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In business, most of us think we know everything – the truth is, we don't know the HALF of it. Our show is about uncovering the other half of business. From real estate development and brokerage to guerrilla marketing campaigns, the Other Half of Business exposes your missing structure that will drive you to your “A-Ha!” moment.






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‘Til Death Do Us Part – Vows for Marriage and Business!

We’ve all told ourselves, “I will make this business work – or die trying!” Now replace the word “business” with “marriage.” Amazing how marriage is just like owning your own business, some people even joke about being married to a business! In this episode, Devida shares her business and marriage stories with Don Lewis, the owner of NEX Alliance Technology based in Tempe, Arizona, and her husband of almost 12 years. They will share their war stories on how having two entrepreneurial...

Duration: 00:58:02

Serviced Office Solutions Increase Value for Your Business

When contemplating whether or not to open a new business, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a new office and wondering how you’re going to afford it. Serviced office environments are ideal for providing low cost options for new businesses to get their businesses started by providing virtual office packages ideal for just starting out. From phone answering to conference room use to renting one to three private office suites, serviced office business centers are ideal for...

Duration: 00:55:42

Exploring & Debating the Benefits of School Choice for Our Communities, Sta

Education reform is a mixed bag of organizations. Breaking through the communication gaps between these organizations is a challenging process. Lisa Keegan, founder of, is here today to talk to us about the benefits of bridging the gaps between the myriad of education reform advocacy groups. If you are raising a family or you work in the education industry, don’t miss this special show about innovative education reform, charter school development and school choice issues!

How Does Medical Marijuana Impact State Rights, Sovereignty and Your Neighb

10 years ago California passed proposition 215, legalizing medical marijuana. Since then, many states have passed similar laws, however, Arizona has passed perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive legislation to date regarding medical marijuana. In addition, California tried to de-criminalize marijuana and that effort failed. Understanding what the federal government is doing, respecting state rights, and the controlled substance classification of marijuana is a challenging effort many...

Duration: 00:56:55

Strategic Alignment – Why It’s Significant and How to Get There

We hear the term strategy everywhere and in different venues. Corporations, politicians, teams and individuals develop them to achieve their goals. Although there are definitions available for it, strategy is interpreted, developed, and executed in different ways. In fact, these ways differ in the most fundamental sense. Understanding these distinctions and nuances can make all the difference in achieving goals according to one’s expectations or better. This week, we’ll be discussing the...

Duration: 00:58:08

The Other Half of Business


Duration: 00:56:30

Unleash Your Inner Leader

Some say leaders are born and not made. This myth has kept many professionals from expressing their personal leadership, pursuing their purpose and creating the lasting legacy they were meant to leave in their organizations and communities. This week’s episode listeners will discover what it takes to step out with confidence, influence with integrity and live a life with passion and purpose. Loretta Love Huff, the Dream Leader for Business, is the creator of the training program Leaders...

Duration: 00:56:42

Is My Networking Working?

Ever feel like you’re not getting any return on your time and money on the networking events you attend? How do you even decide which events to attend let alone which groups to join? It used to be that actual business owners and key corporate decision makers attended community and industry events and belonged to well-recognized business organizations at which real business transactions would take place. With the introduction of social media groups, offered by cyber giants Facebook and...

Duration: 00:56:40

The Other Half of “The Other Half of Business”

Four amateur hours have passed, our training wheels are no longer crisp plastic shiny black; they are dusted and scratched like an experienced power wheeler. The hosts of Zoning In will be introducing the different aspects of the programming for Zoning In; including "The Other Half of Business" and other compelling show segments. Devida and Adam will explain in detail the essential components of each segment, intended results and an inside look into how the show segments where invented....

Duration: 00:59:20

Translate Your Tax Liability into a Tax Credit

Now that tax season is officially over, most of us are already planning ahead for next year, looking for ways to reduce our tax liabilities personally and in our businesses. Charitable giving is an obvious solution to reducing these tax liabilities; however, did you know that you can allocate those tax liabilities to school tuition organizations (or STO's) and get a tax credit? Liz Dreckman, the President and Executive Director of Arizona School Choice Trust is joining us on air to talk...

Duration: 00:58:47

Breaking Down the Retail Market – One Transaction at A Time

With the residential real estate market appearing to stabilize, could this mean good news for retailers and restaurant owners? Historic data shows us that a healthy residential market means recovery in the retail sector is close behind. Join us this Saturday on The Other Half of Business as we delve into the good, the bad and the beauty of what's going on in retail real estate today. Greg Abbott, a senior retail investment sales professional with DeRito Partners, Inc. based in Phoenix,...

Duration: 00:58:44