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Episode 9 - Back At The Improv With Our New Friends Hellthy Junk Food!

Doin' it LIVE (as live as a Podcast can be) from The Orlando Improv... We hooked up with some really cool people... Julia and JP of Hellthy Junk Food... They just hit 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube... and they make AMAZING food videos!!!

Duration: 00:53:47

Episode 8 - Recorded at The Orlando Improv... A perfect mess of Orlando Comedians

We took the show on the road and recorded at The Orlando Improv... We haven't gotten together in a minute so we have a lot to talk about... and since we recorded at The Improv, tons of Orlando's best comedians dropped in... Jersey, Carmen Vallone, Wil Milz, Alex U, and Ken Miller... and a few more... So we can't be held responsible for what you might hear!

Duration: 01:11:38

Episode 7 - This Is What Happens When We Drink O.E.

We have a full studio on this one... including two guests... Frank #FrankFridays and Mike Oliver (husband of Laura Diaz)one half of The O-Bros... Oliver Brothers Realty... and maybe the funniest guy on Earth... Mike brought some 32's of O.E. and let's just say Reece and Melo were drunk 20 minutes in...

Duration: 01:29:28

Episode 6 - Can't Take This Guy Anywhere

This one started weird... and ended even more weird... We all have the friend you can't take anywhere... It gets a little personal... and a lot uncomfortable... and then even more uncomfortable... PS - We are working through some audio bugs...

Duration: 01:14:51

Episode 5 - Bad Dates... Reece Is Back... And What Is Pumpkin Mouth?!

Two weeks in a row... WHAT?! Reece is back and is now a Radio Star... How is Anthony's Farmers Only Fun going? We've had some pretty bad dates... And we go a solid 10 minutes pretending we know what "Pumpkin Mouth" is...

Duration: 00:55:35

Episode 2 - Stereotypical Nonsense... and Who Brought The Naked Chick?!

We are all different but what do we each do that would be considered stereotypical to what we are? Melo is part everything it seems... We found out about a friend that is hooking up with a "Cam Girl"... and we decided to start the adventure of adding Anthony to every dating site we can find and see what happens...

Duration: 01:00:48

Episode 1 - Well That Escalated Rather Quickly...

Pardon the dust as we work out the kinks with the studio and each other... it's a process ya'll... Brian, Anthony, and Melo are joined by the future star of the Podcast "Frank Fridays" and Melo's girl... we talk about having a "pass"... walking down I-4... Raccoons and/or Bobcats... What's wrong with Melo... and things go down hill fast... *** We Tend To Curse Now And Then ***

Duration: 00:48:52