamer Mark Price to the Online Learning Podcast! Why Mark sees Udemy as a starting point for his online business Advice for new Udemy Instructors Why asking students to introduce themselves in your course works so well Deep dive into Mark's Amazing Programming course! Why students want Udemy courses that benefit their lives Why Mark includes lot of exercises and projects in his courses Why Mark has an amazing Chat room on his website to support his...

Duration: 00:34:22

OLP125 Money and Metaphysics with Cha-zay Sandhriel

In today's Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcomeCha-zay Sandhrielwho brings an amazing array of left brain and right brain experience to her Udemy courses. We discuss how she came to be such an amazing Udemy instructor and she explains why she wants to share her Money and Metaphysics course with you for just $1! In this Week's Episode:Cha-zay Sandhriel In this Episode we discuss: How a major business disaster has changed her perspective on life Why she found...

Duration: 00:44:02

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