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PH - 3 Tip To Connect With People

Connecting with people and building better relationships really comes down to being kind to people. Taking time to be kind and treat everyone all the same and making sure they feel loved. Growing up my mom used to tell me this all the time. Treating everyone the same whether they're a CEO or a janitor because we're all humans at the end of the day.

Duration: 00:08:49

PH - 116 | Tommy Breedlove | Shed Away & Be Reborn

Tommy founded the Choose Goodness ( movement to help individuals, leaders and organizations increase their positive impact on the world while gaining meaning and attaining financial success. Having Tommy onto The Path Hunters Podcast to chat about why it's important to shed away the ego, practicing extreme ownership, and being completely honest with yourself. Those are the components to allow for true growth. Which Tommy described in this...

Duration: 01:12:20

PH - 115 | Brian David Crane | Entrepreneurship, The Dark Side of Digital Nomadism & One Raw Conversation

Entrepreneur turned Digital Nomad I had Brian David Crane jump onto The Path Hunter's podcast here with me today. The Topics we covered are: Find out more info at Follow me at Send me an email at

Duration: 00:58:03

PH - 114 | Juvan Langford | The Next Level of Men

Empowerment Coach & Global Speaker, JuVan Langford is the Founder of Choose Higher Intl, a global personal transformation agency that delivers immersive men’s and women’s only weekend events, spearhead an immersive business & leadership academy as well as a full service production company that produces original content for conscious business leaders and single personality brands. Langford deepen his impact through his foundation, The MENtour™. After attending Juvan's Elevation Effect...

Duration: 00:45:49

PH - Micro Goals

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! I wish all of you nothing but the best, and be safe out there. This week I'll be talking about setting yourself up with micro goals. Find more episodes at

Duration: 00:06:46

PH - 113 | AJ Leon | This Is Not Your Practice Life

At the pinnacle point of his career AJ Leon, founder of the creative agency Misfit Inc was working as an investment banker in Manhattan was offered a major promotion that was going to make him well over 6 figures walks into his $10,000 office overlooking the city and started to break down as he knows he was faced with a decision that will forever change his life! Topics we touched on are It was a true honor to interview someone I look up to so much so and a true rebel to the core, I'm so...

Duration: 00:31:09

PH - Habits

Hey Path hunters just a slice of motivation this week, about creating habits. As things end off for 2017 and on our way to 2018 one of the biggest lessons I've learned is that success isn't about aiming for the giant wins and hoping that thing's will come your way. It's actually about creating small wins, and developing habits that make's thing's a lot easier for yourself! I hope you enjoy this episode!

Duration: 00:06:34

PH - 112 | Nate Ginsburg | Never Giving Up On Your Freedom

World traveler, yogi, entrepreneur. Nate Ginsburg joins me today on The Path Hunters Podcast. Nate jumps onto the podcast to chat with me about his journey as a freelancer. It was definitely an amazing insight to hear about his journey. The cool thing about him is that he never gave up. He mentions this in our chat where he had some inspiration in Thailand after having an encounter with a man named Andrew. Then life was all about trial and errors from that point on. I enjoyed hearing...

Duration: 00:26:43

PH - What's New

Hey Path Hunters! I wanted to catch up everyone with some amazing news that's going on! First order of business is that I've recently switched over from a high paying website hosting company to a much cheaper, and amazing alternative. Siteground is my new hosting company now and it's been amazing to not have to worry about overpaying for my website as it's almost the last thing I'd rather think about. I was so amazed by their service I even went and got an affiliate link to this. (full...

Duration: 00:16:22

PH - 111 | Whitney Powell | Empower Yourself Like An Athlete

Sponsored athlete, Film producer, content creator and world traveler! Today's guest is Whitney Powell, and I had to bring her onto the Path Hunters Podcast to chat with her about the mindset of an athlete. Some things I asked were, Thank you so much to Whitney for jumping onto the Podcast with me. Find out more info on her at Music credit: Cartoon On On (feat Daniel Levi) Follow Whitney Website | Instagram | Facebook You may also like these...

Duration: 00:48:32

PH - 110 | Bruce Langford | Activate Your Mindfulness Mode

A fellow podcaster, mindfulness coach, host of The Mindfulness Mode Podcast, Bruce Langford came onto The Path Hunters Podcast to chat about his journey and why mindfulness is important for people to learn. The things we spoke about is Bruce's journey from the very beginning as a teacher The importance of meditation

Duration: 00:42:31

PH - 109 | Bri Seeley | Give Yourself Permission To Leap

Bri Seeley is a serial entrepreneur, author, and founder of The Inspirational Woman Project. A coach that empowers women to take the leap of faith and empower them to live their lives in the way they see fit! Her new book "Permission to Leap" has recently just launched! I had to bring Bri onto The Path Hunters Podcast to talk about her journey and what life was life before her coaching business. We spoke about her entire journey from when she started her business...

Duration: 00:59:07

PH - Empowered

Happy Thursday Path Hunters! This past Tuesday I got to speak to the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears, a Youtube sensation with over a 100 million views and hearing about his journey and sharing some of his wisdom. Check out this episode here! Today's episode I'd like to talk to you about the conversation I had with a friend of mine that is going to be a new father. I asked him what his feelings are with this new upcoming blessing! He mentioned to me that for whatever...

Duration: 00:08:55

PH - 108 | JP Sears | How To Feel Your F*cking Feelings

Youtube Sensation with over a 100 Million views on his Ultra Spiritual Comedy Series, Author of the book “How To Be Ultra Spiritual,” JP Sears empowers people to live more meaningful lives. That's right everyone! JP Sears jumping onto The Path Hunters Podcast today to chat. As an emotional healing coach, I wanted to talk to JP about many of the issues I see today that comes along with social media. We spoke about many topics surrounding that. Some include It was honestly an honor to...

Duration: 00:55:52

PH - Travel Now

Hey Path Hunters! Today's episode I wanted to structure it differently today, I went into the community I'm currently in right now and asked everyone in the community what can you learn from traveling? So this episode I dove into everyone's comments on that and I hope you enjoy this episode :)

Duration: 00:13:58

PH - 107 | Damion Lupo | Don't Hold Back On Your Life

Path Hunters, Today's guest is a Best Selling Author of 7 books, host of the Transformation Nation podcast, owner of 40 companies over 25 years and founder of his own martial art called Yokido™. I had the pleasure of speaking to Damion Lupo and talking to him about his journey and life. The biggest fear that Damion has is living with regrets after experiencing a powerful experience with his father. Now we chatted about how to live life without holding back and playing to win in life. I...

Duration: 00:56:28

PH - Legacy | Bruce Lee | A Legacy That Still Applies To Our World Today

This Thursday episode I chat about what it means to express yourself

Duration: 00:14:24

PH - 106 | Lily Fouts | Why Adversities Will Change Your Life

Path Hunters! Today's guest I have Lily Fouts in the house. Her story is literally like a movie, she grew up as a child fugitive on the run from her father for a period of her life then has fully taken a turn on her life. Today she is a digital nomad living life on the road, and enjoying this new location independent lifestyle.

Duration: 00:53:03

PH - 105 | Paul Lam | Why Stories Will Change Your Life

Path Hunters! This week's episode is quite interesting, I recently did an episode with Shelli Varela from The Yes Effect Podcast as Shelli and I chat quite often about life, and one day she asked me to join her on her podcast and talk about why I do what I do. And let me tell you how raw and uncomfortable it was for me to go into that, and dive deep into why I do what I do. Even I didn't even know fully why myself until one day she went and asked me multiple questions and will not let...

Duration: 00:26:16

PH - 104 | Mitch Loar & Sarah Loar | The Evolution of Couples

Path Hunters! Today's guest is Mitch and Sarah Loar from an amazingly fun couple that I really enjoyed talking to. We chatted about many things in this podcast interview. I wanted to get more info on what it's like to travel together as a couple, building online businesses, and more insights on how they first took off and became location independent. It was a really fun chat. Mitch and Sarah are a HUGE inspiration to me because down the road I can only see myself and my...

Duration: 00:57:44

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