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I'm Lance Philip and this my paranormal/ghost hunting podcast. I'm the founder of EKG - East Koast Ghost. Each week I will discuss all things from the paranormal world.




The Paranormal Pulse S:03 E:05 -The Halloween Season Kickoff Show

The Paranormal Pulse S:03 E:05 -The Halloween Season Kickoff Show: This week Jen and Lance kickoff Halloween Season. There is a heartfelt discussion of the recent tragedy and subsequent drama in the paranormal field. The talk then moves onto Halloween and horror movies. Then a look at “The Haunting of the Whaley House” movie vs. true history. Lastly the Pulse Team examines the “American Ghost Hunter” documentary.

Duration: 00:58:13

The Paranormal Pulse S:03 E:04 - Investigation Wishes, To Believe Or Not To Believe and Games…

The Paranormal Pulse S:03E:04- Investigation Wishes, To Believe Or Not To Believe and Games… This week Lance is joined by Jen, they discuss the ethics of investigating at the Ground Zero 911 Memorial. They ponder places in the world that they would like to investigate. Debate the which mythos is plausible or most likely false. Lastly they engage in some fun paranormal games.

Duration: 01:00:44

The Paranormal Pulse S:03 E:03 - On The Road with EKG,Paranormal Reality and a Special Guest

The Paranormal Pulse S:03 E:03 - On The Road with EKG, Paranormal Reality and a Special Guest. This week Lance is joined by his EKG co-founder and wife Jennifer. The two discuss their adventures into the paranormal in a get to know you segment. They talk about some of their latest investigations. Lastly there is a run down of the season premiers of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.

Duration: 01:10:17

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 29 - Live From The NJ Paraunity Expo Part 1: F

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 29: Live From The NJ Paraunity Expo Part 1: Featuring Brian J Cano of SCARED and Haunted Collector. This weeks show was recorded live at the Art Factory during the NJ Paraunity Expo. Kris and Lance interview Brian J Cano and local investigation teams including: the Northwest New Jersey Paranormal Group, NJ Ghost Investigations, the NJ Ghost Investigations, the Jersey Paranormal Spirit Society and P.A.S.T

Duration: 00:49:14

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 23 - Special Guest Jennifer Wood, Reiki Explai

Paranormal Pulse Episode 23- In this episode Lance is joined by special guest Jennifer Wood who is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor and Paranormal Investigator. They discuss the theories behind Crystal Skulls. Jennifer explains Reiki and how it relates to life and the paranormal. All that, a contest announcement and so much more…

Duration: 01:15:34

Paranormal Pulse Episode 22.5 - None more Black? Paranormal TV Alternatives

Paranormal Pulse Episode 22.5- This is a mini episode featuring the black phenomena that has hit the paranormal world. Lance discusses Paranormal TV alternatives and where to find them. We have an announcement about an event which we will be attending. Lastly we say good bye to a departed friend.

Duration: 00:38:18

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 15-Fort Mifflin, Gettysburg 150th, New friend,

This week Kris returns! We discuss EKGs investigation of Fort Mifflin and the upcoming trip to the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the battle of Gettysburg. Lance Makes a new friend. We look at the Paranormal in the news. Tech Talk returns and so much more… < [...]

Duration: 01:03:42

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 14 - Old Time Radio Ghost Hunting, What happen

This weekLance talks about an old time radio classic featuring Ghost Hunting back in 1949, then let’s you hear the show as it was presented all those years ago. After the old time radio show Lance comes back to discuss it in detail and how it relates to modern investigating. Some folks have asked “what ever happened to Into The Void-The EKG Files TV project? ” Lance will give you an update on the status and where it is going in the future. Lastly there is a quick run down on the paranormal...

Duration: 00:50:12

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 12 - Grant Wilson Interview, Memorial Day and

In this PARANORMAL PULSE EPISODE 12 we reveal the results of the listener poll question onWhich cryptid do you think is most likely to be real?. In this Memorial Day Special Episode, Kris and Lance remember our fallen service men and women with a discussion of the battlefields that the EKG team has investigated over the years. Finally Lance interviews Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters about why he left the show. Grant tells us about his gaming company and his new game “Dwarven Miner”. Lance [...]

Duration: 00:54:01