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Welcome to The Oracle Frequency Podcast hosted by Brian Jackson & Derek Grimsley. Subscribe to hear our latest rants, debates, and discussions on consciousness, religion, politics, sports, psychedelics and more. Our guests include authors, musicians, and free thinkers from around the world. Join us weekly as we travel deep into the rabbit hole to attempt to gain a better understanding of the known and unknown alike.




Donald Trump is Pat Buchanan 2.0 - The Oracle Frequency Podcast #55

Donald Trump is running on almost the exact same platform as former GOP runner up, Patrick Buchanan. In 1992, Buchanan first proposed a 2,000 mile wall on the southern border. He also used the slogan, Make America First on his hats- which is almost seems to be a mix of of Trump's slogans, Make America Great Again & America First. In this episode, Brian explains how Trump is purposely playing to angry voters, just as Buchanan did during his presidential campaigns.

Duration: 00:18:53

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Mid-season Finale Preview- The Oracle Frequency Podcast #48

In this episode Brian gives his recap and predictions for the second half of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. He predicts the show will take a new turn during this weeks mid-season finale causing increased conflict, while improving the story-line greatly. He also compares the similarities between Hershel's farm in The Walking Dead with the new farm the group arrived at in episode 6.

Mushroom Medicine: Entheogens as the Tree of Life -The Oracle Frequency Podcast #19

In episode #19, Brian reads a chapter from his book, Mushroom Medicine: The Healing Power of Psilocybin & Sacred Entheogen History. He discusses the similarities between Soma, Nectar, Ambrosia & Amrita in ancient religion and mythology. He also compares various other elixirs thought to provide immortality throughout history. The podcast continues by further examining John Marco Allegro's book, The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross, DMT, and reviews the relationship between numerous Tree of...

The Hero's Journey - Jung, Campbell, & Psychedelics -The Oracle Frequency Podcast #18

In episode 18, Brian discusses Carl Jung's character archetypes, specifically the hero. He then compares his own hero dose of mushrooms to Carl Jung's infamous near death experience and shows how taking a psychedelic is similar to Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey as seen throughout mythology.