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18: Swipin' Right: The Online Dating Episode

LISTEN: Michelle is busy traveling the world and being fly and she doesn't have time for you unless you find her on an online dating app. We can relate and I bet you can, too. This week we are all talking about our experiences with online and app dating - the good, bad, and ugly. Follow Michelle @TheFlyingFinch and look out for her upcoming blog Wanna e-mail us? DO IT at Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheOralReport for more exciting...


17: OMG: OB-GYN!

This week Andra chats about her visit to the OB-GYN (the vagina doctor) and suggests YOU think about your next trip, too! If she can do it, so can you! If one of these things apples, it's time to make an appointment! -You're 13-15 years old and own a vagina -You're sexually active, or newly sexually active -Something weird is up with your bits (weird smell, discharge, pain different from normal period pain or unassociated with your cycle) -You want to get pregnant -You DON'T want to get...


16: The AVN Awards - The Oscars of Porn!

This week Caitlin catches Andra up on her recent travels to Las Vegas where she got to attend the AVN (Adult Video News) Awards - otherwise knows as "the Oscars of porn"! Met some pornstars? CHECK! Networked? CHECK! Lined up exciting new guests? CHECK! Check out our instagram to see pics of some sexy souvenirs @theoralreport, and while you're at it you can follow us on Twitter with the same handle! Send us a message at - we want to hear from you!


15: Do I Need A Sex Coach?

Today with Andra out of town, Caitlin is talking to Chicago based sex coach (don't get confused) Caitlin V Neal! Yes, that's a thing! She might even be able to help you out, too. You can visit her website at and follow the hashtag #bettersexbetterlife, as well as find her on YouTube. Caitlin is also offering a free coaching call for our listeners - all you have to do is send her a message via her site and mention The Oral Report! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram...


14: Sex Work with SWOP Chicago!

This week we are talking to therapist, community organizer, general bad-ass, and board member of the Chicago chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), Cassandra Damm! Find resources, get involved, and learn more about SWOP at For resources and guidance in the sex industry call the warm-line at 312-252-3880. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheOralReport, or


13: I'm Here for the Gang Bang?

This week we talk to Kate (a new Kate - so many Kates!) about her experiences with threesomes, group sex, and how it affects her life and relationships. Curious about the books mentioned on the episode? Check out Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jatha, The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy, and The State of Affairs by Esther Perel. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheOralReport and email us at!


12: Putting the D in Divorce!

How do you regain a sexual identity after a divorce or breakup? This week we are back from our holiday break and chatting with Ariel and Bernice about just that - over wine of course (except for Andra who is doing a dry January, ugh.) Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheOralReport and email us at


11: The Oral Report's Sexy Holiday Gift Guide

EDITS: Cat Person is in The New Yorker, not the New York Post. Yikes. Women and Children's First is a feminist BOOKSTORE, not a sex toy store. Double yikes. Need something sexy for your partner to stuff in their stocking? Look no further! Also: things for your friends, for yourself, and even for your family (don't worry - it's just a book!) Catch new episodes in the new year every Friday 9AM CST! Best gift for artsy designer friend: Tokidoki Lovehoney Serpentia 7 Function GirlPower...