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This is the show your college professor warned you about. Prepare to be triggered. Hosts Ian, (@ianderickson ) & Sal (@LibertyByLogic) Check out their interviews, stories, and takes on the the events of the week.






The Patriarchy Show Episode 40 With Nora Ralph 'I Think It's Gonna Be A Wrong Wrong Time'

Tonight's Guest was Nora Ralph of The Ralph Retort. We talked Islam, Rocket Man, North Korea, Comedians, & New York City. Follow Nora on Twitter at:

Duration: 02:30:02

The Patriarchy Show Episode 39 W Stefanie MacWilliams 'Cruzin' On Twitter

Stefanie MacWilliams of Right Millennial & Halsey News joined us. We talked Twitter, immigration, free speech, mental health and, make dumb jokes. A Cradle of Filth song mix made an appearance with a super interesting outcome. Ted Cruz's Twitter account liked a naughty video. Kars for Kids uses money for free vacations.

Duration: 03:42:27

The Patriarchy Show Episode 38 W Guest Pat Dixon 'DACA Schoen'

Pat Dixon joined the show. We also talked DACA, went over some illegal immigration statistics, talked about the great weather we are having, and Obama's possible past crack use.

Duration: 02:40:11

The Patriarchy Show Episode 37 W Orwell N'Goode 'Grab Your HurryCane'

Orwell N'Goode join us for a conversation on current events and the economy. Apparently there was a hurricane in Texas and white people refused to help blacks and vice versa.... oh wait, people came together in a time of need. Democrats are still being ridiculous. Joe Rogan blasts the New York Times over McGregor vs. Mayweather. Sal uncovers who is behind the Reagan Battalion, allegedly.

Duration: 02:19:12

The Patriarchy Show Episode #36 "Game of Statues"

We are back from our summer break. The last show was the end of May Memorial Day show with Mercedes Carrera so it has been some time. Give us some slack getting the rust out. We talk about why the need for the break, if civil war statues are causing a civil war, and feminist slam poetry.

Duration: 02:01:00

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 35 - Beauty and The Brit

With our show's YouTube Live streaming capabiliti​es still suspended for 2 more weeks, we will stream live, on NMC"s YouTube as we upgrade and change how the show is seen to add a more visual element to it. We may use other live streaming platforms in the future like Periscope, Ustream, Facebook and so on. So, make sure you subscribe to NMC's YouTube. Our 1st Guest is adult film star Mercedes Carrera. She is a lover of technology ,and enjoys playing video games and chess. She founded a...

Duration: 01:46:59

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 34 - The One Year Anniversary Show

With our show's YouTube Live streaming capabilities​ still suspended for 3 more weeks (Listen to episode 31 for what that is about. We will stream live, on NMCs YouTube as we upgrade and change how the show is seen to add a more visual element to it. We may use other live streaming platforms in the future like Periscope, Ustream, Facebook and so on. So, make sure you subscribe to NMC's YouTube. To talk about the Manchester tragedy joining us from England is Nora Ralph, aka Mrs. Nora...

Duration: 03:10:13

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 33 Joseph Muhammad Smith's Magical Underpants

Ian is feeling better (Thank you for the messages checking up on Ian and the well wishes!) and is ready to say awful things with Sal. It has been an entire month since the last episode and a lot has happened. From A black guy live streaming the shooting death of an elderly black on man on Easter to Antifa getting destroyed by unified right-wing groups to LePen's lose in the French elections to the AHCA being passed by the House and making its way to the Senate. Tonight the show focused...

Duration: 02:48:58

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 32 Jon Decker Has Rabies

With our show's YouTube Live streaming capabilities​es still suspended for 10 more weeks we streamed live, on NMC"s YouTube as we upgrade and change how the show is seen to add a more of a visual element to it. We may use other live streaming platforms in the future like Periscope, Ustream, Facebook and so on. So, make sure you subscribe to NMC's YouTube. Even if YouTube hates us and the live show's audio was awful, (this is show 6 of 32 where YouTube decided to not cooperate with us...

Duration: 01:38:59

The Patriarchy Show Ep.# 31 Muslim Nipple Wars

Chris Logan of Logan's Warning joins us to talk about the fantasy that is Islamic reformation​n. He calls out the people who are misleading the public and even the Trump administration. A woman from Newark, NJ commits a hate crime with a hammer, ISIS and their teen version of their magazine, and that feminists are awful but women are magical.

Duration: 03:10:15

The Patriarchy Show Episode 29 General Patton Oswalt's Sexist Joke Party

Jack Smith from New Media Central UK joins us to talk all things UKIP, the results of the Stoke election, and if Labour is going the way of the dodo. Fritz Imperial joins and we talk Traditionalism, Monarchies, and Islam. Ian & Sal go over Trump's congressional speech, Patton Oswalt made old rape jokes, and how we have citizenship privilege.

Duration: 02:32:27

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 28 - Muslims Hate Valentine's Day With Pave Darker

Muslims really are not fond of Valentine's Day. Burger King in Israel sold adult happy meals with sex toys. Pave Darker, researcher extraordinaire joins us. We go over his shadow ban and how he exposed Berkeley college having a violent antifa member on it's list of employees. Comedian Pat Dixon was supposed to come on but Ian screwed up and sent him the wrong link. General Flynn gets taken out, is the CIA sabotaging the Trump administration? The 90's musicians Snow & Moby can take down...

Duration: 02:41:19

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 27 I - Rock Lobster Porn

Antifa attack Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes. Latisha Horton aka Libertarian Lesbian calls in to tell the story of her journey from liberal to libertarian. NOAA hide climate data, Betsy DeVos was confirmed Secretary of Education, Casey Anthony hates Donald Trump, Catholics can be cucks, 84 Lumber supports illegal immigration, and a some left wing woman does Lobster Porn.

Duration: 02:19:39

The Patriarchy Show 26 "An Iraqi Refugee Named Johnny Walker Likes Trump"

Trump is busy working, speaking with several foreign leaders and mocking you on twitter all at the same time as you keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock. His low energy critics just cant keep up with the 70 year old madman. Refugees, the Supreme Court Pick, Islam and an Iraqi named Johnny Walker all take front and center. We also go over Fake news, Paul Ryan being naughty, and hairy feminists.

Duration: 01:59:27

The Patriarchy Show Episode 25 -Trump's Final Victory To Ascend To God Emperor

We have lived through so much. Almost 2 years of ups & downs, laughing & crying, sighs and smiles, Memes & fake news and the day finally arrived. President Donald J. Trump ascended to God-Emperor. Now the battle to save the west has begun! We talk about the Women's march and that the children were watching it. We go on " A Trip Through Fake News". We ponder why Mexican presidents do not look like Mexicans.

Duration: 01:49:48

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 24 - The Patriarchy Show Hurts Everyone

On this day of tragedy in Florida Ian & Sal went a lot to go over. Kaiter Enless joined us to discuss various topics from multiculturalism to Western Civilization. Ian and Sal find an awful podcast by a few SJWs & one of them is smitten with Richard Spencer. The kidnapping in Chicago was disgusting and Ian & Sal discover rap music from one of the pieces of garbage involved.

Duration: 02:43:15

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 22 'The Greatest Christmas Song of All Time' w/ Guest Justin Martin

Ian & Sal discuss the recent victory for the American workers, is the left losing and Islamic terrorism. Justin Martin of "The Justin Martin Show" joins us for a theological discussion about Christianity and Western Civilization. We touch on atheism and the Birth of Christ. Ian tells us what he believes is the greatest Christmas song of all time and ponders why most Christmas songs stink. Ian watches WWE Divas on Hulu and Sal again disavows the Libertarian Party.

Duration: 01:41:39

The Patriarchy Show Ep. 20 W Guest The Ralph An October Surprise In Anthony Weiner's Pants

Ethan Ralph, or simply The Ralph, owner & Editor-in-Chief of the joined us as we made election predictions via the electoral college, we talk about US-Russia relations, the cancerous politics of the the Football Manager 2017 game, and discuss an article about Spirit Cooking from his site. Ian & Sal talk about the occult, politicians molesting kids, Louise Mensch of the cuck site Heat Street and her deal with Rupert Murdoch. They also discover a practice called "Spirit...

Duration: 01:36:45

The Patriarchy Show Episode 18 Hackers Hacking That Are Hacks

Due to the earlier DDoS attacks and other technical issues Christopher Logan could not join us for tonight's episode. We had a great episode nonetheless with some exciting announcements about The show and the network. We discus Trump and Martin Luther King Jr.'s pussy grabbing, Clinton's upcoming war with Russia, today's DDoS attacks and much more.

Duration: 01:25:40

The Patriarchy Show Episode #17 - To Russia With War

With no guest Ian & Sal talk about extreme media bias. The fact the media is not even trying to hide the bias anymore. Ian discusses the possibility of leaving the GOP, The Cold War 2.0, possible World War 3 with Russia and question if America is on the right side of history this time around if Hillary Clinton becomes president. They also discuss a 40 foot owl statue in northern California.

Duration: 01:48:40

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