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The Walking Dead is Dead

So every episode of The Walking Dead anymore seems to take everything sideways, instead of just advancing the story. We've put 7 years into watching this show, so is that the reason why we keep watching? It has become really boring, but I have to carve an hour out of Sunday night to watch it in hopes somebody else dies. And you know what? The college football playoff lacks the same creativity. Smooth transition between the 2 topics, but hey, that's what this episode is about...

Duration: 00:43:58

Guest Spot on The Balance Sports Talk Radio

Saturday Morning guest spot on The Balance Sports Talk Radio. My take on the Kevin Wilson firing/resignation, the future of Notre Dame football, and the College Football Playoff. It's cool being a guest on another show.

Duration: 01:04:00

Michigan-Ohio State Throw Down

Transitioning the show from The Option Pitch Show to The American Airman Podcast. Same great content, but will be including our men and women in the armed services into the show in the coming weeks. This episode however, we will have a fan duel between Ohio State and Michigan fans. Also will be talking about the lastest issue with the Notre Dame football program, and if Brian Kelly should still be Head Coach. And also the College Football Playoff picture is starting to take shape. Catch it...

Duration: 00:54:23

I Love Chaos

If you're a fan of chaos like me, then you love how uncertain the College Football Playoff picture is every week. 3 of the top 4 teams lost this past weekend, and I'm begging that it happens again. I want so much chaos that the Selection Committee has no choice but to expand the playoff format to 8 teams. We'll be talking about this possibility, and the NFL State of the Union for young QB's. Also UFC 205 reaction. Listen live on TuneIn, or download on iTunes and Podcast Addict. You can...

Duration: 01:05:02

Would a one-loss Ohio State still be alive in Negan's world?

It's a brand new world in our favorite zombie apocolypse. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is dominating the roll of Negan, and making The Governor look like Eugene. I know this is supposed to be sports talk radio, but c'mon, The Walking Dead is cool again after 2 seasons of being stagnant. (My Opinion) ... Is it really being a bandwagon fan for being happy about seeing the Cubs in the World Series? Is the loss to Penn State early enough in the season for Ohio State? I think so. We're getting close to...

Duration: 00:47:34

How Warm Is That Seat?

Is Brian Kelly really on the hot seat after Notre Dame's disappointing lack luster start? Will the seat get hotter if they lose to Stanford?

Duration: 00:10:27

Few Minutes of Football

A quick recap of high school football scores around the SIAC.

Duration: 00:11:00