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Episode 21 - Garron Frantzen - Living off the Grid

This weeks podcast finds us chit chatting with Garron Frantzen, inventor - adventurer - all around interesting dude. We talk off the grid living and a whole lot of other stuff!

Duration: 01:14:27

Episode 20 - Tim Swartz - Philip K Dick And Syncroniticies

This week Tim Swartz stops by to take us down the rabbit whole of synchronicities. We talk synchronicities, time loops and the idea we're living in the Matrix - oh and Ron disappears! Actually he just ducks out early... Check this one out its VERRRRY Interesting!

Duration: 01:21:12

Episode 19 - Hercules Invictus - Do Ancient Gods Walk Among Us

On this weeks podcast Hercules Invictus joins us to answer the question - Do Ancient Gods Walk Amongst Us? So we get into that and Hercules shared with us how to contact the gods if you wish to communicate with them! This was a REALLY interesting show... Oh and Ron was totally late... We did have a technical problem so a little bit is missing in the middle but you'll get the idea. LISTEN IN!

Duration: 00:59:55

Episode 18 - Richard Allan Miller - Oh Damn....

On this episode, we break away from the usual and interview the enigmatic Dr. Richard Allan Miller. What resulted from that interview is one of the most interesting interviews I've heard or done ever. From time traveling severed heads to esp experiments with NASA astronauts on their way to the moon to the holographic universe. We covered it all and man it got STRANGE... One of my favorites!!! LISTEN NOW!

Duration: 01:11:15

Episode 17 - The Inner Earth And The Nazi Bell With Walter Bosley

This episode of the PARANOIA Podcast - Mr. Walter Bosley, a former Federal Agent and member of the OSI and FBI, drops by and gives us the low down on his amazing new book which talks about a top-secret crash retrieval team his dad worked on in the 1950's. He then proceeds to BLOW OUR MINDS with shocking new information about the NAZI Bell program. This is BIG and is a HUGE game changer in relation to research about NAZI high technology and the Bell. YOU NEED TO LISTEN!

Duration: 01:52:06

Episode 16 - SUPERVOLCANOS With Marie D. Jones

This week Marie D. Jones comes on the show to tell us about her research into SUPERVOLCANOS! Oh damn.... It's some pretty scary stuff... Marie also shared with us some preparation tips should one of these go off! Let's just NUCLEAR WINTER! SCARY!!

Duration: 01:15:08

Episode 15 - CIA - KGB Manipulation Of The Media

Episode 15 brings Olav and Ron back together after a bit of a break to discuss the manipulation of the media by intelligence services such as The CIA/KGB/FSB. Also, features one hell of a rant on the Disclosure movement. Very interesting stuff..... CHECK IT!

Duration: 01:34:01

Episode 14 - Elana Freeland - MK Ultra World

On this electrifying episode, the amazing Elana Freeland joins Ron and Olav for a spirited discussion about Mind Control, MK Ultra, Artichoke, as well as spirit possession and many other things... Join us and take a trip - deep down the rabbit hole!

Duration: 33:34:02

Episode 13 - Jay Dyer - Esoteric Hollywood

In this thrilling episode of the PARANOIA Podcast, Jay Dyer joins us to breakdown Esoteric Hollywood. Join us as we discuss the occult and conspiracy implications of films by Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, The Goonies, Project Mockingbird and so so much more...... It's a cornucopia of discussion on the media industrial complex

Duration: 01:19:21

Episode 11 - Adam Gorightly - JFK - Illuminati - James Shelby Downard - Trump

On this thrilling episode we welcomed Adam Gorightly to the podcast... We have an amazing 90 minute conversation which covered JFK, Kerry Thornely, The Illuminati, Trump, Researcher Deaths, and of course James Shelby Downard. Damn... it was pretty epic!

Duration: 01:33:48

Episode 10 - Black Helicopters

Is this thrilling podcast Ron & Olav discuss Black Helicopters and their own experiences with these mysterious helicopters. Also discussed is Joe from Zero Dark Radios experience with the Black Helicopter fleet as his recent appearance on the podcast! This is a good one...better listen in!

Duration: 01:13:37

Episode 7- The Orlando Shooting

In this episode of the PARANOIA Podcast we discuss the oddness and synchronicities of the Orlando Shooting. Was this an engineered event? Was Omar Mateen mind controlled? Listen in and find out!

Duration: 00:58:02