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Paper Robots is a biweekly podcast that Logan and Micah will be doing from my living room. The focus of the cast will be our journey of getting our graphic novels published. We will also discuss our favorite titles and how my team (Liverpool) and(Arsenal) are doing. We hope to have guests and fun for all.

Paper Robots is a biweekly podcast that Logan and Micah will be doing from my living room. The focus of the cast will be our journey of getting our graphic novels published. We will also discuss our favorite titles and how my team (Liverpool) and(Arsenal) are doing. We hope to have guests and fun for all.
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Tuscon, AZ


Paper Robots is a biweekly podcast that Logan and Micah will be doing from my living room. The focus of the cast will be our journey of getting our graphic novels published. We will also discuss our favorite titles and how my team (Liverpool) and(Arsenal) are doing. We hope to have guests and fun for all.




Episode 112: Artist/Performer Quinn Allan

Quinn Allan is best known for his Nerd-core Rap persona Kid A as in Kid Apocalypse. But he also plays music, acts and is a overall nerd like the rest of us. FOLLOW: TWITTER @KidApoc KIDAPOCOPLAPSE FACEBOOK Quinn Allan on SoundCloud Quinn Allan as KID A on Youtube REFERENCED DarkBeast (JARDED) MONGREL STUDIOS DOUBLE CLICKS Script reader GRIMM Jon Garcia (The Falls) The Hours til Daylight Godzilla The Little One Jira McFarlane Toys DR. DRE

Duration: 01:06:52

Episode 111: Production Artist/Illustrator Vincent Kukua

Vincent Kukua is a Honolulu Hawaii native who currently lives in Portland working as an Production Artist at Image Comics and as well as being Illustrator/Artist in his own right. FOLLOW IG: VKukua Vincent Kukua Tumblr REFERENCED Image Comics APE Ninja High school Gallery 98 Skottie Young's I Hate Fairyland Matt Nixon's Retcon Meredith Finch's Rose John Arcudi's Rumble

Duration: 01:24:25

Episode 110: Writer Cole Bowman

Writer and independent scholar located in Portland OR. Some of her work and writing has been contributed to the Pop Culture and Philosophy Series including: "The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy" and "Dracula and Philosophy." She's has also written several pieces for TFAW Comics website and is working on a graphic novel with artist Nicholas Orr. TWITTER- @Cole_Thulu REFERENCED Dr. Kevin Decker Elf Quest Ethan Slayton (Dark Anna) Arron Sorkin NDA (NON-Disclosure Agreement)

Duration: 01:03:12

Episode 109: Rose City Comic Con 2017

Logan (thatlogan) talks about first time experiences tabling at Rose City Comic Con (Portland). I was luckily enough to table with to very amazing and talented people; Cynthia Gerriets (Ten Times a Tiger) and Steven Russell Black (Black Market). Episode includes tips and tricks I learned from the convention as well as a look inside my life up to this date. FOLLOW @thatlogan (all social media) IG: @Tentimesatiger IG: @Stevenrussellblack REFERENCED Rose City Comic Con Skybound (Image Comics)...

Duration: 00:36:34

Episode 108: SFX/Make-Up Artist Autumn Lewis

Getting lost in an Art-hole (A-Hole for short). Making and watching movies as a kid was a huge inspiration for Autumn. Autumn works on special effect (SFX) make up, molding as well as being a make up artist and designer toys. We talk craft and inspiration. Fun fat we both have a love for Jeff Lemire! FOLLOW @Alewisart IG A Lewis REFERENCED Nocturnal Designz Phoenix Comic con Monster Makers Foam Latex Studio A D I Tom Woodruff Doug Jones Z-Brush Son of a Monsterpalooza Rick Baker

Duration: 00:56:30

Episode 107: Progress Report!

Life update time! This episode establish where I (Logan) a comic creator, writer and podcast host stand with my work and my goals! This includes upcoming conventions and the things I've been interested in as of late. Follow twitter/instagram @thatlogan Comics at Writing REFERENCED Beard and Frog Ten Times a Tiger Rose City Comic Con God Country Hearthstone Nerd writer AtZ Show Fitbit Charge 2 Huge thanks to Bandrew of GeeksRising for hosting...

Duration: 00:24:44

Episode 106: The AtZ Show

The host of THE AtZ SHOW on Youtubeis this episodes guest an all around treat! Arturo hosts a show talking about everything from the good, bad and ugly of film, TV and video games. Not only that but he is also working on being a director himself! Arturo and I discuss the art of learning from your failures and the flaws in the content you consume. Everything can become a learning experience and we can all learn to apperciate the creations from all people. Follow: @TheAtZShow The AtZ Show...

Duration: 01:05:28

Episode 104: Artist Nicholas Orr

This is episode 105 with artist Nicholas Cordel Orr. He is wonderfully entertaining is all about the Painting. He is an illustrator, Artist/Comic book reader. We chat about his move from LA to Portland and the pursuit of art. FOLLOW @cordellorr instagram @CordelOrr twitter REFERENCED Alphonse Mucha Guillermo Del Toro Eastern Folklore Read or Die (Anime)

Duration: 01:27:19

Episode 104: PQ's Purpose

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Hosted by Logan Naugle (Beard and Frog) with guests; Cynthia Gerriets (Land of Ten) and Bandrew Scott (Podcastage). All different creators start making stuff for different reasons and every different thing we do has its own reasons....

Duration: 01:04:53

Episode 103: Comic-Con News and Updates

Logan chats about: Tucson Toy Show Cynthia Gerriets Toy's (Ten Times a Tiger) Heroes and Villains Comic Shop (Tucson,AZ) Comics Beard and Frog 3 Tess with Ghosts Preview Zines Cons Rose City (Sept) Tucson Comic Con (Nov) RECAP SDCC NEWS Ready Player One Justice League Trailer Stranger Things 2 Thor Rangnarok Infinity War Trailer Leak Death of Comics? Lemire on Terrifics Eisner Winners! Reading List Visions Directors Cut Star-Lord (Chip Zdarsky) Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming Power Rangers...

Duration: 00:40:07

Episode 102: Content Creator Séamus Patrick Burke

Comic and YouTube Content Creator. Seamus, creates video essays on awesome games along with being the creator of several web-comics. This episode we deep dive into being inspired from video-games and Toonami. Follow: Referenced: Dot Matrix Printer The Devil's Panties (Webcomic) Penny Arcade Emi-Town Love Hina The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Toonami Sailor Moon Cowboy Bebop Channel awesome Castlevania 2 Stop Skeletons From Fighting The...

Duration: 01:06:28

Episode 101: Comic Creator Jason Pittman

Comic Creator Jason Pittman talks art school and creating the stories you he wants see in the world. Inspired by the people of Image and artists/creators that "bleed" for their creations. Don't let the "nostalgia beast" stop you from making something new or creating new ideas. Don't just chase the dragon of some already known quantity but instead use it as fuel to create or seek out new work. Of course I can't go an episode without mentioning the amazing Jeff Lemire. Please enjoy! Follow...

Duration: 01:08:40

Episode 100: It's Live!

Logan celebrates episode 100 with a live stream Q & A! Follow him (me) for more: @ThatLogan Get the comics: Special thanks: Bandrew Scott- Music and for Geeks Rising

Duration: 01:21:22

Episode 99: Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick

Colorist and artist Kelly Fitzpatrick hop on the cast to bound over emo music, JGL (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and talk about the comic book industry. FOLLOW: @wastedwings Works 2016: Winner for Favorite Indie Book (Bitch Planet) Favorite Single Issue (Bitch Planet #8), Favorite Comic (Bitch Planet)// Nominated for Best Colorist, Favorite Big 2 Book (DC: Bombshells) in the Autostraddle...

Duration: 01:27:25

Episode 98: PQ's Environment

This episode has everything from creative work space to the environments we create in our stories! Cynthia creates master pieces while listening to hip-hop. Dan draws and creatives but isn't afraid dress bad and booshie. Logan wears hulk pants and doesn't like steampunk. Guest(s): Dan Schkade @DanSchkade Cynthia Gerriets @Tentimesatiger For more follow: Logan Naugle @thatlogan Referenced: Inclined Drafting Table Basic Ass Table Mini Desk Matthew Clark Artist Dr. Fate Figure (Darwyn Cooke)...

Duration: 01:27:43

Episode 97: Comic Creator Ulises Fariñas

Ulises Farinias is a writer, artist, and publisher of comics and we start a band (maybe, not really). In this episode Creator and now publisher Ulises Farinas and I chat about life in comic and making the stories you want to see in the world. This episode includes making comics, made up bands, funerals and not quitting! Follow: @ulises_f Ulises Farnias Ulises Farinas Shop @MagneticPress @lionforge Judge Dredd (IDW), Oort (Stela), Cloudia & Rex (Buno). Godzilla Light Motro Transformers...

Duration: 00:59:36

Episode 96: Comic News Stuff

Comic News/Events Judge Dredd TV SHOW Inhumans TV SHOW (ABC) American Gods TV Dark Tower Movie Happy! (Grant Morrison Comic comes to Syfy) KYRPTON (DC TV on SyFy) New Mutants TV Show Tom Holland Lip Sync Hydra in real life? Deadpool Cartoon READING A.D. After Death The New Ghost by Robert Hunter Roughneck by Jeff Lemire WATCHING Sense 8 The Red Turtle LISTENING Myths and Legends

Duration: 00:20:09

Episode 95: Comic Creator Carlos Gabriel Ruiz

This episode is with someone who is a; Writer, Letterer, Graphic Design, Concept, Creative Director. Artist. Cartoonist. Carlos and I discuss the comic process and how each part is an important creative part to making the book Carlos Gabriel Ruiz Follow @los_gabriel Comic on Comixology here! Carlos Gabriel Ruiz website Tumlr Brain Cloud Comics Ink and Drink Comics Books: The Baron Age Weathermen Roanoke Pretentious Record Store Guy (Mini-Series) SHORTS + LOSSES (Anthology)

Duration: 00:57:34

Episode 94: PQ's Irrational

This episodes them is Irrational with guests Lauren Vorhees @Win_and_Toniic (Artist) and Cynthia Gerriets @Tentimesatiger (Toy Design) Irrationality is the quality of being illogical or unreasonable. More specifically it is described as an action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason. Special thanks to those who sent in questions: @BandrewSays @NovaHelion @thomaskeith51 @JakenRidge @Grimlockshowdown REFERENCED Fear of what others think (Allodoxaphobia) Fear of the dark...

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 93: Solo Work in Progress

Flying solo means Logan catches the listeners up on his life. REFERENCED Current Trends of Comics Over Saturation of variant covers and titles in comics Marvel blames diversity for slump Watching Louis C.K. (also a lot of stand up) Crashing Legion Iron Fist (Barely) Heathers Listening Conor Oberst (Salutations) Desaprasidos (Conor Oberst) Gorillaz (New Songs) Elvis Depressdly Super Future Funk/Lo-fi Hip Hop Reading Brian Michael Bendis' Words for Pictures Ultimate Spider-Man (Re-reading)...

Duration: 00:22:43

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