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Option Block 646: Question Palooza

Trading Block: The eclipse hits the U.S. market. Steve Bannon gone from the White House. Elon Musk urges the UN against the use of AI in warfare. Odd Block: 105 More $TSLA Jan 2019 50 "Catastrophe" puts hit the tape today. Put spreads trade in Starbucks Corporation (SBUX). Size put spreads in Utilities SPDR ETF (XLU). Mail Block: Poll review Question of theWeek: Taking a break from #FireandFury & $VIX to talk #Earnings. Which #Options are you looking forward to trading this...

Duration: 00:59:10

Option Block 645: Dragons and Funky 3-Ways

Trading Block: WMT and BABA earnings today before the bell. Donald Trump sympathizes with Confederate statues. A look at George Soros options positions. Odd Block: More TSLA Jan 2019 50 "Catastrophe" puts hit the tape today. Call frenzy in Utilities SPDR ETF (XLU). Funky puts trade in Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC). Rolling puts in WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI). Strategy Block: Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses his recent SPY diagonal spreads. Mail Block/Options Question of the...

Duration: 01:01:43

Option Block 644: Talking Trades with Tub

Trading Block featuring Matt "Tubby" Benson. Odd Block: Puts trade in Urban Outfitters Inc. (URBN), risk reversal in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (HPE), calls trade in Teradyne Inc. (TER). Mail Block/Question of the Week: Taking a break from #FireandFury & $VIX to talk #Earnings. Which #Options are you looking forward to trading this week? Volatility Flash Poll: $VIX Hit 16.17 Thursday. Is this the end of low #Volatility? Or a temporary blip? Which level will $VIX hit first? Last...

Duration: 01:01:32

Option Block 643: Fire, Fury and VIX

Trading Block: VIX getting some life again thanks to "fire and fury." Earnings after the bell: Odd Block: Put spreads trade in iShares MCSI South Korea Index (EWY) , put rolls in SPDR Retail ETF (XRT) and puts sell and call in Urban Outfitters (URBN). Strategy Block: Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses what happens when low volatility gets higher in the course of just one day. Mail Block/Flash Poll: BOX Options is opening a new trading floor. Do we need another floor to compete with Philly,...

Duration: 01:00:52

Option Block 642: The Mystery of LQD Combos

Trading Block: Investors Have Never Been More Short Volatility Futures Odd Block: An update on the Tesla "Catastrophe Puts," call frenzy in Procter & Gamble Co (PG), size bullish combo/conversion/reversal in iShares IBoxx $ Invest Grade Corp. (LQD), and calls trade in Extended Stay America Inc (STAY). Mail Block: More Tesla commentary Flash Poll: What do you think of the planned launch of cash-settled #Bitcoin futures later this year? Question from Upward Momentum: Is that a good thing...

Duration: 01:03:14

Option Block 641: Talking AAPL, TSLA and Call Scalping

Trading Block: Apple earnings after the bell on Tuesday. ATM straddle $6, approx. 4% Options Earnings Poll - $AAPL earnings on Tuesday. The market is pricing a 4% move - approx. $6. Do you think $AAPL can do it? Tesla earnings on Wed - $322.87. ATM straddle - $22.50, approx. 7% Odd Block: Puts trade in Flotek Industries Inc (FTK), calls trade in Mitek Systems, Inc. (MITK), risk reversal in InterActiveCorp (IAC). Strategy Block: Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses recent trades within his SPY...

Duration: 01:01:48

Option Block 640: Leprechauns v. Trolls v. Apple

Trading Block: AAPL earnings after the bell on Tuesday. ATM straddle $6, or approximately 4%. Options Earnings Poll: $AAPL earnings on Tuesday. The market is pricing a 4% move, which is approximately $6. Do you think $AAPL can do it? Odd Block: Puts trade in Altria Group Inc (MO), puts trade in Pantheon NV (PTHN) Mail Block: Listener Questions and Comments this strategyOften on segments like the odd block or similar segments on your other shows you talk about someone going bullish or...

Duration: 01:03:15

Option Block 639: Amazon Earnings Umbrage

Trading Block: Amazon rallies 2%. Bezos surpassed Gates ever-so briefly as richest man in the world. Then there was a selloff. Earnings Flash Poll - $AMZN is up next. ATM Straddle approx. $50 - aka 4.5%. Does a $50 earnings move seem reasonable or crazy to you? Odd Block: Call rolls in Dynavax Technologies Corporation (DVAX) and calls trade in JetBlue Airways Corporation (JBLU). Strategy Block: Uncle Mike Tosaw gives us an update on the silver collar trade and discusses FAZ Mail Block:...

Duration: 01:01:38

Option Block 638: GOOGL, AMZN, TSLA, FB, CMG and MORE

Trading Block: Earnings! Earnings Flash Poll - $GOOGL is on deck. With $GOOGL around $993 the ATM Straddle is pricing in a 4% move. Are you a buyer or a seller? More earnings! Odd Block: Puts trade in Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (SIRI) and size ratio vertical in Scientific Games Corp. (SGMS). Mail Block: Listener questions and comments Around the Block/This Week in the Market

Duration: 01:00:53

Option Block 637: Talking Earnings with Tubby

Trading Block: Earnings after the bell today: Earnings season is back! $MSFT & $EBAY are up next. $MSFT ATM Straddle = 3.5%. $EBAY ATM Straddle = 7% Which trade would you make? NFLX Closed $161.70 on 7/17, traded as high as $185 (up $23) the next day. Odd Block: Put trade in Home Depot Inc (HD) and puts roll in Spider S&P Biotech (XBI). Strategy Block: Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses call rolls Mail Block: Listnener questions and comments Around the Block/This Week in the Market:

Duration: 01:01:13

Option Block 636: Netflix Earnings with the Option Block Home Boys

Trading Block: NFLX earnings after the bell. Netflix trading around $161.19. Options Flash Poll: Earnings season is back! $NFLX ($161.19) is currently pricing in a $13 ATM straddle (approx. 8%). What's your take? Amazon taking on Blue Apron - filing a trademark for a competing meal-kit service Odd Block: Puts trade in (CHRW), puts roll in Harley-Davidson (HOG), size call diagonal in STZ. Mail Block: Listener questions and comments How about collaring a stock and seeing whats shakes...

Duration: 01:00:26

Option Block 635: TSLA Puts, VIX Calls, No Love For APRN

Trading Block: Amazon Prime Day today. Lots of closing VIX puts. Waiting on what Yellen may say. Odd Block: TSLA options tracker - 145 "catastrophe" puts hit the tape today, 20 more Jan 2018 20 puts also trade today. APRN first week review - paper buys 1080 Aug 9 calls for $0.40. Crazy tree or put spread in iShares MCSI Taiwan Index (EWT). Strategy Block: A double strategy today! A put roll down trade in silver and a modified collar trade in XLF. Mail Block: Options question of the...

Duration: 01:02:11

Option Block 634: APRN Calls Not So Tasty

Trading Block: Blue Apron options to list on CBOE exchanges on Monday."Amazon Prime Day" is today. A plan for new trading pit triggers a feud in the U.S. options market. Odd Block: TSLA Options Tracker - 51 more "catastrophe" puts hit the tape today. Puts roll in L Brands Inc. (LB) Puts trade in Gap Inc. (GPS) Mail Block: Listeners weigh in Options question of the week: Blue Apron $APRN is down over 10% from its #IPO price. Assuming #Options were listed, what trade would you...

Duration: 00:58:29

Option Block 633: Nukes, Volatility And Crazy Tesla Puts

Trading Block: VIX ends near the top of the range. It was up to 13.05 at its highest. Tesla down 7.2% yesterday, due to concerns of slowing Model S and Model X sales. The numbers are out: OCC announced today that cleared contract volume in June reached 387,597,223 contracts, a 2% increase from the June 2016. Odd Block: TSLA Jan 2019 50 puts and Jan 2018 20 puts continue to trade. Back and forth trading in Tesla Motors (TSLA). Puts trade in LG Display Company LTD. (LPL) Strategy Block:...

Duration: 00:59:58

Best of Option Block: 500th Episode Spectacular

Originally posted on February 19, 2016 Trading Block: Welcome to our 500th episode. Today's special panel includes: Mark Sebastian, Mike Tosaw, Andrew Giovanazzi, and our most beloved former panelist Alex "The Viceroy" Jacobson. They discuss: Odd Block: Rolling calls in Coca-Cola Company (KO), calendar spreads trade in Time Warner Cable (TWX), and put sellingHess (HES) Mail Block: Listener questions and comments Around the Block: Are the bulls back in force? Always be prepared for a...

Duration: 01:19:56

Option Block 632: Managing Your Trades When You're Away

It's all strategy in this abridged episode of the Option Block. Today, uncle Mike discusses what you an do when you're not connected to your computer, including:

Duration: 00:09:17

Option Block 631: Talking VIX, Apple, Bitcoin, Oil And More

Trading Block: Wall St. boosted by tech stocks, rebound in oil prices; Bitcoin Tumbles to Lowest Level in More Than a Week Odd Block: Put buying in Darden Restaurants (DRI), put spreads trading in iShares MSCI Taiwan Index (EWT) and puts trading in Iridium Communications (IRDM) Mail Block: Options Question of the Week 1 Everyone is talking about #Bitcoin #Volatility these days. Where do you stand on #Bitcoin after last weeks aggressive downturn? Options Question of the Week 2 Let's...

Duration: 00:59:35

Option Block 630: Don't Get too Cute when Closing Trades

Trading Block: Taking the weekend out of the market. Biotech and the effect of the AHCA bill. Crude and the energy section taking it on the chin. Odd Block: Puts trade in Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. (PAA) call spreads trade in Praxair, Inc. (PX). Strategy Block: Mike discusses trading size and closing positions. Mail Block: Listener Questions and Comments Around the Block: Bargain shopping for a sub-10 VIX close.

Duration: 00:58:01

Option Block 629: Bitcoin, VIX and Becoming a Pro Trader

Trading Block: Green screens. Did we turn a corner? Channeling Don S. Do we have a lack of shellac? AMZN needs WFM to grow? Everyone wants to be everything. Mike's disclosure moment. Odd Block: Puts trade in Marriott Vacation Club (VAC), puts roll in Alerian MLP (AMLP) and put buying in Pattern Energy Group (PEGI). Mail Block: Options question of the week Everyone is talking about #Bitcoin #Volatility these days. Where do you stand on #Bitcoin after last week's aggressive...

Duration: 01:04:20

Option Block 628: Fed, Trump Tantrums And Closing Your Longs

Trading Block: The Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point rate hike Wednesday as expected. The market keeps shrugging off news about Trump. The news deluge, with its quasi facts, is making people numb. Odd Block: Puts trade in Tesla Motors (TSLA), puts roll in Yamana Gold Inc (AUY) and puts trade in Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. (AXDX). Strategy Block: Uncle Mike Tosaw discusses closing out long SPY call spreads Mail Block: VIX Limbo Last Month 40+% of you said $VIX wouldn't break 9...

Duration: 01:01:56

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