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3 Loves & RuPaul's Drag Race

On this week's episode we discuss the recent study that says you get three loves in your life and if we believe Trans Women should be on RuPaul's Drag Race.


Forever I Love Atlanta...?

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we take a break from our usual shenanigans and pull a wildcard. On this episode we discuss pop culture, would you rather and some of our favorites…and not so favorites about living in Atlanta.


Mind Your Black Business

On this episode we discuss our favorite sex tapes, forgiving ourselves and exes, and Black Businesses.


From Colorism To Interracial Dating

On this week's episode we discuss interracial dating and colorism in the black community. What Dat Mouth Do: Which female artist brought sexual pleasure and safety to the forefront of hip hop that help shaped the way we look at female sexuality? Love & Situationships: Interracial Dating Topic of The Day: Dark Skin Vs: Light Skin: The Battle Of Colorism In The Black Community


The N Word: A Double Standard?

On this week’s episode, we determine who on the cast need their black card revoked, having sex with an older person and if sex gets better with age, dating someone locked up and our take on the N-Word, and its double standard. Ice Breaker: Confessions that could get our black card revoked. What Dat Mouth Do: The cast discuss the oldest person they had sex with and if age plays a role in better sex. Love & Situationship: Dating someone locked up, who on the cast have done it and who on the...


ABCD (Astrology, Bisexuality and Curved Dicks)

On today’s show we talk about Black Panther Fashion Realness, then we get to read to the stars with our special guest, and we round off the episode with a formal discussion of Bisexuality and its exclusion from the LBGT Community.


Netflix Presents: I'm Shuttin' My Damn Mouth Starring Mo'Nique

We love y'all for real but can we just boycott all boycotts? On this week's episode, the cast shares their opinion on Mo'Nique and Netflix, our favorite or worst college sex story and if we'll tell a friend that we saw their significant other cheating. What Dat Mouth Do: The cast shares their best...or worst college sex story Love and Situationships: If you found out your friend's significant other was cheating would you tell them? Topic of the Day: Should we boycott Netflix and is the...


Sex Dreams & Body Shaming

How do you feel about your body? How does society view the bodies of black men and women? We answer these questions and more on this week’s episode of The Panel ATL, but first, we discuss some of our good…and some of our scary sex dreams.


Oprah 2020, Ginuwine’s Pony & H&M’s Monkey Bullshit

With just 15 days into the New Year, we had so much to discuss. From Ginuwine’s pony, H&M and that monkey bullshit to Black Mirror and Boondocks seeing into the future. But the most important thing is, we all can't wait till Trump is impeached.


Black Mirror feat. Jackd, Tinder & POF

On our first episode of 2018, we discuss #BlackMirror ’s Hang The DJ and if we'll ever be open to a Spiro type dating app. Before ending the show, we revisit some of our past favorite episodes of the podcast which brings some things that some needed to get off their chest.


2017 Tried To Kill Me

2017 tried to kill us, but we're back! On the first episode of the new year, we discuss some changes we would like to make in our life for 2018 as well as a relational psychology test that leaves us all shook... but before we get to the New Year New Me bullshit we countdown the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2017 from celebrities, movies, and music.


Goodbye 2017 & Hello Foreplay

For the last episode of 2017, we went there. We discussed foreplay and what we need to get in the mood followed by our deep conversation about sexual assault in the media, workplace and even some from our own lives. While this episode was very triggering for some of the cast, we hope that it provides healing for others and help you start the conversation with your family and friends. Happy Holidays and see you in 2018! -The Panel ATL


Dating While Positive

This week on the panel, the cast discusses the pros and cons of Friends with Benefits and share their most memorable anecdotes. Later, the cast interviews Myles Tha Sixteenth (Myles Mason) and explores the topic of dating while positive in Atlanta.


Tag You're It... P.S. I HATE KALE CHIPS

Feeling a little nostalgic after listening to The Friend Zone Podcast, we decided to do our own version of Tag You're It where we cover some of the good, bad and embarrassing moments from our K-12 school years. Yes, you can start cringing now. But before we get into recess and school lunch, we sit down with cast member Danjiggly and special guest Quiana to discuss the struggle of dating as a single parent. Editing by: Marcel Eadon Facebook: Marcel Eadon Email:


Friend Or Foe? Which One Are You, Which One Is Me?

On What Dat Mouth Do, the cast shares their favorite tips and tricks for a perfect kiss. Later, in Love and Situationships the Panel discusses what they believe are characteristics of good and not so good friendships. When is the right time to end a friendship and what reasons are valid? We discuss this and more. Editing by: Marcel Eadon Facebook: Marcel Eadon Email:


For The Love Of A Greencard

On this week's episode, the cast talks about sexual exploration, curiosity and being turnt out! Later, would you decline... or charge. The cast responds to the question of getting hitched to a non-U.S. citizen for their green card. Finally, we get political. Local elections, ground-breaking politicians, and the new, diverse faces of American legislature. What That Mouth Do- Have you ever experienced a sexual experience that you never thought you'll experience? We discuss what being turnt...


Love, Passion & Male Pap Smears

On this week's episode Erick, Savoi, and Travon share their most memorable, passionate first sexual experiences, as well as some "good vibes"- their favorite sex toys and devices. Finally, the cast describes creative pursuits, work, and the hustle and Erick has an interesting story about his annual physical. FYI it’s definitely TMI. What That Mouth Do- The cast explores amazing first time experiences. Love And Situationships- Being in Love and dealing with Heartbreak. Subject of The Day-...


He's Just Not That Into You Sis

On this episode, we discuss body count, and if your body count makes you a whore, telling a listener he's just not that into you and last but not least our interview with the cast and director of the play His Double Life. What Dat Mouth Do: Faking it or Nah: Does your body count make you a whore? Love and Situationships: Letter From A Friend- He's Just Not That Into You Sis Topic of the Day: Interview with the cast(Robyn Charles and David Tolliver)and director(Nial Martin) of the play His...


Choiises(All Fish No Chicken)

On this week's episode we sit down with the creator/director and the cast of the YouTube series Choiices. We play fact or fiction with the cast, discuss gender roles and learn about women who love women.



On this episode we discuss faking orgasms during sex...cause no one ever does that right? And our main topic of the day, Being A Black Women In America. Things definitely get real and personal on this episode of The Panel ATL. What Dat Mouth Do: Faking it or Nah: Have you ever faked an orgasam? Love and Situationships: Single Black Female: Why do you think so many black women are single? Topic of the Day: Being A Black Women In America Connect with the cast of this week’s episode: Avery...


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