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Check out the OST show! (Opinionated Sports Talk Show) Listen & get addicted! The show where your Opinions MATTERS! Where real sports fan go. Where we give our opinions & listen to yours. We are wrong around 50% of the time. A place where your opinions are heard & never wrong!

Check out the OST show! (Opinionated Sports Talk Show) Listen & get addicted! The show where your Opinions MATTERS! Where real sports fan go. Where we give our opinions & listen to yours. We are wrong around 50% of the time. A place where your opinions are heard & never wrong!
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Check out the OST show! (Opinionated Sports Talk Show) Listen & get addicted! The show where your Opinions MATTERS! Where real sports fan go. Where we give our opinions & listen to yours. We are wrong around 50% of the time. A place where your opinions are heard & never wrong!




NFL review, NBA talk & is the West stronger than the East, World Series + more

More -Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers + more trades-World Series Dodgers and Astros-NFL week ends review AFC West and the NFC East is discussed-NBA talk and is the West stronger than the East-PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!!

Duration: 00:58:52

NBA West, NFL+ Raiders with big win, MLB + WS & Dodgers & College Football +more

NBA Western Conference, Warriors, Rockets, Spurs and Thunder NFL, the Oakland Raiders with big win over KC. More on DeShaun Watson, DeShon Kizer sits as the Browns have another starter. Big Ben, Eli Manning, Andrew Luck , Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rogers The LA Dodgers made it to the World Series, now what are their chances? College Football, I talk about Alabama, the Pac 12 and Notre Dame Protesting is a hard thing to do, standing up (kneeling) is not always easy Plus SOOOO MUCH MORE!

Duration: 01:01:54

NBA week 1, MLB, NFL talk, GB no Aaron Rodgers, Social Media & Sports + more

-NFL talk, Cowboys & Raiders not living up to expectations + Chiefs, Patriots & Lions -Packers without Aaron Rogers -MLB playoffs -NBA week 1 review -Social Media & Sports Plus soooooo much more!

Duration: 01:00:19

DeShaun Watson, Pats & Cowboys in trouble, NBA Allstar game changes + More

-Texans have a QB, a franchise QB -Cowboys overrated and struggling -Dez Bryant not the #1 WR -Can the Rams win the NFC West -Raiders without Carr -NBA season is here can anyone dethrone the Warriors? -NBA has a new All-Star game format....NO East vs West

Duration: 01:01:59

Los Angeles Chargers , Are the Chiefs for real? NBA All-Star game changes. MLB

Los Angeles Chargers -Are the Chiefs for real? the only undefeated team in the NFL -NBA All-Star game changes, no East vs West -MLB playoffs have started, that means its prediction time

Duration: 01:02:17

NFL week 1 review, CFB, why the Pats lost shows how great they really are + more

I'll tell you why the Patriots loss just proves how dominate they really are.Week one in the NFL is in the book and I'll break it down.The Clevland Indians win 17th in a row, can they make it to the World Series?What about the LA Dodgers?College football week two reviewAnd some NBA and UFC talkPLUS SO MUCH MORE!!!

Duration: 01:00:48

NFL predictions, World Series talk, NBA, UFC + more

Scotty Paine's fun hot topic We make our NFL predictions, winners and losers and who's the sleepers? MLB postseason is upon us, who's in who's out? And who's going to the World Series? Plus can the Boston Celtics win the Eastern Conference? What about beating The Warriors? Plus sooooooo kuch

Duration: 01:03:09

College football, NFC West, NFL conduct rule, Kap vs NFL/owners,contracts + more

Week #1 in College football recap I break down the NFC West, 49ers, Seahawks, Cards & Rams The meaning and definition of the NFL's Player Conduct rule. Colin Kapernick vs the NFL owners and society! What do you consider a "BAD" contract? Also some NBA talk PLUS SO MUCH MORE

Duration: 01:01:17

Kizer named starter, Celtics trade in trouble, worse contracts in sports history

DeShon Kizer named starter in Cleveland, which means Brock Osweiler is the highest paid back up in the NFL. Where does Brock Osweiler's? contract rate with the worse contracts in sports history? The Boston Celtics trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers might be in jeopardy We track MLB history, can the LA Dodgers get to 116 wins? PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!

Duration: 01:02:06

Re-cap Mayweather/McGregor, NFL AFC West, Dodgers chasing history + SO MUCH MORE

I recap the Floy Mayweather and Connor McGregor fight. I break it down and what it means now for both career. I also break down the AFC West, Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs and the Broncos. Winners, losers and shockers! The LA Dodgers are on a mission NOT for MLB history but to win the World Series, can they do it? PLUS SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!

Duration: 01:00:54

Break down NFC East, NBA vs NBA stars, Kap starts a movement, Dodgers + more

I break down the NFC East. Winners, losers and surprises. No Zeke, Cousins, Odell, Eli, Dak .....? Chasing history are the LA Dodgers, can they do it? What about the World Series? The NBA is such a star driven league that the star players get their way...good? bad? Colin Kapernick started a movement and now has followers, plus he has gained haters More on Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor PLUS SO MUCH!!

Duration: 01:01:05

Political athletes, NFL, NBA, College football, MLB + SOOO MUCH MORE

Political sports athletes, good or bad? NFL pre season and up coming season talk New NBA scheduling, with less back to back games and less travel College Football is Alabama still a lock for the Championship game? The road to the 2017 World Series, who's the sleeper team and can slip in? PLUS SOOO MUCH MORE!!!

Duration: 00:56:49

Ezekiel suspension, 49ers preseason, College football, Kyrie, MLB + more

Kyle Shanahan making Brian Hoyer and the 49ers looking good in their first preseason game. What does Ezekiel Elliott suspension mean for the NFC East and the NFC. Too many games or what? Ezekiel cleared of all charges but still gets a 6 game suspension from the NFL and I'll tell you why it doesn't matter if he was cleared. College football is here and is it going to be Alabama in the Championship game again? Against who? More on the World Series plus so much more

Duration: 01:00:27

NFL & College Football is here, Astros the best team in MLB? Criteria for HOF?

BEST time of the year is here! FOOTBALL Scotty Paine and Your Boy Brian make some NFL predictions They also discuss the some college football Who's thebest team in baseball? Houston Astros or the LA Dodgers? What's the or is there a crireria to make the Hall Of Fame? PLUS SOOOOOOO MUCH MORE!!

Duration: 01:01:47

Pac 12 predictions, NFL AFC West, Dodgers WS bound plus more

Pac 12 Conference predictions NFL AFC West predictions. What rookies will make the biggest impact and which ones will be a bust? LA Dodgers on pace to win over a 110 games but can they win the World Series? Plus so much more....

Duration: 01:01:04

USC & UW, Kapernick, Lavar Ball, NFL's & MLB's HOF + more

College football is here. UW and USC the top teams in the PAC 12. Colin Kapernick stance on his political views costing him a job in the NFL. Why haven't more NFL players stood up to support him? The NFL Hall Of Fane and MLB Hall Of Fame Talk that might upset you. Lavar Ball is not worthy of our time. What example is he setting for his kids and the kids he is coaching with his ways? Plus so much more

Duration: 00:47:38

Kapernick passed up for AFL QB, Kyrie, MLB trade deadline & more CTE reports

90% of Football players brain's tested positive for CTE. Alarming stats shows how dangerous football really is. Could there be no more High School football? Colin Kapernick passed up again for a less talented QB, this time an Arena Football QB. I'm annoyed! Greed in sports. A $20+ Million dollar wide receiver worth it? MLB trades, good and bad ones? World Series predictions. NBA talk, Kyrie Irving being a brat? Or does he have a legitimate reason why he wants to be traded!? Bones vs DC in...

Duration: 00:59:38

CTE 90% football players? Kyrie vs LeBron, Rose to the Cavs, bad backups + MORE

Study finds that 90% of football players have CTE. The 2017/18 NFL season is just around the corner.....who's in position to make run to the Super Bowl? I'll give you some weird and really bold predictions on this NFL season. The new norm in the NFL is to sign BAD BACKUPS.....what? Derek Rose to Cleveland doesn't help. Rose most overrated player in my opinion. What is happening in Cleveland with Kyrie ad LeBron? PLUS SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!!

Duration: 01:00:03

Montana is not the GOAT, Prescott vs Wentz in 2nd year, NFL AFC talk + more

Get over Durant signing with the Warriors. What makes a player the GOAT? stats, wins, Super Bowl wins? Leadership? I'm sorry BUT Joe Montana is NOT the GOAT and If you think Terry Bradshaw was a good QB you are WRONG! I'll tell why and show you FACTS and tell you who is the GOAT. NFL talk, the AFC teams who will win and who will lose. The San Francisco 49ers training camp What did Mike Vick say about Kapernick? Carson Wentz 2nd year & now he has help on offense. Dak Prescott in his 2nd...

Duration: 01:00:20

Cousins rejects contract offer, Lonzo Ball, Mayweather, NBA, MLB & NFL + more

Kirk Cousins turns down a big contract from the Washington Redskins. I'll tell why and where he's going to end up next season. Some NFL talk, who's the team to beat in the NFC and can the Oakland Raiders beat the New England Patriots ? MLB trade rumors Lonzo Ball not wearing Big Baller Brand Shoes? More on NBA free agency and trades Plus so much more

Duration: 01:01:53

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