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24. Domald Tromp, Single Valentines, & the Scat Man

We've finally decided to give you a little glimpse at TPoB "After Dark," which essentially means using the podcast equipment to screw around and freestyle or sing gibberish songs.

Duration: 00:42:06

22. Minisode

On this minuscule episode, we offer you a brief, wondrous look at the behind the scenes nonsense that occurs every other week. There's singing, casual Doug impressions, and one lone man in the depths of interstellar cyberspace.

Duration: 00:14:58

Episode 2.1: Doug Bags a Neematoad

On the brand new The Past on Blast, we revisit Nickelodeon's Doug! Everyone still remembers the theme song, but do Doug, Skeeter, Patti, and the gang stand the test of time?! Is it worth rewatching? Does rule 34 apply? All this and sooo much more as TPoB begins their never-ending quest to explore the music, movies, and TV shows of your youth.

Duration: 01:01:19