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58: The Truth About Medjugorje, Part II—Donal Foley

As promised, I posed the questions solicited from Facebook about Medjugorje to my guest, historian Donal Foley, author of Medjugorje Revisited: 30 Years of Visions or Religious Fraud? and Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World Please understand that the number of questions exceeded the time limit of the show, but I did my best to compress together the ones that either asked the same basic thing or were already answered in the first episode. Be assured that none were skipped or...

Duration: 00:46:39

57: The Truth About Medjugorje, Part I—Donal Foley

On June 24, 1981, a clear Wednesday afternoon, some young people went up Podbrdo Hill near the small hamlet of Medjugorje in then Yugoslavia. When they came down, they told people they saw “the Gospa,” (Croatian for “Our Lady”). A few more joined them, and it happened again. And again. And again. Today, three decades later, the six teen-aged seers are middle-aged adults and are still getting these visitations with their alleged secrets and signs. A global movement supporting these visions...

Duration: 00:46:58

56: The Cost of Being Pro-Life In Public—Katie Ascough

Ask Katie Ascough (pronounced azkoe) if she ever dreamed a year ago that she would be elected president of the Student Union of the 32,000 strong University College in Dublin (UCD), only to be impeached eight months later for following the law regarding advertising abortion services. Ouch, to say the least. The third year medicinal chemistry major won the election hands down and disclosed from the start that she is pro-life, although she was not the “pro-life candidate” as the Irish press...

Duration: 00:45:10

55: It’s a Wonderful Movie—Mary Owen and Karolyn Grimes

This is episode is my first to feature two guests on the same topic, although Episode 34 included Jordan Peterson and Senator Don Plett at the same time in separate cities. This week’s show topic is the enduring cultural impact of Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1947) through the eyes of two women close to its creation. I say “Frank Capra’s” because that’s how the movie was marketed (it’s now called the vanity credit) and may help explain why the film got only a so-so reception when...

Duration: 00:47:19

54: Restoring Christian Culture—Dr. Anthony Esolen

Tony Esolen is both a sage and a survivor of the culture war. He knows there’s a war over which camp gets to determine the default setting narrative, and he knows the cost of warfare. He also knows it’s not a military war (at least not yet) but a war of ideas and moral stances. Esolen suffered a bumpy and very public exit from Providence College last year, where he taught English and classics since 1990 -- their youngest full tenured professor ever. But the diversity demon took hold and...

Duration: 00:51:38

53: Christmas Classics & Clunkers—Steven Greydanus

It’s that time of year again when we review the notable “holiday” movies for their adherence to the real meaning of Christmas, production quality, and merits and demerits. Who better than the founder of Decent Films, Steven Greydanus? Steve is not only the father of seven and a permanent deacon with the Archdiocese of Newark, he is a prolific movie critic and newly minted member of the elite New York Film Critics’ Circle. Ever since the first A Christmas Carol silent film came out in 1901...

Duration: 00:48:40

52: Confessions of An Islamophobe—Robert Spencer

Is the threat of terrorism from the Islamic world a clear and present danger? Is there a way to broach this uncomfortable topic in a balanced and charitable way? Is it Islamophobic to even pose these questions? Author and founder of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer has been writing and speaking about the foundational documents of Islam, the Qur’an and the Hadith, for over 15 years. It doesn’t matter that his books, 17 in all so far, carefully distinguish between Muslims who do not follow the...

Duration: 00:45:44

51: How to Defend Marriage—Dr. Jennifer Roback-Morse

“Dr. J” to her tribe, this influencer as a PhD and teaching experience at Yale, and George Brown University. An economist by training, she has invaluable insights into the wreckage we see around us caused by the failed Sexual Revolution. The organization she founded, The Ruth Institute, exists to help survivors of this very public shipwreck. With the Obergefel v Hodges (2015) decision redefining marriage at the federal level, we have reached a legal tipping point. Most Americans support...

Duration: 00:50:32

50: The Secret Key to Narnia—Michael Ward

Get your C.S. Lewis on! Lovers of the works of Clive Staples Lewis (+1963), especially The Chronicles of Narnia septet will not want to miss this interview with Lewis scholar and Catholic convert, Dr. Michael Ward of Oxford and Houston Baptist University. The Narnia series has been one of the most critically analyzed book series in history since it was penned over 60 years ago. My guest in this episode has discovered a interpretative framework to the seven books that eluded the Lewisphere...

Duration: 00:48:03

49: What Is Catholicism? -- Father Thomas Joseph White, OP

The last couple of shows have been on the intellectual-nerd side. Here’s another one! Father Thomas J. White, OP, of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC, has distilled the essential of Catholicism into a single volume, The Light of Christ: An Introduction to Catholicism. I devoured the book (insofar as you can devour a work that relies on Thomas Aquinas’s methods and language) in a few days despite being a slow reader. His style is accessible and his prose elegant with a whiff...

Duration: 00:45:32

48: The Immortal In You—Michael Augros

Arguments for God’s existence are all the rage, as Ed Feser exemplified well in the last two episodes. But what about us? What’s our nature as humans? Do we have a soul? How can we know that the soul is immortal and not just a few pounds of electric meat between our ears that produces cool experiences like a mythical God? Very few modern thinkers are devoting a lot of time to the question of the soul and whether it’s immortal. Plato thought so, as it most Greek philosophers. Certainly the...

Duration: 00:47:49

47: Can You Prove God Exists? Part II

This episode continues the energetic exchange of last week’s live interview with philosopher Ed Feser. After the show proper, we turned the mikes over to the audience. This week’s special Part II show is the result! Remember, Dr. Feser is the man that professor emeritus of Oxford, Dr. Richard Dawkins, does not want to debate. You can see why in this lively Q&A session, held at St. John the Baptist in Costa Mesa, CA. Feser is sharp, clear, funny, and engages the issues in a way that...

Duration: 00:47:56

46: Can You Prove God Exists? —Dr. Edward Feser

A recent Pew Research Center poll found that the number of atheists has doubled in the United States. Atheism is definitely in the rise. Is God’s existence a matter of faith only? Is there a way we can come to a certain knowledge of God apart from the Bible or the Church’s teaching? If you have friends or family who say they stopped believing in God, this is the interview to share with them. Philosopher and writer Dr. Edward Feser is the author of The Last Superstition, Aquinas, and...

Duration: 00:43:19

45: Why Is Religion Reporting So Bad?—Terry Mattingly

As a long time reader of, I know you’ll understand why I know you’ll appreciate this interview with journalist Terry Mattingly, the “GetReligionista in Chief.” Terry is a Russian Orthodox Christian with great sympathy for the worldview of Catholics and other Christians of the small-o orthodox stripe. We can’t seem to get a fair hearing in the media, and Terry is the best commentator on this sorry state of affairs. Yet, as you’ll learn in this interview, he is neither a...

Duration: 00:53:55

44: The Las Vegas Massacre: Fate, Faith, and Facts—Tim Clemente

This interview with counter-terrorism expert and former international FBI Special Agent Tim Clemente provides unique insights into the mass murder perpetrated by Stephen Paddock last Sunday. Clemente has been a SWAT team sniper, a firearms expert, and was one of the first FBI agents on the scene after American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. He is now a Hollywood writer and producer (The Unit, Criminal Minds, NCIS: Los Angeles). As a serious Catholic, Clemente’s analysis of...

Duration: 00:49:01

43: From Islam to Christ—Derya Little

The news media invariably give a skewed version of Islam as a world of tolerance and open-minded toward the differently-minded. Derya Little can tell you otherwise from growing up in Turkey in a 99% Muslim milieux. Her dramatic, at times, harrowing story is told in her spiritual autobiography From Islam to Christ: One Woman’s Path Through the Riddles of God. As you’ll learn from the interview, Derya discovered that Christianity is essentially a loving relationship with a divine Person as...

Duration: 00:48:19

42: How Fake News Abets Fake Science—Austin Ruse

There’s a new high priestly caste in the cultural worship space whose function is to spout a new ideology, replacing what was once called “science.” The new ideology is a form of propaganda and political control, and you deviate from it at your peril. From the statistics relating to the proportion of homosexuals in society, to the “facts” about global warming (rebranded as “climate change” when the oligarchs saw that too few were buying the old brand), to the realities of abortion,...

Duration: 00:48:35

40: From Ex-Gay Porn Actor to Catholic Street Evangelist—Joseph Sciambra

Joseph Sciambra says porn made him gay. At least, it was a major causal factor in his dark journey from shy Catholic kid to appearing in amateur gay porn and doing degrading things in leather bars. Joseph has told his story to anyone, any media outlet, willing to listen. Including Howard Stern, on whose raunchy show Joseph appeared as a guest in 2013. But Catholic media? Not so much. Perhaps that his backstory is so dark and raw, that the redemption part of the story takes longer to land....

Duration: 00:50:51

39: From Neo-Nazi Skinhead to Literary Scholar with Joseph Pearce

You would never know it from listening to him lecture or watch him on EWTN, by literary scholar and biographer Joseph Pearce did two stints in the British prison system for his involvement in a violent Aryan-nation style group called the National Front. The news footage of the recent violent riots at Charlottesville, VA, gave Pearce a serious case of deja vu, and i this remarkable interview, he tells what it’s like to BE one of those activists -- angry (mostly young) men with chaos and...

Duration: 00:46:45

38: Fighting Africa’s Battles–Obianuju Ekeocha

Ever see a bully and want to stand up to him, but couldn’t quite do it? Maybe fear got in the way, or you figured the net result wouldn’t be worth it. Obianuju (“Uju” for short) Ekeocha has mastered the art of standing up to bullies in the form of those who push the culture of death onto her beloved Africa. In 2012, Uju had had enough of well-meaning First World leaders injecting contraception and abortion requirements into foreign policy to “help the poor Africans” and she wrote an Open...

Duration: 00:49:30

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