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Peaceful, neighborly living in an ever-changing, multicultural world. Does it sound good, or does it sound IMPOSSIBLE? Believe it or not, ALL our different religions don’t just say it’s possible, they ALL promise it’s inevitable, whether we all belong to the same one, or not. David Liepert, host of “The Optimistic Muslim,” author of “Muslim, Christian AND Jew: Finding a path to peace our faiths can share,” Interfaith Advisor to the Canadian Council of Imams and spokesperson for his hometown Calgary’s 60 thousand mainstream Muslims has never met a religion he couldn’t find some good in, or a person he couldn’t learn something from. Join him as he talks to the movers, shakers and leaders from all our world’s faiths and philosophies who are working together (whether they know it or not) to make this a better world. Let’s start making the better world of tomorrow, today.




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The Optimistic Muslim – America’s Muslims ARE America’s Freedoms “Front Lin

Just where do America’s Muslims stand in the battle to defend America’s freedoms? It’s certainly not where people like Newt Gingrich think they stand. And just how much of a difference is there, between true Islamic Shariah -the best travelled path to peace and freedom first walked by Muhammad- and the American Bill of Rights? American… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Just What Is “The Crescent Directive”?

Sounds like a Muslim conspiracy, doesn’t it? But if it is, it’s one of the good kind! Time and again you’ve probably heard, “If the majority of Muslims are moderate, “Mainstreet” Americans who love their country, then where are the mainstream moderate Muslims, and why don’t we hear more of them?” Well, “Mainstream”, “Mainstreet” American Muslim Khurram Dara finally… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – American Muslims Equals American Islam!

Having trouble cutting through all the back-and-forth rhetoric about Muslims in America? Do you wish you could just know what was really going on? Trust a New York Muslim like Imam Feisal Rauf, leader of the Cordoba Initiative, to give us all a reality check: American Muslims equals American Islam! Muslim Diversity has been a fact… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Is Omaha, Nebraska the Interfaith Capital of the Wo

What’s up with Omaha? Around the world, people of different faiths seem to be drawing lines of conflict and digging trenches, getting ready to fight the “Big One”. But in Omaha, Nebraska, the heartland of America, Muslims, Christians and Jews are buying land and building foundations together, in a shared attempt to worship and serve their Creator together. What do… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Dealing With The Reality Of Jesus

Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, author of Muslim, Christian AND Jew: Finding a Path to Peace Our Faiths Can Share, as he talks with Christian Evangelical Missionary to Muslims Carl Medearis, author of Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – OccupyWallStreet? OccupyJudaism!!

When Daniel Sieradski, New Media Activist, Jewish Israeli/Palestinian human-rights advocate, artist, writer, and director of “Jew It Yourself: An Every Day Guide to Do It Yourself Jewish Living” saw his parents lose everything in the “Great Recession” he knew he had to add yet another line to his list of achievements, and so began his growing role… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Halal Sex! Just how close does al-Sharia come to de

With all the fake Fatwa’s making the rounds declaring women shouldn’t even touch cucumbers, you might wonder what Islamic scholars really say about sex. FAIR WARNING!! THIS SHOW IS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT, OPENLY DISCUSSING SOME SEXUAL PRACTICES EVEN A DOCTOR (me) HAD TO LOOK UP!! Do not listen to this episode with people you’re not comfortable… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Where’s Safe, When You’re Stuck Between Franklin Gr

While Middle-Eastern Arabs are throwing out dictators and demanding democratic freedoms, are some Christians “girding their loins” for Armageddon? And are there “Armageddonist Muslims” out there who are on the same side? Just how pervasive is this crazy idea that believers can make the world a better place by killing each-other, how high up our nation’s chains of command… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims And Business People Occupy Wall Street Too!

Is Occupy Wall Street is a growing ground-swell of popular discontent, an all-new approach to Wall-Street-watchdoggery, a new, broad and inclusive force in American politics or all of the above? And just who IS Occupy Wall Street? The answers to all those questions will almost certainly surprise you. Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to MuslimRead more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Jihad For Jesus!

Rick Love might have started out wanting to turn Muslims into Christians, but when he learned more about Muslims and Islam he ended up becoming a better follower for Jesus himself. The author of “Peacemaking”, Rick Love is one Christian who thinks relations between Muslims and Christians, despite all the nasty rhetoric on both sides, has… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – What Are They Teaching Muslims In Buffalo?

Imam Fayaz Tilly is the man to talk to if you want the straight story regarding the supposed gulf between so-called North American and Muslim values. Born and raised in Canada, dedicated to the most traditionalist and orthodox Islamic interpretations, taught and trained in Buffalo, New York, living and working as an Imam for one of North… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Did God Give Us Different Religions For A Reason?

Eboo Patel, an inaugural member of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Advisory Council on Faith Based Partnerships, grew up Muslim, but he grew up American too, struggling to reconcile the traditional “one-faith” model of religious belief with the reality of myriad believers following myriad religious doctrines, yet all living the same struggle to serve their God by working to make the… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – How Should Muhammad’s Followers Make A Better World

There’s a reason why Wahida Valiante is one of the world’s 500 Most Influential Muslims. After a 40 year career of social activism, she knows a thing or two about what’s wrong with the world, and how we can all help to make it better. And she’s finally… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims, Christians and Jews Wiping Out Slavery Tog

“Not for sale.” Those are the words that should be used when describing fellow humans; however, such is not the case–no, not even in your hometown. Thus, Not For Sale was born: a world-wide anti-slavery campaign, dedicated to raising awareness to our world’s ongoing problem with slavery and human trafficking. The Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, welcomes Kevin Austin, head… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Radical Jewish Hospitality!

Rabbi Rami Shapiro knows a thing or two about the hospitality that lives at the true heart of Judaism. As the Director and Founder of Wisdom House Interfaith Conference Center in Nashville Tennessee, he sits at the centre of an ongoing multi-faith dialogue, helped along by, among other things, some good southern cooking! On the 10th Dark… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – Keeping Your Children Safe From Kidnappers, Predato

Jess Larsen of Child Rescue knows a thing or two about keeping children safe from predators, kidnappers and sex-slavers. From his own family experiences (his mother-in-law was a child-sex-slave in Kansas), through to the ongoing battle being waged against sex-slavery in North America today he brings knowledge, experience and some surprising perspectives on this dark and pervasive problem… Read more about this episode...

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The Optimistic Muslim – How Do You Change The World Part Two: How Do You Be

Do world-changers just wake up one morning that way, and say to themselves “I’m going to do something important, and I’m going to start today!” or does it build? And is the impetus a response to an opportunity, or the beginning of the process of change? Basically, how do you become a world-changer yourself? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he… Read more about this episode...

The Optimistic Muslim – How Do You Change The World Part One: Light-Bringer

Steve Katsaros of Nokero.com had an idea for changing the world with light, and making the world’s children safe from Kerosene too. And then he came up with another idea for improving the prospects of those same children’s communities, households and families too! Mahdi Qasqas, Muslim Imam, Youth Counsellor and Youth-leader, on the other… Read more about this episode...
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